30 Oct 2014

Speak Out : Queer Eye For The Straight Guy

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(This post was submitted by a member of Adam4Adam.com. If you too want to share something with others, feel free to send your text to blog@adam4adam.com)

I can honestly say that I’ve never had a crush on any of my straight guy friends… until about a year ago. The majority of my friends are straight guys; partly because I have a hard time meeting gay guys organically, and partly because we have a very similar sense of humor. I’m very adamant about not blurring the line between friendship and attraction, and I’ve never had any issues in the past.

About a year ago, I became pretty good friends with this guy who moved from out of state. Physically he was definitely my type, I noticed this right away, but I knew he was straight so I let any hint of attraction fall away. After hanging out and multiple moments of platonic male bonding, I realized that our personalities complimented each other very well. I tend to be more logical and rational than emotional. In fact sometimes I’m completely oblivious to how I feel about certain things. It was by best friend since kindergarten that pointed out, after one too many casual statements beginning with my new friend’s name and ending with the phrase “if only he were gay”, that my feelings toward him were more than platonic.

29 Oct 2014

Stories : Alexander The Great

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I’ll remember that spring day 5 years ago for the rest of my life.  My boss, our company’s CEO, called a meeting for the management team at 4pm that Friday afternoon…and here’s how it all went down.


We all suspected something was up because of the number of closed door meetings, so we were all hopeful that we’d find out what was going on.  I have worked at this company for ten years (ever since graduating college) and had just recently been promoted into the management ranks.  I knew that our CEO didn’t really owe anything to me at that point to let me in on what was going on, but damn, I was really curious. There’d been a bunch of new faces around the office, most of whom had been wearing suits and ties or sports jackets which is definitely not the norm around our mostly blue collar manufacturing company.  So 4pm came and we all assembled around the board table – present were our CEO Walt, David our Operations Manager, Steve in Quality, Laura in HR, Carl in Finance, and me, Avi, our Sales Manager.  And joining us were two of the new faces I’ve seen around the office the last month or so plus one new one.

28 Oct 2014

Gay Stuff : Into Daddies?

Catégorie: Gay Stuff



Many younger men like the company of older men and vice versa. But why? Some will say that these younger guys have “daddy issues” or that they didn’t had a great relation with their dads and this is what they are looking for in a relationship. When they see a younger guy with an older man they automatically think the boy is an escort.

Older men into younger are usually associated by society to perverts. Some think they are paying the boy to be with them.  Some say that they simply miss their younger years and appreciate the company of a younger guy to keep them cool and hip!

Whatever the reasons, we don’t care, right? Who said an older man cannot be with a younger? I personally enjoy older men, probably because I didn’t have a great relation with my dad or a great connection with men in general as a kid, I don’t know and to be honest I don’t really care. I like the feeling of being “protected” by an older man, that’s all. And I find them more attractive than many younger guys.

What about you? Do you like to date or hookup with guys that are your age or you like to go older or younger?

FYI, I discovered a nice porn site recently that focuses on older/younger sex, check it out here and let me know if you like!


27 Oct 2014

A4A : Halloween Costumes

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Hey guys, Halloween is coming soon and I wanted to do a little post on Halloween costumes. Halloweens means “time to dress up” so I it’s time for you to incarnate something or someone you always dreamed to be. Whether it is a sexy slut or a fire fighter, there are costumes for everyone and below are my suggestions. So this Friday, whether you celebrate with friends, in a club or at an event, have fun and be safe! If you want, send me your nicest costume picture and I will upload them on the blog for everyone to see! (send to blog@adam4adam.com)

24 Oct 2014

Speak Out : Should I let it go?

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(This story was submitted by a member of A4A. If you would like to have other member’s opinion on a subject or your story, feel free to send it to me at blog@adam4adam.com. Thanks, Dave)


So I have this little dilemma. I am in a relationship where my partner, which I love very much, has this very annoying thing. Every time that I do something wrong he loves to rub it in my face, I don’t have a problem if he just does it once, but he actually does it for the remaining of the day and he brings it up every time he has a chance; is getting to the point that I have to tell him that I don’t want to talk to him any more; the worst part is that he blames me for me getting upset, and to make matters even worst he begins his sarcastic routine of apologizing for everything; and when I say everything I mean it, the only thing he doesn’t apologize for is for the air I breathe; is very obnoxious.

An example of this happened the other day. He wants to record us having sex, which I strongly refuse to do it. Well he; and I don’t know how and for the same reasons I don’t want to be film having sex; found a video of me having sex with a guy before I meet him; PS a video recording I didn’t authorized, and a whole different thing that I will have to take care of; now he is insinuating that I have lied to him and that I like/don’t mind being recorded; which I do mind I don’t want something like that going around the internet, which I have explain that to him plenty.

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