4 Oct 2015

Speak Out : Depression’s Peculiar Grip on Black LGBTQs – Part 3

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Welcome to the final part of “Depression’s Peculiar Grip on Black LGBTQs.” As I’ve stated, I’m writing this multi-part series to shine a bright light on how depression can have a more pronounced and peculiar effect and impact on black LGBTQ persons. And as an African-American gay man, one who’s suffered from this illness throughout periods of his life, I can attest to its near-crippling effects.

As one might imagine, if you’re black, LGBTQ and depressed, you’re stumbling around with an even heavier, crushing burden on your shoulders than if you’re (simply) black, straight and depressed.  

1 Oct 2015

Stories : Allen

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(Photo : Belami)

I got off work earlier than usual and picked up a six pack and stopped by my brother’s place.  I knocked…And again. I heard  the door to my right, facing down the hall, creak open. It was Allen. A 23 year old, 5’7″, 140 pound handsome lad with coal black hair, two inches long all over and un-styled, but neat, and light brown eyes. A winning smile. My bro introduced us briefly a few months ago, as Allen was taking his dog for a walk and my brother and I were chatting in the hall.  I remember Allen turned at the end of the hallway to head downstairs and gave me a second look and a nod and a bit of a smile.  I never forgot it.”He ain’t home. Some lady came and got him early.”
His head peeking around the doorjamb, then a foot, and slowly enough of him to see that he was naked. But just enough. Holding up the six pack, I said:
“Want one?”
“I’d love one.  Come in.”  He darted across the open doorway.  I saw his dick flop up and down and glimpsed distinct tan lines.  He left the door open.
When I walked in, he was squatting in front of a dresser drawer, his white butt looked whiter contrasted to his medium tan.
“I’ll put something on.”, he said.
“Don’t dress for me, Buddy, it’s your home.” I said.
He asked, “Really?”
“Really, if I were home right now, I’d be naked too.”

1 Oct 2015

Stories : The Boy Next Door

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(Photo : GayRoom)

We all hear of the boy next door type, well, I had an encounter with the boy next door and it grew into several encounters of hot steamy sex.


Shortly after moving into my new home, a new neighbor moved in next door, as that house was empty at the same time that I bought mine. Well, it was a father and son and the son was early 20s and a basketball player. Tall, slim, dark hair, and a hot rocking body. We never conversed much; they seemed to stay to themselves, which is fine. Some neighbors choose to keep in their own business and I’m fine with that.

30 Sep 2015

Photography : Willy Gomez, Every Day Of The Year!

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Sexy dancer Willie Gomez and photographer Kevin McDermott have teamed up to make 2016 a beautiful year. The two have created a series of nudes in the California desert specifically for a 2016 calendar named STARK. As stark as this landscape is, it is also a beautiful stage for Willie and Kevin to capture these powerful and alluring images. Willie has, for years, danced with some of the greatest recording artists of our time (Kylie Minogue, Christina Aguilera, Mary J Blige and Katy Perry). He is currently a principal dancer with Britney Spears in her Piece of Me show in Las Vegas. Willie has also recently been named one of DNA Magazine’s Sexiest Men of 2015.

The calendar will ship in early December and all orders placed during the Pre-Order Sale will be signed by Willie and Kevin. The calendar’s black and white images will be printed as duotones to bring out the richness and sensuality of the photographs. The calendar measures 14.5 x 11.75 inches and has a Wire-O calendar binding for easy display. It is printed on heavy coated fine-art paper and promises to be a collectable. , so hurry up and get your copy today!

The STARK 2016 Calendar is available for pre-order until November 15!

Click here to order!


(More photos after the jump!)

29 Sep 2015

Speak Out : Micropenis

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Micropenis is a medical condition of someone with an unusually small penis. A common criterion is a dorsal (measured on top) erect penile length smaller than about 7 cm (2 34 in) for an adult. The average erection is 12.5 cm (5 in). The condition is usually recognized shortly after birth. The term is most often used medically when the rest of the penis, scrotum and perineum are without ambiguity. Micropenis occurs in about 0.6% of males.

Now, in society, men with micropenis are most of the time judged by others for the size of their dick. But guess what? Some like big ones, some like medium size, some like small ones too. We do not have any problem with any size dick, everyone gets to chose what they like, right? All dicks are fine. It is simply a matter of taste for the guy who’s sucking or sitting on it!


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