25 Jan 2011

Stories: Nature boy…

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Ever since I was very young I have loved walking in the woods. The smell of the cypress, the sounds of the wind in the trees, and the occasional animal siting would always make me happy. I was raised in Louisiana and our house, the first in a new development, was surrounded by swamp. My friends and I would go swimming almost every day after school in the summer. We often would just throw off our pants and swim in our ‘tighty whities’.

One of our favorite games was to run along the shore upstream and then just float down stream to the swimming hole. The stream where we swam was almost always ours alone, but everyone in a while the bigger kids would show up just to make fun of us. Once in a while they would chase us off and take over the swimming hole. There was this one kid, Justin, that always seemed to stare at me, regardless of what was going on. I had no clue why, and assumed it was because I was the skinny kid and an easy target for an older skinny kid. Justin was a year or so older then me and real quiet. His friends would pick on him if he did not join in with them when they teased us. I could tell he did not want to tease us, but he always did when they push him into it.

One day I was running along the shore going to float down stream when I noticed something on the ground, something that looked like a dirty magazine. I reached down and, for the first time, saw a hard dick inside a pussy. I was amazed at how big it was and seeing it half inside and half outside a pussy was mesmerizing to me. I wondered if my dick would ever get that big and what it felt like to put it in somebody. I had just turned 18 and has seen guys naked in the locker room but never really paid much attention to them, and never saw one of them hard. My dick was still pretty small, actually everything about me was skinny or small, so I never really imagined that a dick could be so big.

Just as I was about to drop the magazine page and jump in the stream I saw Justin. He was staring at my dick, which I realized was hard as a rock, it was poking straight out inside my tighty whities. I was freaked and started to run but he yelled “Stop” and I did. It was then I noticed he was hard too and was rubbing it from the outside of his jeans. I could not believe my eyes, the bulge in his pants looked huge, like the dick in the picture. Now it was me that was staring. I was paralyzed, standing there just watching him rub his hard dick. He said, “come on” and turned to walk down a side path. I did not move, I couldn’t move, and my dick was so hard it almost hurt. He stopped, looked back, and shouted even louder, “I mean it, come on”. I knew then I had no choice so I followed him. It seemed we were going forever, and I was being hit by branches as he would just let them go in front of me. My feet were being cut and I started to get welts over my legs from the branches.

He got far enough ahead of me to where I could not see him, I could just hear him up ahead, then there was nothing, not a sound. I took a couple of steps forward, wondering if I should run back, and then I saw him, standing there, with his pants down around his shoes and his dick shooting straight toward me. He looked at me and just said “suck it”. “No way” I said. Without saying a word he grabbed my underwear, pulled them down and put his mouth on my soft dick.

I could not believe how good it felt, the warm wet feeling, the slow movement of his lips around my dick. Before I knew what was happening I shot my hot cum in his mouth. He responded by grabbing my butt and pushing my dick all the way down his throat as I came over and over again.

He stood up, took me by the shoulders and pushed me down on my knees saying, “my turn”. I opened my mouth to suck his dick and I could smell his musty, low hanging balls. Before I knew what was happening he grabbed the back of my head and forced his dick down my throat. I started to gag, but he did not care, he actually seemed to like it more when I did. He grabbed me by the sides of my face and started to force his dick down my throat, then he would take it completely out of my mouth, only to shove it all the way down my throat again. It was all I could do to get my breath, then with no warning at all, he grabbed the back of my head again, and pushed his dick down my throat with all his weight. His balls were under my chin and my face smashed in his pubs. His balls got tight and I knew he was about to cum, I tried to back away, I did not want his cum in my mouth, but the more I pulled away the harder he held my mouth over his dick. Then I felt his dick erupt, and tasted the hot cum in the back of my throat. One, two, three shots of cum… it seemed to be endless and hit the back of my throat with so much force that it almost hurt. I wanted to spit it out but there was no way, he just kept coming and my only choice was to swallow. At first I gaged again, but then I realized I kind of liked the feeling of his throbbing dick in my mouth, and the taste of his cum. Once he was done he pushed my back and I fell on my butt. He said. “tell anyone and your dead”. He pulled up his pants and just walked away.

The next time I saw Justin he was staring at my friend Gary in the same way he would stare at me. I wanted to do it again with him but he never even looked at me. Justin and I never ‘did it’ again but I have played out our session many times with many men. There is nothing I like better then to be somebody’s cock sucker in the woods….


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