13 Feb 2016

Love : Dating A Positive Man

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***Valentine’s Day is coming, so the upcoming posts will all be about LOVE. Love for younger, love for older, love for HIV positive men, love love love! Happy Valentine week everyone! <3

Today’s topic is a bit serious but so important.

I have few friends around me that are HIV positive and it brought me to want to learn more about it, learn more about them, their relationships, love, dating, sex. I asked them questions to find out that it was not easy for them to meet guys. And for my friends who are openly out about their status, it’s even harder even if they are all undetectable. They told me that as soon as they mention their status to a guy, some of them get automatically rejected. Only few seronegative guys seem to be “educated” enough on the subject to accept to go on a date and have sex with them. I say “educated'” because I think what makes people fear HIV postive guys, is thast they don’t know much about the virus and how controlled it is today with medications.

There are many myths about HIV and a good article I read last week was mentioning some of the biggest and I’d like to share some with you:

11 Feb 2016

Love : Is It Harder To Find Lover After 50?

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***Valentine’s Day is coming, so the upcoming posts will all be about LOVE. Love for younger, love for older, love for HIV positive men, love love love! Happy Valentine week everyone! <3

I have friends of all ages. Some in their early 20s, some in their late 50s,  for me age doesn’t matter, as long as I get along with you. My ex BF was 51 when we split and I was 28… He was hot though, the fit sexy daddy type!

Recently I was having a conversation with some of my friends in their 40s and 50s and they told me that they were having a hard time finding love at their age. Some reasons they gave me were that many older guys are in a relation already, people judge them by their age, younger guys don’t like older ones etc…

I want to hear you on that. Are you a middle aged man and having a hard time finding love? Why?

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11 Feb 2016

Love : We Found Love On A4A

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***Valentine’s Day is coming, so until VDAY, all posts will be about LOVE. Love for younger guys, love for older, love for HIV positive men, love love love! Happy Valentine week everyone! <3


Many members used to say to me : “Why are you even on here?”

I would say I’m not on A4A to hook up, I’m just here for friends. To me A4A is what you make it.

So one day I was just searching for guys in my area that would be down to kick it sometimes and I saw this guy who seemed to be looking for the same thing. I won’t lie and say it wasn’t his looks that caught my eye, because it was. He was very cute. We started talking back and forth and one day I invited him to go to Club 21 in Downtown Sacramento.

10 Feb 2016

Watch This : A Relation Between A Cup of Tea And Sexual Harassment

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Few weeks ago, we talked about “being consentant” when having sexual relations with someone. It is important that both guys want to have sex with the other one, because if one is not, then the other can press charges. Sexual harassment is not only happening in heterosexual couples but in gay couples as well.

I love how this video compares having sex with having a cup of tea with a friend. If a friend asks you if you want tea, you can decline, you can say yes or you can say yes, then decline when the cup of tea is on the table in front of you.

Check out the video and let me know your thoughts!

9 Feb 2016

Gay Stuff : Young Novices Need Assistance

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Most members are accustomed to surfing A4A after having already met and enjoyed playmates in the past. When members return to surfing, they often discover new profiles that get their attention. Sometimes they discover young virgin novices who are just getting started on A4A and need assistance and guidance along the road to their sexual fulfillment.

Reaching young adulthood, many young males are very passionate about wanting exciting male sex experiences. They are eager to learn more about the approaches of older guys who want to break them in! For this reason, mature males should consider being a positive influence—not one that detracts from the glow and passion of male experiences.