23 Dec 2010

sex toy: the masturbation sleeve

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I’m usually not into sex toys but i have to say that this one is kinda fun. The Masturbator Sleeve allows you to place your cock through the long casing and use the power of a Wand massager to turn the masturbation sleeve into a vibrating toy. The sleeve also has nubs on the inside for additional stimulation. Unlike most male masturbation devices, this sleeve allows you to use the speed and power of a wand massager for additional pleasures. When you start it, you can’t stop it, it’s just a matter of a few minutes and you will have a great orgasm ! Enjoy !


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  • How does it work on an intact (uncut) penis? And, does it come in larger sizes? because that appears to be quite a small penis in the picture.

  • Guy4AD8 : Same way as cut penis. Its one size and does not need to wrap all your penis. I tried it and it’s nice, and i’ve got 8 inches 🙂

  • No offense, but who cares if it doesn’t cater to uncut penises, LMAO. 🙂

  • found your site online today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later

  • I’ve never liked the sensation of vibrating toys around my anal area, perineum, nut sack, dick shaft and head, up my butt (including against my prostate). Non vibrating stimulation feels great, to me, in all those areas.
    My favorite way to masturbate and cum even with sex with my partner, is too use both hands so I can cover all the territory from my nut sack to my dick head, It feels good and ads pleasure to masturbating when I rub my shaft.
    My questions are, can you masturbate by hand using the sleeve and can you use it on your dick head? Seems if it were long enough to include the head of your dick, since the sleeve has all those stimulating little nubs, it would greatly increase the sensations.
    Anyone else have those thoughts?

  • Looks hot to use. Might be easier to use with someone tho.

  • This electric masturbation sleeve will be less tiredness. Thank you!

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