29 Apr 2016

Sex Toys : Get Ready For Spring!

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28 Apr 2016

Gay Stuff : Would You have Sex With Yourself?

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A user of A4A asked me this question last week right here, on the blog and I thought about asking you the question too. If you met someone exactly like you, exact same stats, same personality and looks exactly like you; would you have sex with him?

I would be interested to know why you would or why you wouldn’t.

I personally told him I would probably not have sex with me because I’m bottom, BUT I would totally suck my own dick because it looks yummy! What about you? Don’t be shy, be honest!


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27 Apr 2016

Movie : Strike a Pose

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In 1990, seven young male dancers joined Madonna on her most controversial world tour, her “Blonde Ambition” world tour. Their journey was captured in her rockumentary, “Truth or Dare.” As a self-proclaimed “mother” to her six gay dancers plus straight Oliver, Madonna used the film to make a stand on gay rights and freedom of expression. The dancers became paragons of pride, inspiring people all over the world to dare to be who you are.

Twenty-five years later, the dancers share their own stories about life during and after the tour. What does it really take to express yourself? Strike a Pose is a dramatic tale about overcoming shame and finding the courage to be who you are. In theatre May 19th. See the trailer below.


26 Apr 2016

Promotion : Claim Your 120 Free Credits!

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Live web cam shows are really the ultimate in adult entertainment and with so many hot guys to chat with, they can be addictive!

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25 Apr 2016

Health : The Importance of PrEP Adherence

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Truvada for PrEP provides 92%-99% reduction in HIV risk for HIV-negative individuals who take the pills every day as directed. If a daily dose is missed, the level of HIV protection may decrease. It only works if you take it. People who use PrEP correctly and consistently have higher levels of protection against HIV.

For people who take 7 PrEP pills per week, their estimated level of protection is 99%. When PrEP is not used daily, particularly if many doses are missed, it will be less able to protect you against an HIV infection.

There is not enough data available to provide specific timing guidance on non-daily use, so the FDA recommends PrEP be used daily to achieve the highest level of protection.

A few things to note:

-When starting PrEP, it takes at least seven days to reach high levels of protection against HIV.
-When stopping PrEP, individuals should continue using PrEP for four weeks after the last significant exposure.
-PrEP does not protect against other sexually transmitted infections (STI) or pregnancy. It is not a cure for HIV.[1]


Written by Randy aka FreeOCHIVtesting on A4A

HIV Counselling and Testing Coordinator

Aids Services Foundation orange County