25 Apr 2015

Jack-Off Material : The Best Porn Ever!

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Hey guys, I know how much you like porn, I read your comment and watch you react to the porn content I put on our Twitter account every day and today,  I have a big surprise for you…

I asked most of our friends in the porn industry to give A4A members big discounts for their websites. Most of them accepted. MEN offers you 70% and many others 50% OFF. The sites that were offering you under 50%, I am not gonna list them here. I only want the best savings for my people!!

So browse below, I listed them all by name with the discount beside, simply click on the name and it will lead you directly on the site.

Happy porn shopping guys and have a wonderful weekend!


(Check below for the complete list)

24 Apr 2015

Gay Stuff : Top/Bottom Census Count

Catégorie: Gay Stuff

(This post was written by a member of A4A. If you too want to react to a post, or simply write your own post, want to have other gay men’s opinion about a subject etc, feel free to send me your text at blog at Adam4Adam dot com, thanks, Dave)


Okay, Dave, you said it…..95% of the gays in your town are bottoms! Wow…really? You seem to be having difficulty finding enough hot tops to satisfy your sexual desires and appetite. As a bisexual guy in Texas, it is some distance to Montreal, but from your statement, Quebec must be severely short of hot tops or you would not have made the statement. If the shortage continues, we may have to find a way to re-populate Quebec Province with more tops—similar to increasing the buck population to service does. This would create a migration of tops from across the continent into Quebec.

23 Apr 2015

Hot or Not : Rough Sex

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(Photo : Randy Blue)

I love rough sex, I don’t know why…I just can’t have calm plain sex, it bores me to death. I don’t like extreme things though, no fisting, scat and other “weird” things, this is definitely not for me. I don’t like toys either…give me a hot body and cock and I’m happy!

I simply like to get fucked hard, get facefucked, when a guy holds my neck (like the picture above) and when he is verbal while fucking.

23 Apr 2015

Pornstars : Colby Jansen Will Make You Cum…

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(photo : MEN)

Starting today (for world book day) and for the next 3 weeks, MEN will be releasing a scene with a Model reading Shakespeare while using a masturbation device. I have to admit, at first I was sceptical and thought the idea was blahhhhh. But I watched it.

Let me tell you that this video was one of the most erotizing video I’ve ever watched. You actually won’t see Colby’s dick, you’ll simply see him enjoying the masturbation device while he reads a book. But the expression on his face, his pronunciation and the tone of his voice changes as he is about to cum and that made me extremely horny. I watched it twice and masturbated as I was watching it. He made me cum so hard! I have to say that Colby Jansen is a sexy stud, he is beefy and I love his beard! It is nice to see him natural as well, not playing a role or anything.

Watch it after the jump and let me know your thoughts!

MEN is also giving all A4A members 70% OFF when you register before the end of April, check it out here!



22 Apr 2015

Hot or Not : Zac Efron

Catégorie: Hot or Not




Some of you like him, some don’t, but I think Zac Efron is getting better and better with age. He is now a grown up man. With the 5 o’clock beard, the treasure trail and the muscles, I think he looks kinda hot. I would not kick him out of bed!

I was even able to find his cock pic online, he seem well hung too:)

What do you think? Do you find him hot or not?

And that picture above…some people claim that this dude is his BF! Imagine if he is in our team, that would be a great addition!


(Zac’s cock pic after the jump)

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