2 Feb 2011

Adam4Adam’s ethnicity distribution

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Hey guys!

Here’s some interesting stats that I thought I would pass along. The data was pulled today from our website’s database (worldwide data). It shows what Adam4Adam members have selected for the “ethnicity” question in their profile description page. Interesting eh ? My preference is black and white… Lot’s of choice for me 🙂

Pacific Islander 1%  
Middle Eastern 1%  
American Indian 1%  
Other Ethnicity 3%  
Asian 4%  
Mix 8%  
Latino 15%  
Black 23%  
White 45%  


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  • Wow…. I have always wondered about this. Very interesting stats.

  • Hey Dave.
    Two quick questions:

    1. I thought that white was a race?
    2. How do we get additional ethnicities listed? Would a petition do the trick or is there a simpler way?


  • Christophe, ethnicity/race, same thing !
    send your suggestion to support@adam4adam.com !

  • The result of the stats don’t suprise me at all. If you go in the change city section and look at different regions, you can see clearly that these stats are pretty much on point.

  • haha..native amrican…1%.
    guess i’m a rare breed.

  • You guys should also do a distribution for different role preferences (top vers/top vers vers/bttm and bttm). Everyone says there are a lot more bottoms out there then tops, just curious as to how many.

  • I wonder what the actual percent of each ethnicity is actually on adam4adam?!?

  • Dave,

    No, not really. http://www.diffen.com/difference/Ethnicity_vs_Race

  • I’d like to suggest that members be given the option not to specify an ethnicity–just as we have already have the option not to specify our dick size, zodiac sign, HIV status and other factors.

    In any case, thank you for a great site.

  • @NotGonnaSay:

    I’m not sure how popular that would be, given that if one posts a photo, you can sort of figure out their ethnicity. Not all the time, of course, but why omit something one could figure out anyway?

  • @LUCA, I don’t think the results would be accurate at all. Many guys are ashame to admit some times they bottom behind closed doors.

  • If a guy doesn’t post a photo, or keeps his photo blocked, and his race wasn’t listed then no one would know his race until he revealed it. I would be interested to see how many hits an ad would get if the race wasn’t known. Some guys are open minded to dating outside of their race, but reading the ads you see many are not too.

  • A4A should publish more of these stats. I think its really interesting. For example ages is one I want to see. Also, drinkers vs non drinkers. Drinking, drug use and smoking is rampant among same gender loving men.

  • If you can figure it out then why bother putting it on there in the first place? I think you should be able to opt out of answering any of those questions. If someone is curious about about something that you didn’t answer, it’ll only encourage more chatting. Gee….there’s a radical thought.
    I’d like to see a site like this but without having superficial stats like race, age, political slant, zodiac sign?!?!wtf…, drug use, all that stuff…we don’t walk around with signs hanging off us in real life saying “Hi, I’m 20″….why have it here?
    It’s trashy imo.

  • What I would like to know is what ‘Mixed’ is. It seems like anytime someone lists themselves as mixed they are black. When did it become so horrible to be black that people have to say mixed?

    As loosely as people seem to use the term, everyone would be mixed.

  • @Rex I think that comes with any kind of study you do. Its kinda sad that men feel the need to lie so much. Surprisingly though a lot people say bottoms out number the tops out there so I don’t think it would be much of an issue. Seems like everybody is looking to get fucked. lol

  • These are just “official” stats from Adam4Adam, not a national official census. And even so, there are thousands of people that are not counted due form fear of social and politics, and those that didn’t care about. There are the orientals; Chinese,Vietnamese,Laoztanians,Taiwanese,Koreans,Burmanians, Tasmanians, Fijians,etc. Which they may fall into either Pacific Islanders and Orientals, and yet still unaccounted.
    And yet let’s remember one important fact: Nobody has the chance to elect where to be born, nor what race,nationality, faith group, etc. We are just born as it happens in Nature. No animal has the chance to select into what to be born.

  • i’m glad i’m included in the stats…. hahaha. should i say more?

  • i thought we replaced “Orientlas” with Asian a long time ago!

    The Stats are interesting. I assumed the percentage of Blacks would be higher than it was, though as for American gay profile portals, lacks use this much more than say other websites.

    I’m also guessing its where you live in the world..Chicago where I am, of course plenty of black guys, Idaho..not so much

    While A4A accepts all, you can through its banner ads that they are gently targeting blacks, latinos and those who admire them 😉

    Thats why im still hocked to see white guys on here that say “sorry not into black guys” the website has a lot of blacks and latino men, they know what they are getting into (so to speak) when they sign up

  • Orientals, Arnold? You’re really out of touch. The only thing oriental are rugs.

  • Thanks for posting the distribution. I’m a statistics nerd, so I got a kick out of seeing the breakdown.

    I would also, as someone else said, like to see the breakdowns of all the different categories: top, vers, btm, et al, drug use, smoking, drinking, safe only, anything goes, etc. Statistical analysis like this is just for fun and should be taken with a grain of salt.

    I also, unlike another poster, really appreciate the ethnicity factor being available. I like to use the search engine and the more search options the better. Call me superficial!

    Keep up the good work.

  • I dont remember seeing the pole online. Thus the stats can’t be a fair representation of what A4A users are looking for.

  • Jon, its not a pole, its stats…when u register u need to mention your origin and stuff….this is where it comes from…

  • These stats can’t be that accurate because most of the black and latino guys check mixed for some reason. I would love to actually know why one day. Does that up the chances of being contacted? And if so, is that always a good thing? LOL

    Your nationality is not your race; if your parents are of the same race, you are not mixed. If you’re one of those folks going back generations (which is unnecessary), then technically all Americans are some type of mix, right? Just be proud of who/what you are!

  • i wanna see whose top and whose bottom

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