16 Feb 2011

Stories: Cocksucking Neighbor for Dinner

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For years I lived in the city, and loved it, but to move ahead in business I had to make some sacrifices. I have been in sales all my life, and I needed a place where I could entertain clients and the boss. With that in mind I moved to the suburbs.

My neighborhood is very quiet, which is one of the reasons I moved here. Everyone minds their own business, the lawns are nice and green, and everything is well manicured. It’s a real ‘keep up with the Jones’  kind of place. The development is new, and many homes are still vacant.

For about three months, each Monday I would set my trash out for pick up and look at the empty house across the street, that is until last month when a young couple moved in. They arrived with a small truck, and not nearly enough furniture to fill the house. I assumed they were newlyweds or something like that. About a week after they moved in I heard yelling out front. I peeked out the window and saw the young woman leaving the house with boxes in her hands. Her husband was out front, half-dressed standing next to another man as she drove off.

The next Monday I was taking my trash out just as he was, we waved, he set his trash barrel down and walked over, looking rather guilty. He started to apologize for ‘all the yelling’, I stopped him and told him that I only heard it once, the day he and his girlfriend were out front. He explained that she was his wife and that they were now separated. I expressed my sympathy but he seemed relieved more than upset. Realizing for the first time that he was actually great looking,  I told him that I would like to have him over for dinner one night. We exchanged numbers.

A couple of nights later I was coming home from work and noticed someone pulling into his drive way. It was a good looking jock type, in sweats, texting on his iPhone as he walked towards the house. My neighbor, Craig, opened the door in his bath robe. The guys’ car was there until about midnight and then it was gone.

 I could not stop thinking about this, wondering what was going on. I decided that it was time to call Craig up and invite him to dinner.

 We made plans for Friday night, he was to come over at 6:30. As usually happens I got stuck at work and did not make it home until 5:30, really too late to cook, so I called Craig and told him it would be a delivery dinner and that it would be very casual, he did not seem to mind.

 He rang my door bell right on time. When I opened the door he was in sweat pants and a polo, just like me. I called and ordered Chinese, and we started to chat. It turns out he is from Texas and moved here to be closer to his family. He said his wife moved out because she did not want to leave Texas and resented moving so far away. He was looking down the entire time we talked about his wife and I felt there must be more to the story. I told him I was single and that work kept me from relationships as I traveled all the time. I noticed that he was going through the wine quick and it was starting to show just as the food arrived.

 After dinner I kept noticing him rubbing his crotch and going to the bathroom a lot. I assumed it was the wine, but after the second bottle, I quickly found out it was something much more!

 He started asking me about who I dated, when the last time I got laid was, and where I meet women. Every time I tried to move the conversation away from women he would bring it back. Asking me really personal questions like what position I liked best, and if I was an ass man or not. Finally I decided that I need to just tell him I was gay and I waited for the opportunity.

Just as I was about to tell him, after he asked me where the best place to get laid was, he spilled his wine. Luckily it was just on the table, and his glass was almost empty. I stood up and went over to his side of the table and started to wipe up the wine, when he just reached out and grabbed my dick! I freaked – totally freaked out. Before I had time to respond he had my sweat pants down and my cock in his mouth, sucking it like a pro!

 I was hard as a rock right away, and the harder I got, the deeper he took it. I stood there, in the dining room with my pants down and my cock in his mouth, loving it. I tried to reach down and jerk his dick, but he stopped my hand and moved it to the side of his face. He wanted me to fuck his face! Always the people pleaser, I fucked his face, hard!

 It wasn’t long before my cum was shooting down his throat. Just as my dick stopped spurting cum, he grabbed his dick, jerked it a few times, pushed my cock out of his mouth, stood up and shot his load all over my dining room table.  

After he came, I took his hand, walked him to the bedroom, we cuddled for a few minutes and then fell fast asleep.

 I love my neighborhood even more now that I get take out and a great blow job on a regular basis!


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