19 Dec 2010

Anal Health: Doin’ it in the Butt!

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Anal sex is not just for gay men and not all gay men do it in the butt, but most gay men will have butt sex sometime in their life.

Anal sex is not just about pleasing the top, your anus and rectum have tons of nerve endings and pleasure from anal sex can come from simple penetration and/or the stimulation of the prostate gland.

Taking care of your butt is an important part of taking control of your overall health but it is not always easy to talk about with your doctor about your ass. As gay men we need a doctor we can talk to about anything especially your sex life and your ass. Your doctor need to understand the health concerns that are unique to gay men. If you do not have a doctor that you can be honest with the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association can help. Now back to your butt…

Anal hygiene is important but you should not use enemas (douche) as flooding your rectum with water can dehydrate your colon, making you more likely to get an infection. To be as safe and clean as possible, you should first, wipe your ass with a moist cloth to clean the outside, avoid eating a few hours before anal sex to help ensure your bowels are empty, and then before bottoming, fill an ear syringe with warm water and gently squeeze the water into your rectum, learning out any feces that may be lingering.One of the most important factors in caring for your anus and enjoying butt sex is getting to know your body. Before bottoming you should really know your ass well. Spend time exploring the sensitivity of your sphincter muscle (the muscle that controls the opening and closing of your anus) and how it reacts to being penetrated, when and how it relaxes and when it tenses up. Playing with your sphincter muscle can be fun alone or with a partner. This form of butt play can be something you can both enjoy prior to anal penetration (rimming can be a great way to start). Once you know your ass well, anal sex will be smoother and more pleasurable for both you and your partner.

It is important to communicate and to stop if you feel uncomfortable, experience pain or have any bleeding. Try different positions, a position where your knees are bent and drawn to your chest (on your back, chest, doggy style, etc.) will straighten out the anal canal and make penetration easier.

RELAX, breathe deep, take your time, and make sure you are comfortable physically and emotionally, as hot as it may seem to get pounded, remember, fantasy and reality can often be vastly different.

The more you care for and know your butt, the better your anal sex will be.


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  • As a gay Dad-type, it simply amazes me how many younger son-type gay men lack this vital gay men’s health information. I suppose there are just as many uninformed older men, i just don’t focus on them. So, thanks a lot for sharing this factual and down to earth health information all gay men should know about. dad jerry w

  • Am glad theres more information about anal sex, since it seems taboo to many people.. Every one should always learn abouy sex facts since is a healthy way to learn about the body.. And futher more experiences good sex..

  • I’ve always been told if it hurts you are not doing it right. It always hurts, so what am I not doing right?

  • Very helpful to those who are new to this, sometimes you just have to say it out right and how it is for people to understand…well done Stephan!!

  • What about oral anal sex? The ass must be clean! Douching should not be too regular, but is a must for clean sex!

  • Well written, informed and to the point. I hope lots of guys read this. Kudos and thanks.

  • Thanks for the information. I am a first time bottom and was looking for information on it.

  • Love the info…… gotta have a ready ass.

  • Rather basic…and doesn’t really touch on what people really need to know about anal sex. Mentions nothing about the risk of bowel perforation from the use of poppers while having sex, and it talks about an ear syringe? maybe one of the most infective ways of clearing the rectum…

    Come on guys get with the times.. I could write a far more informative and accurate blog

  • This is a powerful reality to the safety and heath we face as gays or as anal pleasure practicers. we are not givin the facts as we grow into this feild of our lives so we are in need of a reality check. and no one is goin to start if we dont start. enjoy safer sex and longer lives.-:{BAM”

  • wow

  • this wsa very imformment I have to look at how I do ppl an I get done I kno my body well but woulnt hurt to kno more

  • I have a question!! I always been wondering about the side effects of anal sex?? By having sex this way am I damaging my rectus I mean the intenstines !! Is it normal to have gases after the sex act ?? Will it make me more likely to get colum cancer ??

  • you forgot to mention what common sense may dictate: after the syringe you should wash your ass, both the outside and as far inside as a finger will comfortably reach with plenty of soap and warm water. wash until until your finger comes out clean enough to put in your own mouth, if you are going to expect your partner to rim you.

  • ok this is crazy but i have a friend who has a prince albert and says it’s ok to top with it in. Is that risky to bottom with the prince albert still on his dick?

  • This has been most helpful. I always thought it was good to douche over and over before sex. Will certainly try some of these suggestions.

  • What’s the gay and lesbians association# please

  • I have used a ear syringe for years good to know i was doing the right thing! I know my ass very well I have been able to handle really big cocks and with kegel exercises still keep my ass tight as hell. You should do a blog about kegel exercises. I love to know what you know.

  • Before you get to know your butt do you take your butt to dinner or give your butt chocolates and flowers?Should we be romancing our Butts with Mani Pedis and Manscaping?

  • To really know your ass and hole is to be able to suck air into your rectum and fill your bowel full of air than fart it out loudly and proudly.Once you can do that you will know your butt.

  • For those of you are too shy to finger your own hole or to anal to rip a stinkbomb with your lover than you need a Gas Technician (specialist in the field of the anal canal). Gas technicians are on the rise and soon this type of doctor will be run of the mill. A gas specialist like myself will do absolutely everything to your ass and when you leave you will have been fingered rimmed sniffed and had your temperature taken. This exam takes around 3 hours and you are asked to eat gasious foods so the doctor can smell your farts and determine and rate the smell on a scale from 1-10 and the specialist needs to see your hole open as you fart and close as your sphintor muscles tighten up. When you get fucked you can guarantee some fart action going on dtuing and after the fuckfest.You will need your hole examined witgh a tongue and with a nose. Look forward to sniffimg you guys soon.

  • thank you so much! This is very helpful :)

  • Thanks for posting this. I too thought it was okay to douche often before sex. Who knew?

  • Thanks for the info. I was doing everything wrong.

  • It’s always best to douche before anal sex. Don’t take a chance giving your partner a chilli dog – gross. I cannot believe how many bottoms don’t know about ‘anal etiquitte’. Some just don’t care.

  • Great advice! It’s nice to see a different side of a4a that can teach and inspire. Kudos to the people behind the blog !!!

  • Great article, very informative it is always good to read these to remind us to take care ourselves. I had read most all of this before but it is always good to read again to be reminded to take care of ourselves. Learn to explore our own bodies as learn what feels good and what does not and also it is ok to say that does not feel good. Great job.

  • How can I email this article to a friend?

  • Chet: register to the feed, you’ll receive it in your email, then forward it…

  • Lex: Maybe you can start your own blog then !
    And you seem to be the only one that thinks our post is not relevant…

  • I have been using douches/enemas for years and never any problems. I just rinse until clean and go from there. The lubricants- either manufactured or just plain saliva moisten the insides pretty well from my experience. Haven’t you had a wet fart after a great anal session??

  • Lex is not alone. I also feel that your post is just scratching the surface. This isn’t negative criticism though. I’m really excited that a4a is taking on this topic.. I just think that there’s alot of important and helpful information that people don’t know that could be discussed here over time. Thanks a4a.

  • I’m happy to see that A4A is addressing this subject, however, as one other person said, “Get with the times!” With so many good, Gay-oriented products available for anal cleansing, you recommend an EAR SYRINGE?? haha & lol
    When one logs on to the A4A site, we often see advertisements from your own sponsors for such products. These include (but are not limited to) the Shower Shot and Streem Master. Fleet just came out with “Fleet Naturals,” a product specifically designed for cleansing prior anal intercourse. I just picked up a two-pack at CVS to keep on hand. While we’re on the subject, how about discussing proper cleaning under the forskin? So many (especially younger) guys don’t have a clue! Thanks and Merry Christmas.

  • SizeMatters: Your comment is at least constructive…Of course we are not doctors and we will try our best to give you the more infos we can…
    Thanks for your comment :)

  • An ear syringe would work if your partner had a penis the size of a peanut and then maybe. As a bi-guy i know women are not to douche excessively but that also depends on a frequency of sex and how wet they get. Aside from that- A mans inner spincter muscle is about 3″ to 4″ inside the anus on average and the average lenght of aguy is 6″. So do we stop about 2″ short in insertion because the secondary muscle may hold a surprise? I dont think so. That muscle relaxes also with stimulation and is very close to the prostate, that is why we like anal so much. We have the initial penetration point, the p-spot and the secondary penetration as well which is how we reach the anal sex orgasm. As a 35 year man of anal pleasure I am well enough experienced in this and I am sure we have many other men with experience to validify this fact of anal sex and health

  • I was pleased to see this article but I feel we need more in-depth information. No pun intended! :)

  • Im happy to know the proper techniques in bottoming.. I love to bottom most of the time and I douche so much.. Now I know how to do it properly.. Thanks..


  • Very good information, i wish we had more articles pertaining to this subject. thank you

  • It’s great to know that my use of a warm water enemaprior to penetration, is a good idea.. I usually douche about 2 hours prior to gettin fucked.. And I’ve been able to handle thick raw 10″ dicks, hours at a time, AND repeatedly with ease!!

  • Hey Willie, and others who are experienced bottoms: can you still please your partner if your dick is less than 6 inches…wondering if the ass muscles are built in such a way that to reach the spot that makes bottom go crazy you have to have a minimum size…i prefer to top, but also enjoy bottoming and want to learn to be a better top

  • Clicked the “Relax” link and lol’d. About to play this song next time I have sex.

  • Being in the ‘pilot stage’, it is good to see the many responses. I am confident a4a will continue to progress and provide more beneficial information to the public.

  • Hilarious! but definitely some great information! lol there are a lot of shitty asses walking around out here

  • I have had anal with both females and guys, it was females who talked me into sucking dicks and doing anal with guys so they can watch and join. Well, I have used something close to the ear syringe. What I do is use one of the sports bottles like ozarka with the pullup top on the red cap. I remove the white pullup cap and fill the bottle up, clean and lube my asshole or the top. Bend over the tub or stool and hold it firmly against my ass and squeeze. I do this 5 or 6 times, or when I can’t get anymore inside. Sometimes it takes a while but I do this sometimes close to an hour. It takes a little while to get loose and move and sometimes it can get watery and brown. I just keep doing the same, 4 to 8 fill ups, hold it til I get the sensation to let it out. Sometimes I’m able to hold it, walk around the house and do things but I wouldn’t get too far form the bath room, lol. I get squeaky clean, my girl friend, other females I ass fucked and the bi guys I played with did it the same way. I love to fuck ass females or males and I love big toys and only had two real dicks, I started with females doing me with a strapon and fucking myself with toys & loved it. I prefer anyone I do anal with do the same because I to love to rim but have to be squeaky clean, I done females and a few guys and all where very clean.

    A faster way is to one one of the fill ups you can stop one inch from the top and finish with mineral oil, which is a laxative. I sometimes do that on the first fill up and maybe the 3rd or 4th fill up. It sometimes makes a difference. I agree about doing this 2 to 3 hours before you do anal sex. I also have a 12″ double head dildo that I slide in my ass to help release extra water, I do that standing in the tub. After waiting for the anal hook up, all the extra water should be absorbed by your body.

    Ear syringe, the bottle that I use or something that will help flush out are all good. I can’t use the enema kits, the chemicals bother my stomach and just don’t seem healthy to use all the time. I have done it once in a while and it is faster but the way I plan in advance, that way I do it works for me..

  • I love this blog. Great info. for those tops who think they can just ram and “let’s go!” And…For those of us who do enjoy anal sex, it is brilliant that you-guys have taken the time to educate the community…KUDOS!!! There should be more of these blogs on A4A…Keep on informing us, ignorance is our worst enemy… All the best… ;-)

  • I like doing anals with different partners.I loose interest to the same guy the second time i have sex.I take all precautions before having sex.I need to know if I am still at risk of getting any STDs? please comment…

  • Esta esta informacion en espanol tambien?

  • You did not mention one very inprtant thing HPV virus
    condom do not protect you from HPV I know because I got cancer in the butt because of geting fucked in the butt tell it like it is or someone may wind up wearing a shit bag on your side for life. I was lucky but no more butt fucking for me.

  • An ear syringe to wash the shit out of your ass??? Come on, this is not how we do it. A shower shot is best.

  • Add’l information:
    1) There are TWO anal sphincters, one towards the outside and one towards the inside. The outside sphincter is usually more willing to relax and dilate than the inner sphincter.
    2) “Out of the box” the anal sphincters are largely involuntary muscles–that means the mind doesn’t usually engage in conscious thought to operate them. Additionally, their usual role is to keep things INside the body until an appropriate amount of fecal material has accumulated…then the “trigger” for the sphincters to relax is pressure from inside the bowel to evacuate the accumulated material. Any wonder, then, that the sphincters often object to something wanting to come INto the body, This is where “homework” may come in handy–using a dildo (perhaps graduated sizes, even), a butt plug, zucchini (room temperature, please….or warmed gently in some warm water), or fingers with AMPLE lube. (dry friction is the enemy) Help your body learn what it feels like to be entered…to stretch, dilate, and not be so quick to “clamp down.” Of course, there’s no substitute for a skilled, experienced, gentle, and patient partner.
    3) The most effective encouragement for the sphincters to relax and open is steady, firm pressure from the outside (with lube, of course). This will tend to fatigue the musculature and encourage it to relax and dilate.
    4) Once the top guy is “in,” fully, (especially with a “newbie” or someone who hasn’t been fucked for a while)it’s good to just be still for a few moments giving the bottom’s body a chance to adapt/adjust to the presence of the penis inside. In fact….perhaps it’s a good suggestion for the bottom to have agreed to communicate he’s doing well by initiating some movement signaling the top can begin a little thrusting and pumping.
    5) ANYTHING that generates anxiety–about the combination of personalities–feeling comfortable, relaxed and SAFE with the guy, about the amount of time, about assured privacy, about not having a comfortable and appropriate venue, not having the right supplies conveniently available–repeat, ANYTHING that generates some anxiety, can make involuntary muscles (the anal sphincters, remember) reluctant or even unwilling to relax.
    6) Read Anal Pleasures and Health by Jack Morin for more information.

  • So wrooooooooo-ng! Ear syringe? Puh-leeze! Going #2 and using an ear syringe might work if your man is 6 inches or less. If you really love that deep penetration, you’re gonna need to douche your ass out real good. I’ve taken 10+ inches balls deep to the hilt and believe me, it goes way past the 2nd sphincter and into the bend above the colon. Not douching well will only leave you with a pissed off top with his dick painted doo-doo brown and your $#!+ pushed way up in you.

  • As a HC Provider I agree and disagree. MEN, older you get need to use at least warm water (no chemicals and do an enema). It is amazing to me especially young men that are full of S…., sorry. It is a huge turn off. Also, I think you should mention BB since it is on a major comeback. If people BB, get ill or anything, you have only yourself to take responsibility. Sorry. I know this steps on toes. If you can make the decision to have sex, you can make the decision how and accept the responsibility and not blame anyone else REGARDLESS of the turn out. If you have sex, one time, after an HIV test. You would have to get Tested each time and wait for results to prove you are truly HIV negative. Many many won’t test. It cracks me up to see men say they want BB but, you must be DDF. Please, be real, because what you are is in denial. Have sex the way you want, if the other parties agree, you are ALL responsible for YOURSELVES. Back on Anal cleansing, ear syringe is not going to get far enough inside a man if they have any fecal matter in their intestine so not intending to criticize, not sure where you are getting this info, as it may work for some, but not everyone. Need much more detail on diet, period of time to wait, cleansing, etc..


  • Thanks a lot Stephan, very informative…I will share this info to a friend..

  • lol … let me see ….
    there are lots of ways of cleaning without douche and the instruction from information above
    second of all … douching will definitely make you easier to be infected with STD … esp if u r barebacking …

  • My boyfriend and i were allways tops and then we decided to date… my dick is big but his is like three times as thick same length, how can i take that?

  • I’ve always douched and have not had any problems. I’m sure it’s not healthy to douche every day, twice a day, but like with all things, pay attention to proportions.

    Nobody likes a dirty bottom..douching is the only way to ensure youre clean.

  • When I have anal sex it seem like as soon as my partner inserts he penis it is hitting something and it hurst. It has not always been like thing but has started over the past four years. He is not extremely large but it does not matter it seems like the penis is running into a wall soon as it’s put in whereas it use to be able to slide in without any problem. What could be the proble? What should I be asking my doctor? I want to enjoy sex again but for now it huts and I am not able to please my partner. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

  • I have been thinking about having anal sex for some time but I am scared of being hurt and some of the items you mentioned in the article. I appreciate the information but can you talk about how to proceed and not get hurt?

  • I am 50 years of age and I thought you had to almost use a firehose to clean yourself out prior to anal sex. This is something I will pass on to others. Thanks!

  • An ear syringe doesn’t hold enough water. Try a fleet enema. they are designed for this purpose. Remove the rubber seal inside the cap first to be able to squeeze water into your butt with more force and quickly. Also washing afterwards with shampoo . Shampoo really cuts thru odors trapped in hair that reg. soap can’t remove. Then also use a finger with soap if you think your really clean in there. You might be surprised. If your wanting to be clean enough to be rimmed,,after your shower, once you’ve dried off run your hand or finger yourself then smell it. you might be surprised at the odor left behind if you haven’t shampoo’d.

  • I thought this article was an excellent idea. I think that anyone that is thinking aout having anal sex or is having anal sex should know as much about it as they can. So for that reason, cudos!

    As for the subject of enemas, I think a lot depends on how you’re doing it and how often you’re doing it. What you use in an enema is important. Be clean and as sterile as you can. If you use water, make sure the water is clean. Remember that water will wash away some of the body’s natural enzymes so you don’t want to do it very often. Anytime you introduce a foreign substance into your body there is a chance of infection too.

    I would agree with preparing ahead of time and using a laxative to clean yourself out in addition to a light douche. I also agree with showering and washing your anus with soap and water and inserting your finger with soap on it insite your anus to clean it thoroughly. If you don’t think you’re exceptionally clean, then you or your partner are probably not going to enuoy it that much unless your partner happens to like “pig” sex. Just remember, there is a bacteria called ecoli and it is commonly in feces and it can cause some pretty nasty infections.

    As for the comfort and the reduction of any pain during anal sex, I’d recommend using an anal plug when you first start out. I don’t think it matters what size you use but how you use it. The plug should be narrow at the end and it flares out towards the top. If you lube it thoroughly and then gently put the narrow end into your anus and just lightly move it in and out of your anus increasing the depth so that it remains comfortable to you, this will help dialate your rectum. It is a good and safe way to get your rectum used to dialating with something going into it as opposed to going out. Try doing this after you’ve practiced a while and then again just before you have anal sex and I think this well help you immensley. Of course it is nice to have a partner who cares about you and doesn’t want you to experience any pain too.

  • i’m a doctor(ob/gyn) and would like to address a couple of statements here. first, gently douching is perfectly ok. this does remove a very small amount of mucous from the rectal mucosa, but using lubricants(always!) addresses that issue. anal sex does NOT increase the risk of colon cancer, but DOES increase the risk of rectal cancer. this is caused by the HPV virus and the incidence of rectal cancer is rising. a Pap test of the rectum is an easy test to check for risk of rectal cancer(i’m not kidding). talk to your doctor.

  • 1. Consider getting a anal pap smear to determine if you have anal warts or precursors of them. If positive, can easily get them removed painlessly. In Boston, good resource of High Resolution Anoscopy Clinic to visualize any abnormal growths, not necessarily cancer. 2. Consider getting the Gardasil vaccine, now FDA approved for boys and young men. If older consider paying out of pocket. Protects against 4 types of HPV [Human Papilloma Virus] that cause non-cancerous warts as well as cancer causing types. [Does not cure any of these conditions, once infected.]Even if you have warts caused by by one type of HPV, will protect against others. If older male or uninsured, you may have to pay about $350 out of pocket for the 3 injection protoccol. 3. Does anyone have information about the effect of statin medications, like Lipitor, Crestor or Zocor [simvastatin] on the anal “environment?” I like to bottom, but when I take statins, especially Crestor, a mucousy, odorous residue remains after douching and can easily turn off my top. I reasoned that statins work by removing lipids [fats] from the liver and transporting it to the intestines where it mixes with feces. Being “oily” it doesn’t easily wash out with water alone. Stopping these meds for any period of time isn’t a good idea from a health perspective of preventing heart disease and stroke. Any comments?

  • Is there a correlation between anal sex and colon cancer?

  • Great article, Stephan… honestly, it’s nice to see someone sharing information on the basics, and generating open and honest debate. Or should that be a mass debate…? Rofl. Keep it witty, keep it pretty, keep it gay…. x

  • Good article but no matter how much I try, it always hurts for me and I can’t do it. I want to so badly but you’d think my ass is locked shut! People keep telling me, “Relax, have some wine, breath…” none of it works! Ugh!

  • i use Aldara for small outbreaks of genital warts around my anus, i have no clue how i got them as i have never had bb sex, but i assume that rimming could be the answer. so am i at risk for rectal cancer? my doctor knows my sexual preferance and has never mentioned a pap smear. and i know nothing is 100% foolproof, but if somebody tops me using a condom, they are pretty safe as to not contracting anything?

  • do porn stars ever get their top dirty. what then wait 4 the next day to shoot the scene. Ill bet it happens quite a bit. some hotties i wuldnt care if they got me dirty lol nothing a little soap and water cant clean u off

  • I’ve always wanted to know more about the set-up process, but I never heard not to invest in a douche. I’m glad I know all this now, and that it wasn’t too late! I think it’s really helpful to have a loving partner who is helping out — men, if he’s not willing to learn and work with you, then you shouldn’t be with him!!

  • Kudos for opening the door to this touchy subject. I was given some sensible advice long ago by an extremely experienced top with thousands of hours logged exploring men’s rectums. He said the most important thing to remember when you douche often and extensively is to make sure to replenish the good bacteria in your colon by eating lots and lots of yogurt and drinks with probiotics. Made sense to me. :)

  • i realy apreciate that this was posted i knew some of it but also learned some new things. Thanks alot

  • Okay I read in one of the comment that you should use soap and water on your finger to clean out your colon, #1 NEVER EVER USE SOAP in your anus, it can cause the anal walls to dry out and crack and bleed. There are several things that this blog does not mention and I believe that while the basic information is there, it lacks in real knowledge… You can use an enema to clean out but do not use the liquid that is in the bottle when you buy it, that is a laxative and will cause your bowels to over activate making a mess, instead empty the bottle out and use luke warm water and gently place the tip into your anus and expel all water from the bottle and then repeat until the water that is coming out is clear…

  • Re my previous posting of 12/22, should have said High Resolution Anoscopy [HRA] Clinic in Boston is part of gay-friendly Fenway Community Health Center!

  • Interesting how rimming is casually mentioned with not a peep about parasites. Why do gay man insist on “safe sex” yet slapping your mouth down (and plunging your tongue into) some anonymous hole is as clean as holding hands? There are loads of bacteria and parasites in even microscopic amounts of fecal matter….GROSS!

  • Interesting…It’s so true what people say out there, “Everyday, ones learn something new.” As a gay man, I tried having anal sex, but that was a bad experience and after that I have not bother to try it again(talking about been traumatized but after reading this, I might try it again…not any time soon, but def. I will do it.

  • i’m a white blond twink and i’ve been bottoming since i was 18 (i’m 34 now).I’m small frame, 5’7 and only 115lbs. Big cocks, small cocks, white cocks, black cocks. Your asshole needs to be sparkling clean to get fucked and to do this you need to douche 10-20 times until all of the water you squirt inside your asshole comes out pure white. Then, most importantly, WAIT AN HOUR. During this hour you will have fuck farts that spew out residual water; sometimes piles of shit will come out too. Then you start douching all over again. Once it’s all out, go sit on the toilet and grunt. Push out like your shitting. Is nothing coming out? Then you’re good to go. Then the secret: Take your douche and fill it with sugar water. Take a nice warm shower and clean everywhere, including inside your boycunt. Enema yourself with the sugar water. Push it out in the shower. Should be sparkling clean water coming out. Towel dry and put lotion on your ass cheeks. Spread your ass open and gently fan your hole with your hands. This action makes your entire crack smooth as silk. You’re now officially ready to bottom. You smell good, the top can go deeeeeeeeeep, you won’t shit the bed, and when he rims you he will taste the residual sugar from the last douche and think that you’re a naturally sweet boi. This technique has kept many, many regular top boys coming back for more and more and more.

  • I know some say don’t douche, but as a bottom who has a sweet-smelling, spotless ass that tops love to eat, there is NO WAY I’m not going to douche. Exposing your top to your “unpleasantries” is just disrespectful. I agree with Eric above – the water must come out crystal clear for you to know you’re ready to be penetrated. I like his idea of using sugar water! Also a drop of peppermint oil in the douche water can give the ass a nice fresh aroma and taste. Don’t use more than a drop or it will sting. Use a nicely scented body wash in the shower and soap up the anal area and hole really well a couple times so that it smells nice. I also use a rinse-off product made by Oil of Olay that smells wonderful. Use a hand shower to give the hole a final rinse. You want your top to really love your rear!

  • thats all fine but what happens years after that first anal fuck? whenin 25 years of use you can litterally put your whole hand in and wear your ass as a cuff? i mean, when your shit in yoour intestines is close to the rectum the sphimncter is so loose that it wont restrain the fumes inside you stink like a toilet.is there an operation to reshape the sphincter?
    as anyone encournter this circumstance? how imoirtanat is to talk about the alteration one does to the asshole with decades of use? any one……….anyone……….anyone………..ho well
    this has been a public anouncement!

  • do most bottoms cum without touching themselves when having anal sex.. im a top and it always seems to happen with my partners when im halfway ready to cum.. for the most part they are ok with letting me finish but sometime they freak out and i have to finish myself off.. what am i doing wrong?

  • first and foremost id like to thank whom ever posted this subject… some people really need to pay more attention to there anal hygiene ,nothing worse than a cute face+nice body and ass+dirty bottom .very dissapointing indeed

  • David – if it hurts there can be many reasons. First you should know that being a bottom and getting fucked is not for everyone. If you are not able to relax and ‘let go’ physically you might always have problems getting fucked.

    There are many other factors that may cause pain as well.
    Here are some simple tips:
    * Go Slow – start with a well lubed finger and work your way up in size
    * Relaxation is key, make sure you are communicating with your partner
    * Penis size is important, too small, too long, too fat – each penis is different and will feel different as they hit different spots in your anus. Some like a long hard penis, others prefer a thicker softer penis, sometimes a smaller hard penis can hurt as it does not penetrate deep enough
    * Make sure you are healthy, if the pain persists, you may have an anal fissure or hemorrhoids or some other medical condition. To be safe, call your doctor for a booty check-up.

  • Marquise – Analingus, Rimming (mouth to anus) can be an important part of play and can really help your partner relax before getting fucked. Actually, the anus, anal canal and rectum usually contain surprisingly little poop. Most fecal material is stored above the rectum in the descending colon. When stool moves down into the rectum, that is when you feel “the urge,” and it then passes out of the body fairly quickly.

    To be as clean as possible and not douche too deeply and/or flood the anus with water don’t eat a few hours (2-3 should do it) before you know you will get fucked. Then a light rinse internal with an ear syringe as mentioned in the article should be enough.

    If you want to douche more aggressively then you should wait before getting fucked. This will give your anus some time to restore some of your natural moisture.

    The safest way to lick butt (and avoid all STIs and parasites or other concerns as much as possible) is to use a dental dam or place saran wrap over the anus before licking.

  • Amir – thank you for the question about long term effects of anal sex. First the benefits – Anal sex does not cause prostate cancer, nor will it cause it to come back – actually the stimulation experienced during anal sex may reduce risk for prostrate cancer as the rubbing increases blood flow.

    For anal cancer, infection with HPV is necessary in most if not all cases of anal cancer. So although anal sex does not cause anal cancer, being infected with HPV significantly increases your risk for anal cancer. When you hear that persons that engage in anal sex are at greater risk for anal cancer, you can be pretty sure they are referring to HPV which is usually obtained through anal sex.

  • Stevie – yea, the Prince Albert should come off before you are fucked, another way is to practice anal sex using a condom with a large receptacle at the end, like the Pleasure Plus.

  • antwann – click the link to the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association in this blog, then click CONTACT us for their number.

  • Pras – I can not judge your risk for STD just from your statement that you have sex with multiple partners. The best way to have sex with multiple partners and stay as STI free as possible is to use a condom every time.

  • oh – and Pras, many men that say safe only don’t use a condom every time. Many men will practice some form of ‘risk reduction strategy’. Most about that on another post. The goal with these posts is to provide basic information with LINKS to more detailed info. The links are all orange. I know I get tired of reading after about 500 words.

    It will be best for readers to consider these health posts to be introductions to important health topics with links for information.

  • Tunnel – I think you mean rectal prolapse which may be what you are thinking about when you say the sphincter. Rectal prolapse isn’t really caused by a relaxed sphincter. It is caused by that part of the intestinal tract losing its connective tissue, which keeps it attached to the inside part of the body. As a result, it is allowed to come out the anus.

    The most significant causes of rectal prolapse are
    * Age
    * Fecal straining
    * Constipation
    * Reduced muscle tone
    * Prior rectal surgery
    Anal sex may contribute to rectal prolapse.

  • I thank you for the informative message. I learned some more about anal sex. I love being the bottom with the right person. Thanks again!!!

  • I’ve been playing with my ass since I was young, about 13, I’m now 48. To say the least, I’m not sure if I am doing anything right, but I do use a shower hose that I stick up my ass and just let warm water go in until I feel full and then let it out. I do this as many time’s until I have clean water coming out.
    After doing this I wait for awhile, but sometime’s I start using a dildo. Usually, I have no problem’s with fecal matter. I use vasaline mostly and lube up a Ron Jeremy Dildo, about 9.5″ and can shove it in all the way without any problem’s. I have a Doc Johnson “Natural” 12″ and have had it all the way in also. Seem’s that I enjoy the longer dildo’s for deep penetration for what I like.
    So far trying to have a guy fill my butt up is hard to find. Most of the guy’s are average or a little bigger, but not much. I’ve had an 8.5″ guy and it was ok. I’m looking for the guy who is big like one of my dildo’s. So far haven’t found one.

  • I read the blog. I was quite supprised about the comments, and questions that followed. I am a former nurse, and I certainly would never recommend an ear syringe to clean your ass. If anything the article has only brought to the forfront, disscussion about anal sex and cleanleness. More needs to be discussed.

  • I get a great deal of pleasure from anal stimulation, but I’ve not been able to find my prostate EVER!! That is with a finger, toy, or penis. I don’t think all men have that capacity to get that stimulated, for whatever reason.

  • This is for GARY and the use of statins. Using statins and eating foods that contain high levels of fat can result in a condition known as Steatorrhea (the oily discharge of fats from he anus). Try to cut down on foods that have a high concentration of fat. Also add a bulk forming fiber supplement to your diet as it will make a “clean sweep” through your colon evacuating any sediment or residue. For that I would recomend mixing “100% whole psyllium husks” in juice before bed immediately followed by 8-12 ounces of water. (Yerba Prima) is a good all natural brand but any 100% brand will work. (I would avoid Metamucil and other commercial brands as they contain sugar derivatives). Hope this helps.

  • Sounds like a lot of you guys are addicted to enemas/douches.

    Are there any other guys like myself, who are usually naturally “clean” when they’re horny?

    In other words, all the shit comes out through normal bowel movements without the need of inserting water, and the only cleaning necessary is a soapy finger or two to the anus and normal washing of the ass.

    (Never have gotten the dry, cracked, bleeding anus from soapy fingers like Matticus, but I don’t use Lava soap, and I use a little lotion when cleaning after a shit.)

    And I can usually tell when, sometimes, not all the shit has come out, and a small enema ball or two of water to the rectum, not the colon, takes care of whats left.

    I know there are some guys out there who enjoy giving themselves high colonics 2 or 3 times a day, but for us guys who don’t find enemas erotic, whatever foods and exercise that keep us regular (and we’re all different, so they can be different things) are the best choice.

    And the more you “douche”, the more you need to douche/enema, because your body gets accustomed to it.

    But we’re all different, and different things and routines can work or not work for different guys (and gals) when it comes to being ready to receive anal sex. Anyone who makes a big pronouncement about what all guys need to do to be ready, is full of shit (even if they’ve spent the last few hours giving themselves dozens of enemas).

    For you guys who don’t know how your body works, that’s what dildos are for. Dildos won’t get mad if you accidentally get shit on them, and they provide better sex than most tops anyway. Try different routines and see what works for you. I find that unnecessary enemas, especially if they get into the colon, can irritate and even make it more likely for fecal matter to appear during anal sex.

    And honestly, when I’m regular and horny and I’ve taken a good shit that day, I can fuck myself with most of a 11″ insertable dildo for several hours that night, with no pre-douching at all, and most of the time it will have no shit and no shit smell when I’m done.

    And for you guys for whom it always hurts – YOU’RE NOT A BOTTOM!!! But that’s OK! We need tops, too! Just learn how to be a good top. There are probably more bad tops out there than bad bottoms. Some tops deserve to get shit on their dick. The best tops know how to make love when they fuck.

    Frankly, if it hurt for me to get fucked in the ass, I wouldn’t be gay! I’m gay because I enjoy being fucked in the ass. In fact, I believe there are 2 kinds of bottoms. Guys who are gay because they are bottoms, and guys who try to be bottoms because they are gay.

    The only reason there is to bottom, is if you enjoy being a bottom. If you don’t enjoy being a bottom, then top or 69 or just suck dick or just get sucked or get into bondage or leather or S&M, or something or some combination you ENJOY doing!

    That being said, if your top doesn’t know the meaning of foreplay, which seems true of many tops, or if you don’t give yourself a lot of foreplay and get yourself horny and ready for your dildo or unaffectionate dick, even a true bottom isn’t going to enjoy getting fucked.

    And as for Tunnel, I’m 49 and after years of use (usually with a big dildo, unfortunately), my asshole can still hold back any size turd, from tiny to big enough to stop up the toilet by itself, for pretty much as long as I want.

    There. Ah! That was almost a good as taking a good shit! But not near as good as getting a good long fucking from a nice big cock attached to a nice, affectionate, passionate top who knows what he is doing!

  • Great information to know. Thank you.

    But, am I the only one slightly offended by the Gas Technician and his comment?

  • I Can only have Anal Sex With someone Im Very attracted 2 my Ass will not open at all if im not

  • very good article
    it also helps if the smelly uncut cock your about to have in you is washed also the guys at the bath house need to learn how to shower they may get laid more ..a great lube is important also ive been using probe for years it gets em all in and feels like cum the stuff is great

  • Poster “Eric” is right on the money. The one thing I would add for bottoms who like big cocks is to use a dildo after the enema and fuck yourself for a minute or two. This will certainly clean you out. Do this 30 minutes to an hour prior to getting fucked. The anus will still be tight when your top enters, but it won’t be as uncomfortable for you. I douche and use a 7.5inch dildo(with lube) every time before fucking and I am now in my 20th year of doing it with no issues.

  • pure fluff,Come on guys you can do better that that.

  • let’s call the above douching 101…ear syringe and a soapy finger are a good start, and maybe all you need IF your top has a short dick and/or cums real quick. there is a reusable “feminine” douche that holds more water and reaches further in (be sure to lube the applicator) and you will want to use this several times until the water coming out is as clean as the water going in. using multiple, smaller amounts of water makes it more likely the colon is empty, with no reservoirs waiting behind sphincter #2. the shower-related hoses are great if used gently, with very low water pressure. again, the idea is multiple, smaller shots – not filling the entire lower intestine…I’ll leave that to the FF guys to explain.

    along with not eating prior to doing it, not much was said about diet. most of us eat poorly and/or take medications that make a nice solid bowel movement difficult if not impossible. sometimes an anti-diarrheal product like immodium can help if you are in this camp.

    finally the pain issue. practicing with smaller objects (and keeping them clean afterwards) is vital. lube is vital. lube is your friend. some lubes are irritating or dry up too soon. some are not latex-friendly. a product like anal-eaze can desensitize the anus, but lube, practice, trust and a patient top are a better option. letting guys stick things in your butt can be scary, especially if past attempts did not go smoothly. take it slow with lots of lube, and if you feel forced or too rushed to relax, push him off and say I’m just not ready…or say the fish tacos did not agree with you…

    experienced tops know sometimes shit happens, but please, not on my sheets ; )

  • ear syringe to flush out your ass? never heard of it, why enemas or douche would dehydrate your colon? if I need to bottom I have to be squeeky clean I can t stand the feces pressure when I getting pounded or brown coming out of my hole. I have a bidet installed in my toilete, eahc time I take a shit I flush my hole out, it depends on how big the cock you are gonna get fucked is, the bigger the cleaner your hole would have to be.

  • ear syringe is used on babies when they are constipated, i dont think it would work on and adult.

  • This is an awesome topic and as a gay man that loves the dicks up in me. I honestly use an old fashion enema a couple of times a day since I was in my teen years until now and I am in my 50′s an I have not had any problems. Plus, I have had several Life Partnersone for 14 years, 7 years, 4 years and curretly 2 years as well as a lot of STF” or “Short Term Flings”, lasting a few months to a year and I have had no problems satisfing them. However, I do find that it helps me to keep my weight down along with my dieting and daily exercise regime. But the colon cleansing it really helps me since some men want to perform oral sex and I like it to be “fresh and clean” at all times. I ususally clean inside and out before going out to the bars and clubs, just in case I meet someone and need to handle business. Sometimes, I might “BYOE” or “Bring My Own Enema” which I ususally use the Fleece Disposable Enema then as well as lubrication and protection.

  • Everyone has an opinion, just like we all have a booty hole. Oh that’s the subject!! What’s good and works for one is not always for everyone. Use what works best for you. If the ear syringe works for you, use it! At 52, I’ve used a litle pink “Tiny Kit” for years bought at CVS. It holds a pint of liquid and is great for traveling so I’m always fresh and clean from coast to coast!!
    Thanks Stephan and A4A on tackling subjects that others won’t talk about! Have a Merry Christmas and to all a Good Night!!! That is if you are “good” and “clean”! :)

  • If giving advise on sexual behaviour its best to consult a medical professional!! Diet is the best way of keeping the colen clean, fiber and lots of veggies and fruits.. You don’t need to use chemicals to cleanse it out.. Secound just useing a wet wipe doesn’t Clean your hole! Antibacteria soap and lots of scrubbing, but still Rimming can be very unhealty and is univised now days. Rimming any hole can put you at the risk of Hepititis A,B,C intestinal parasites of all kinds, even HPV! If you are a rimmer you need to get your Hep and HPV shots!! Now when using all types of cleansors it can put your body at risck to infections, as the natural defenses are damaged. Also be sure to clean your toys / syringes after use or you can put new bacteria in your colon . Just use common sence and you will live a healthier life! These are just a few of many things left out of there advise on anal health!

  • I agree with every person that commented an ear syringe is going to help only if your partner is small. My partner is 9″ and there is no way that would work for us, large cocks go deeper and no one needs that unpleasantness. Avoiding eating for a few hours will not work either. I’ve used a shower cleanser for years with no side effects and my doctor is good about checking me anally. I think telling bottoms that an ear syringe will do the trick is going to provide some unpleasant sexual experiences out there. Thanks to the doctor who said using enemas are not harmful – I hear far too many tops unhappy with unclean bottoms. And if using any of the ass cleaning equipment is really harmful, stop letting companies advertise those products on your site!

  • I totally disagree with the use of an ear syringe! Come on, if you’re going to use something, you might as well use an enema bottle…if you don’t want to use the chemicals already in the bottle, then yes, dump it out, put some warm water in there and douche away. I was given — as a gift, no less — an enema bag and hose/nozzle kit and I use it whenever I’m going to bottom, which is occasionally (I’m versatile so not all the time obviously). I am not addicted to it, I’m not noticing my body “craving” an enema in order to take a dump and I’m certainly not getting sick or having more painful bowel movements because some of the mucous I’m flushing out of my body along with any fecal material is gone. Ridiculous!

    I do think that Eric’s idea of one’s final douche with sugar water to be problematic. True, we’re not women and the odds of any sort of yeast infection is probably slim to nil, but I don’t think it’s a very good idea to give any sort of bacterium (good or bad) left in the rectum any sort of medium in which to feed/grow…and yes, sugar water would do just that.

    Like others, I will always make sure my backdoor’s as clean as a whistle since there will always be guys who want to rim or finger my ass, use toys, and fuck me (of course) and I would never want to give them an unpleasant experience. Happy Holidays everyone…hope you get some! ;)

  • Can you write an article on pretty/ugly asses because they both totally exist. Some guys have the ugliest asses and it’s such a turn off! I’ve seen bumps, stretch marks, spots from boils and all that crap makes my dick go limp… So please write something to teach these guys how to take care of the outside ass cheeks so they can be nice and pretty…

  • My hubby is very large but after 25 yrs he can go to town on my hole. I recomend a shower douches/enemas kit, They sell one here on adam4adam. I hop in the shower real quick before he wakes up and I’m clean for him every morning,.
    I have neve had any problems with rinsing over and over again until clean. This is wat I recomend,

  • Ok, I realize that not everyone has a big dick. But the last thing I want is for my cock to come out smelling like shit. Please guys I beg you, if your coming near my 10 inches with you ass, please take atleast an hour slowly and gently cleaning out your asses. I understand we all have our mishaps but if you shit on my bed and my dick your ass is out the door with the shit being slung at you.

    Also as a courtesy tell the top if you haven’t douched, if all else tell me you want shower sex. Ok I’m done. Everyone have a merry christmas and happy new year

    Devin Moss

  • I have a gay doctor and it makes a world of difference to have someone who truly understands my lifestyle. Plus he has been my primary physician for over 10 years now. Douching is a must as a preparation to anal sex. I do realize it is time consuming but truly makes the whole experience so worth it when you and your partner are clean. I wouldn’t have anal sex any other way. At the same time I am realistic and know that sex is messy at times but any attempt to keep your anal canal clean while having anal sex is a good thing for both partners. I too concur one should explore your anus to really know how it can behave and with time one can really control this muscle for additional pleasure for the bottom and top. Believe me the time you take to educate yourself and your partner the better sex in general will be. After all, it is about having fun too. Enjoy!

  • Someone on this column above asked about the risk of colon cancer by having anal penetration.. The is no risk for colon cancer due to anal sex but there is a big risk of anal cancer (the type Farraw Fawcett got and brought her to the grave)
    Anal cancer is pass when the top has papillona virus warts on his penis or anywhere near the genitals.. These warts can be raised shaped or flat on the skin of the penis(you don’t see them thru the naked eye)two types of papillona warts are cancerous: (86 and another number)if a guy has them and you get fucked these will be transmitted to your anus without even notice soooo the better protection of all is to wear a thick condom when fucking…. always!!

  • YES this is a very good topic. What I like to add is do not just colon cleansing to offten for it can damage you colon and cause the damage part to be remove.

  • This blog is useful but does not tell about what types of infection we can get. i only thought the usual std’s were the only risks.

  • Great tips….I have been learning a lot of stuff on my own. This is a great way to learn how to enjoy anal sex while you are taking care of your butt

  • Eric seems to be making this thing a fine art, yes we need to be clean but all of what he does is really not necessary, every top should be prepared for some unpleasantness at times, I am versatile and know what can happen no one should have to put them self thorough all of that for sex. The truth is you should really be using condoms because the anus was not made for sex, we love it yes, but its was no made for that. Make sure that you empty your bowels before sex and wash properly. Too much douching is really not good for back there.

  • Foul ball a4a…this is not a medically-recommended procedure to follow. Nor did U address the issue that many bottoms use a douche attachment to their shower hose. Thank god i’m a top and don’t have to worry about this procedure…but be real as well

  • would love to find the old time high colonic. What I have read takes an hour and leaves your very clean. I live in small town and not any around that I can find.

  • OMG, this is a terrific article. Have been topping for years but have been exploring bottoming for the past couple of years and need all the advice i can get. Thanks A4A and everyone who posted resourceful, informational comments.

  • anyone that does not know this should not be bottoming!

  • ok i’m a 22yo bottom and , i’ve always been afraid to douche my self…, so before having sex (an hour or 30 minutes) go to the restroom, let “that” go out, and later i use lube on my finger to clean some parts that may still there… but every time i use my finger with lube, i notice somithing like mocus come off..
    do i’m doing this Right? is it ok use my finger with lube?

    been doing this for the past 2 years and never has any accidents, my partners always have an smile when they remove the condom from my ass.

    a responce weould we aprecaite it :)

  • Cuteass, using your finger with lube is OK – IF you are careful not to scratch your anus. This topic was presented under the larger topic of HIV prevention.

    In regards to douching and HIV, you want to keep your anus from being too dry, scratched, or irritated in any way. And, as you must already know, condoms will keep you safest.

    The reason for extreme caution regarding douching is that during anal sex cum (and pre-cum) that is HIV-infected can come into contact with fragile and porous tissue (that is much more porous when dried out due to flooding with water during douching) in the anus.

    The mucus you see on your finger after cleaning is most likely healthy bacteria that comes from the mucosal lining of your anus and is part of the anus’s natural lubrication.

    To be safe and ensure that what you see is healthy lubrication and not something like chlamydia, I recommend a visit to your doctor, ask him for a full STD screening.

    Make sure he tests (usually a swab sample) your butt and throat for chlamydia, many doctors ignore your throat and butt when doing STD screening.

  • A thought experiment http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thought_experiment

    Two uninfected men are barebacking. Is it true or false one or both can get HIV ?

    True ….
    False ….

  • I always douche before anal sex, but it does take time. So a note to the tops: you want it NOW, it’s going to be messy. Give us bottoms some time to prepare, and you’ll have lots of clean fun.

  • Brian.. thats true… lol
    many tops ask, NOW.. but reality is.. we the bottom need time to clean our selfs..i always take at last 30 minutes to do the whol;e process..

    so.. may bottoms are getting fuckd after the club etc.. so i guess there must be a nasty ending!.

    so yes Tops pls give us some time and make sure to ask your partners to clean their self b4 sex :)

  • Thezak – True, if there is infected sperm in the bottom or infected mucus on the top, from a preceding bareback fuck. But the uninfected fluids of bareback participants on their own can’t magically produce infection, of course.

  • Couldnt agree more with that, very attractive article

  • +1 ))

  • Wild conversation & very interesting comments! As with any other preparation for sexual activity, it’s really in the eye (or in this case, ass) of the beholder. If your cleansing methods have worked for you on a regular basis with no unpleasant side-effects or health issues, then it stands to reason that the age-old creed should come to mind: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Seriously, making drastic changes to how you clean out can have a detrimental effect to a digestive system that’s already made itself aware of these periodic alterations due to the sexual activity.

    Now if what you’re doing or the products you’re using have NOT been working (e.g. you’re never 99.999% clean, rectal pain, intestinal issues, infections, etc.), but you’ve decided to just “man up” and deal with it, I have one word for you: STOP!! Time for a change dude! This is sex, one of the most beautiful and amazing things two human beings can do with each other – even if it’s just a one-time late-night fuck, LOL. Take the time to visit a physician who deals with these kinds of issues and that you’re comfortable with! If you know you like to take dick, there should be no reason why you shouldn’t be able to prepare for it effectively and with safe, feasible methods.

    FYI, the ear syringe works for me. This is coupled with a mindful food intake that day, thorough but gentle rectal cleansing, and enough time to let the lower intestine readjust after flushing it – it’s a rope of absorbent muscle, gentlemen, not a rubber band; treat it with respect and time. And for the record, the last guy I played around with was a healthy (and curved) 9-incher. One of the compliments I got (besides being a great fuck, ha!) was how I was “so clean.” His words, not mine :-).

    **PS – Remember that the rectum itself is a tough but sensitive bundle of tissue not unlike your lips. In the same way your smackers can get dry & cracked if not properly moisturized, so too can your hole. A VERY small fingering of Cocoa Butter to help the re-moisturizing process is not a bad idea ((NOTE: In case folks forgot, NEVER EVER use Cocoa Butter, Vaseline, or any other Non-Water Based Lubricant for safe sex. Water or Silicone Based products ONLY, guys!! I say Cocoa Butter as the final step in CLEANSING b/c it helps return the rectum to its natural state & is absorbed quickly. And remember that there should be at LEAST an hour’s time between that and playtime.))

    Good luck, and happy humping :-) !

  • For new people like me, when we are bottoming are we supposed to squeeze our ass when we’re being penetrated to give the top more pleasure?

  • Jazz what kinds of crappy men have you been with, so sorry stud come over to my cave and you will never leave unsatisfied or having to releave yourself.

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