1 Dec 2015

Health : How Can We Help On World Aids Day?

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Today is WORLD AIDS DAY, It has been 34 years since the first reported cases of HIV/AIDS in 1981. The intention of the day is to raise awareness, increase donations for HIV/AIDS related causes and to simply remind people that HIV/AIDS has not gone away.

How can you concretely help? It’s simple. At midnight (technically Tuesday morning) until 11:59 Tuesday night, when you become a VIP member on A4A, 100% of the SALES will be donated to the Elizabeth Taylor Aids Foundation. We selected this foundation because its operating costs are paid by Ms. Taylor’s Trust; therefore, 100% of every dollar donated goes directly to helping people affected by HIV/AIDS.

So click here and simply select your plan: VIP at $10 or $25 or VIP+ProAD at $30 or 75$ and the full amount will be donated. Not only you’ll help people living with HIV/AIDS but you’ll get a VIP membership at A4A, giving you access to nice features, more photos in your profile, ads free mobile, priority support and more!

I’ll let you know tomorrow how much you guys donated! Surprise me! I’d love if we could send few thousands, that would be amazing!!!

Thanks guys!


30 Nov 2015

Speak Out : Why Are You A Slut?

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(This post was written by a member of A4A, if you too would like to submit a post, send it to blog@adam4adam.com)

“I’m so tired of sluts!!! Why are all the gays fuckin’ sluts? Where are the men who want to date, discuss, train together, travel and more? In an era where everybody wants everything now, where geolocalisation apps show you who’s horny now at a click away, where is the gay species going? Not only that, when you thought about meeting this guy you’ve been talking to for days, he goes “ghostline” and don’t even answer your messages anymore. WTF?

You know what these sluts will become when their bodies will fade and get older? Mad, single, angry whores…left alone because they will be too old to pick up the hot guys. Wake up guys! We are not just sex toys! Sex is fun yes, but there is more to life than just this!


27 Nov 2015

Speak Out : Thanksgiving… And Giving

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Thanksgiving this year is a special day for me and persons who relate to me in some special way. I had my 81st birthday this fall and last spring my wife and I celebrated our 55th anniversary. She is now an Alzheimer’s patient and requires fulltime care from caregivers who live in our home. As a bisexual male, I turned to my male sex desires some years ago in the absence of a functioning marriage.

Some A4A members might wonder why an octogenarian needs sex, and I can heartedly say that I have always been a very active male and frequent sexual activity is still important to me! I have always subscribed to the adage, “use it or lose it.” That also reminds me that age is only a number where sexual practices are involved. (E.D. is not in my vocabulary.)

26 Nov 2015

Jack-Off Material : Thanksgiving Stuffing!

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Huge orgy for Thanksgiving! Will Braun feels at peace in his new remote home among likeminded, free spirited people. Cult leader Colby Keller summons his followers so that they affirm their bond to one another through passionate cock sucking and hard ass fucking. Brandon Moore, Addison Graham, Roman Todd and Will Braun demonstrate true loyalty to their leader and each other in this campground fuck fest. They are celebrating Thanksgiving their own way!

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24 Nov 2015

Promotion : Free Dildo For All Bottoms!

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A4A is happy to offer a FREE dildo to all our members when you purchase anything from the A4A Sex Shop!

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My suggestion would be to pack on lube and condoms or any other essentials that you might need for your sex life!

Have fun and be safe:)


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