17 Jan 2011

Stories: Send us your sexy stories !

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Hey guys !

Many of you seem to like our sexy “Stories” posts because you send us a lot of comments and emails regarding this topic. So we came out with the idea of posting YOUR stories ; We want you to participate in our blog by sending us your sexy stories ! Please send us your stories at blog@adam4adam.com and also tell us if you would like your a4a name to appear or prefer to stay anonymous.



2 comments for Stories: Send us your sexy stories !

  • would like to post some stories

  • I love the fact you are tackling so many issues here that are important to our community, and the erotic stories are hot, too. I was wondering if you could put together a story on one-sided sex. I recently met a guy here, dated and liked him a lot, but the sex was so one sided. And I was left feeling very insecure about the whole situation. Long story longer, it ended but I still have questions but very few answers. It would be nice to hear others share their stories and maybe get a little insight into someone who is so sexually selfish. Your thoughts

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