5 Feb 2011

Hot or Not ? : The Peters Twins

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I’m pretty sure that this “HOT or NOT?” will get lots of comments…

I personally think that they are hot but individually (lol) and that they have amazing bodies (similar to mine for those interested ….) But I find it “funny” to see them together or even seing them on each other… But that’s just me ! So this week, I just received those exclusive photos of them together, playing with each other and it gave me the idea of asking you : The Peters twins,  Hot or Not ?


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  • I think it is really hot two see to brother’s go at it

  • Hot, alone and together!

  • you damn right they hot damn how can i get in on that lol

  • Just another couple of boring hairless Eurotwinks. Yawn. Nice dicks, though!

  • These are the hottest twins i have every seen, matter of fact they are the only twins I have seem necked, but looking forward to seeing more hot picture.

  • They’ve done more than that to each other…the Dec 2010 Bel Ami video that was released had them barebacking each other. Even their most recent video has them 69ing as each gets fucked by a top. They’re pretty wild….

    I’ve heard people complain about it being incest and sick and wrong…whatever. They’ve made the choice and clearly they’re okay with it. And it would be a lie to say that they aren’t among Bel Ami’s most popular models. So if Bel Ami has no problem with it…why should anyone else?

  • Individually, they’re not the hottest guys (still good-looking, though), but I kind of have a weak spot for twins, especially them, since they’re willing to fuck each other. I’m not advocating incest, it is kind of weird, but it is hot. It’s probably more the “double vision” that makes it hot than anyone actually fantasizing about sex with a sibling.

    I’m not convinced one way or the other concerning the morality of it, but they at least seem to enjoy it. I’d never consider sex with my brother, but, if I could make a same-age clone of myself, I’d fuck me. They’re not hurting anyone, and it’s not like straight incest where they could end up producing some totally screwed up child. I was raised fairly strictly (yay, Catholic school sex ed), but really my belief now is that if it’s consensual and no one is getting hurt there’s no reason you shouldn’t be allowed to do something.

    They’re unashamed enough to do it in front of the camera, and I do find them together to be kind of hot. Why stop now?

  • I’m not incestual, but yeah, HOT!!!

  • Having sex with my brother or brothers (I have three other brothers…lol!) doesn’t appeal to me what-so-ever but watching other brothers…especially TWINS, toping each other turns me on like crazy. Go figure huh? so yes, I think the Peter Twin are hot!!!

  • Incest is by far the hottest thing in porn. I would like to see a porn with a real life father and son having sex….i think it would be hot to have a hidden camera in a sons bedrrom or a dads bedroom.
    Gay porn in general has a LONG way to go to catch up to our straight counterparts. Gay porn has yet to have any REAL bukkake, ass to mouth, gangbang creampies, and teen fetish. Straight porn ALWAYS pushes the envelope – gay porn need to catch up and FINALLY have some taboo. It would be hot to see twins and there dad. It would be hot to see a dad jacking off on camera desribing his underage sons.

  • i think they are hot but separate

  • I don’t find them especially attractive individually, but the whole twin thing is undeniably hot! The fact that they’re brothers is a little bizarre, but really no more than a straight performer going “gay for pay”: Doubt seriously that the Peters play together when there isn’t a camera trained on them. And as far as the incest charges go, that’s really relative to the dangers of those with close blood ties procreating; obviously ain’t happening here.

  • Well it is incest but no baby is going to be a result of there incestual relationship. When you talk to people that are honest about their childhood, you will find out that this is a lot more common on the downlow than most people would like to admit.

  • It is like a mirror come to life, they just have the real thing to play with…

  • Well yes the guys are hot, even after the novelty wore off. I can say that i was kinda turned on in the beginning, but now I have a problem with watching two brothers having sex. Being a twin myself I never thought about being naked with my brother, let alone having sex. If you think it’s weird just think how straight people feel when the subject of same sex acts takes place. We all know it can be a mind scrambler for sure. But I couldn’t live without it.

  • I didn’t say it wasn’t incest. I said that the twins have made their choice and are living with it. And you’re right, there’s no child involved.

  • Totally fucking hot. Two siblings fucking each and who would know better on how to make the other organism!

  • freaking incredible, i adore these boys.
    BRAVO to breaking taboo, last time i checked that was called ART

  • I agree with you they are hot but not into seeing them do each other.

  • I would have to say hot. I think it has more to deal with their physical appearance. That appearance overwhelms the senses and the thought of incest is but a fleeting thought. If I were that hot and had a twin that was that hot and we were gay and ok with it. I would be fucking the hell out of him and vice versa.


  • Yes, it’s incest. Yes, that’s part of what I find “hot.”

    Still, considering that they are of the same age, it is doubtful there is sibling abuse, and as stated are no birth risks. From what is reported to us, they are cool with their unique situation, and the only dangers are that of our public opinions. We don’t know the details of their childhoods, not that we should. Any wrongness is speculation on our part, and exclusive on theirs.

    Personally, I think they’re hot separately and even more so when together. I could not imagine such for myself, but I did not grow up with the reality a twin brother. If you asked me today, “If you had a consenting twin, would you wanna fuck?” I would give a resounding “Yes.”

    Most (but not all ^_^) gay brothers that I have been acquainted with would strongly disagree with me there. The few who didn’t were a lot more fun.

  • super hot…wouldn’t mind doing it to both of them. lol

  • I think it would be hotter if they looked more like they were enjoying it. Smiling and laughter I think should be part of intimacy. Taking oneself too seriously is a turn-off to me especially when playing around.

  • first of all i am not a big fan of the whole euro twink bad accent while trying to speak the same old words in English over and over again. they (the twins) as a set are very attractive as for the whole brother on brother thing. (this is going to really nerdy. lol)think in European terms not liberal Victorian american terms. twins here in the states are seen as two separate entities in two bodies. in Europe twins are often seen as extension of their identities, one person in two bodies.
    in high school i didn’t find my brother hot but it didnt stop me from dreaming about and playing with his friends on the team. lol

  • Im a twin, identical, but would never have sex with my other half. He is str8. The idea of hot twins do turn me on though. those two are perfection!

  • They are both delicious…. I would love a threesome with them!

  • They are hot in “premise”, killer bods, but when you really get a good look at them, for the standard that is Bel Ami, these guys are kind of butterface. Don’t look at their faces and they are totally all that.

  • I wouldn’t look at either one individually- but twin bros fucking each other- instant hard on… Even tho idea of ANYTHING with my brother grosses me out to wretching….

  • bkblatino: same for me… sex with my brother: i would puke! Even if he is a very handsome man !

  • Totally hot.

  • I agree Rory. See above. totally hot.

  • Hell, yeah they’re hot. I saw two twins naked in gym shower.. they were very hot… always wondered about that… nothing happened except in my mind (for many private sessions!), but these two bring it closer to life for me!!

  • They are hot.. But kinda creepy…. heard of brotherly love but they take it to a whole new weird universe

  • They are incredibly hot would love to see more brothers having sex it is a wild turn on!!!

  • while the idea of twin brothers are hot, having seen one of their films doing each other, they are not hot, nice bodies, nice dicks, but faces are trainwrecks

  • Their bodies are to faked out, very few people these days…even with the best bodies…are that extreme…it’s just not attractive! Also, I’ve seen much better faces, I’ve seen their vids and they are boring…it’s like they are just sitting there thinking “what should we do next?” Incest is hot, but these two dudes are NOT!

    Also, whoever referred to them as “twinks” needs to understand the definition of a “twink.” These guys are muscle boys, they are not “twinks”…

  • Dayvid: they are very slim to be muscle boys…
    I have a similar body and dont consider myself as a muscle boy but more like a twink… or muscle twink. lol

  • hot, but i’ve never seen them fuck each other!!

  • Hot yet slightly disturbing.

  • I grew up with three brothers and I could not imagine being in any sort of sexual position with them. Yes, these two are hot and all but seeing them together blowing each other and fucking is so fucking creepy to me. I mean, my dick literally went limp. So yeah, individually they have great bodies but they are not that cute, and they fuck each other which is bizarre.

  • What’s with all the “Traditional Values” morality shit? It’s 2 hot guys having sex. That they’re twins just makes it a bit unique (and a little hotter too 😉

  • Gregory, that’s my opinion, can I have my opinion ?
    thaaaank you !

  • Very hot seeing them together. As long as both parties are of legal age, gay incest is a total turn on. Would take part myself without hesitation.

  • Yeah baby they are HOT! they have bodys built like michelangelo created them him self, throw in the fact that they are twins… WOOO!

  • Very Hot…I would not mind a three way, they would probably cum multiple times…The chemistry is very nice, never had a brother but wish I knew twins…..

  • HOT together is the best way never anything wrong with love.

  • Definitely hot! Has anyone ever seen the Brazilian twins titled bananas(or something like that) on porn some years ago, they will blow these boys right off the map.

  • Have to agree and echo the sentiments of “NOT” on here……

    I’m NOT into kids at ALL…..they do nothing for me, but as everything in life, we ALL our likes and dislikes…….

    To me? Emo Euro trash………

  • Siblings, and better even, Twins is so unbeleivable sexy to
    me. I have a Czech video of identical twins that is mind-
    blowing. It’s Gay Narcissism to the Nth degree. Just think to
    yourself….it it were me…and tell me then you don’t think
    the concept is STEAMING!

  • The peters twins defintely HOT

  • i think hot brother on brother keeping in family i think it awsome

  • Being the meat in the middle with twins is on my (B)Fuckit list. They are hot, just wish they were hairy Colt Studs.

  • I think they are both hot together or individually or add a third and get things really hot.

  • you know, i’ve kind of gotten over my hangups with the fact that they’re twins. that’s whatever to me. i don’t care.

    what i don’t like (and this is why i don’t really like bel ami in general) is that there’s way too much porn face going on with these guys. i don’t know, like they’re trying to hard or something. the peters twins have great bodies, but i’ll have a nice leo geomani or an erik rhodes over them any day.

  • totally hot

  • They are only if they are fucking around together

  • Knew twins who got it on a lot thru college. Some say twins are very close and sensitive to one another. These guys stayed together into college and maybe some after. And there is NO chance of conception..so brothers..if consensual totally (I mean it) and interest, liking…why not?!


  • Yes they are damn hot. As far as incest, in gay life it does not follow the straight life rules. Incest is a matter of social standards of straight life, if they like or love each other that much, and we like seeing them, then incest is not an issue to think about. They remind me of two family members i have been with, and they bring back those good memories. Who are we to say that it is such a bad label of a thing.

  • Bob, nobody said it’s bad…. I just personally think it’s a bit creapy/gross, but that’s my opinion. Your opinion is as valid as mine and you need to respect that !

  • To me, it’s hot to see them either individually/with another guy or with each other. They have a good physique and looks (except both of them have small cocks), although I tend to lean forward a rugged “all-american”, little dark-skinned type.

  • wish that was my mouth and toungue in action !!!!!!!!!

  • totally hot.. any guy has fantasized about this at least once

  • Yeah is defenely Hot very hot …I love incest and that kind of things is very sexy

  • A little on the creepy side. Wonder what their mother thinks? EW!

  • Not hot, AT ALL! They’re brothers and not to sound like a bleeding heart (even though I’m going to), they’re probably from some impoverished country and being used like this by some fat, bald, 50 yr old to make a good life in America. How is that different from trafficking? I mean, they may be willing, but that just makes this more disturbing.

    They’re nice looking guys and have great bodies…SEPARATELY!

  • I agree with Tom – the societal taboo with regard to incest is because of the high probability of resultant children being retarded or born with other defects (plus the fact that a fair amount of incest is non-consensual). Identical twins of either gender can’t possibly have children together, and it’s pretty obvious that what they’re doing is consensual, so I really don’t see the problem. Those two are HOT. As long as they’re willing to do it, I’m more than willing to watch 😉

  • My buddy said they go to the same gym like me (BBC in Prague), personally I don’t like them, I think they’re straight and doing it just for money.. if u look at the way they have sex together

  • In case anyone is interested, there is an interview with George Duroy, who is the founder/owner of Bel Ami, on the Fleshbot website (search on the “gay” tab), ?He talks about many things, but does make a point to address the situation with the Peters Twins and what he knows of their relationship off-camera, too. Pretty interesting on many levels. 🙂

  • I am a twin and have to say that I would never and could never look at my brother in a sexual way even if he was gay this is like a father fooling around with his daughter or son in my mind FAMILY DOESN’T PLAY WITH FAMILY!

  • They are sick & crazy twins! How can you fuck your own brother!

  • German, ok, im not the only one thinking that way, few !! lol

  • They just look like another couple of hairless cookie cutter 20 something white guys to me. Yawn. Haven’t we seen enough of those? Also I don’t think their faces are that handsome. Kind of strange looking

  • Of course they are hot! And just not in pictures. I live in Fort Lauderdale and saw them perform at one of the local stripper clubs. HOT, HOT, HOT!

  • Just wanted to throw this out there for Rory. If you want to see the “envelope pushed” in Gay porn, check out T.I.M (treasure island media), Dick Wadd Studios, and Red Stag just to name a few. Trust me they’ve gone beyond Str8 porn. One in particular is the 1000 Load F*ck (actual title) from TIM. They anally inject over a Gallon of cum into a guy during a gangbang. I don’t think the Str8 porn have ever done anything like that. And as for full on bukkake (easiest way just check out Gay Japan porn) trust me it’s out there; I have several titles of my own.

  • I have a twin brother and we have been having sex with each other since we were 14. It started out very innocent. We always shared a bed so we started having wet dreams and waking up with hard ons. We just jacked each other off at first and then moved on to sucking. When we went away to college we started fucking. Our parents were very progressive and we never had any shame about being gay, masturbating or having sex with our peers. Nudity was common with both parents so we didn’t have that repressed guilt trip about our bodies. We are now in our 40’s and still have sex with other. We are from a large family and have an older gay brother. When we were about 20 we told him what we were up to and asked him to join in. He was totally game and we have all fucked each other since then. Each of us has a partner and the 6 of us have our own sex parties and everybody does everybody. We al love it but understand how it would be strange to someone growing up in a more traditional family. To each his own!

  • My take on sex between twins:

    1. It’s curiosity that a lot of people share (me included, a fraternal twin): I think it’s the confusing visual. But sex with my straight twin? Ewww!! I’ve actually had dreams about sex with my younger brother, never my twin.

    2. Most twins in gay porn don’t touch each other or limit it; usually some lucky guy is preventing their penises from making contact.

    3. These guys may not have a problem with full blown sex (no time to research these guys, do they actually fuck each other in their films?)But I have a feeling the pay makes them get over it promptly. They do however (at least in these pics) look like they’re going through the motions. Please someone, correct me on this!

    4. I think I’d really want to watch twins with ego-centric narcissistic tendencies. They’ve got to really have something going on!

    5. I’m having a difficult time with the morality part (it’s porn, really!) so the incest issue is the excitement of taboo.

    On a critique note….yes, what is it about Euro/Trash/Sleaze/Emo that is so boring and easy to spot? Do Europeans say the same about All-American?

  • @Hungry55: Wow, that’s seriously hot… 😉

  • HOT!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  • brothers doing is hot, wish i could join them

  • i always wanted to suck my brother but any dick turnsme on lol

  • I sucked my brother when I was 16, that was hot

  • Yes, I do think that incest is not right but have to admit it has been a fantasy of mine to be with two gorgeouse brothers. I think these twins are definately hot together.

  • The brother thing aside…… these two guys dont do anything for me I get absolutely no sexual vibe off of them. Bottomline they may be easy on the easy but I dont find them hot.

  • Very hot. Sexual twins. Very compatible on the love and interests.

  • you guys are missing the point….the point is that they are identical dna and making a lot of money! And other people are backing them and also making money. I’d do it too and they are beautiful.


  • gross.

  • definitely hot. Would love to meet them and see what they think of this country boy from West Virginia.

  • very sexy and super hot……awesome cocks.

  • Incest…..yuck…even if the bros are hot…..play with others not eachother….

  • OMG. FUCKING HOT AS HELL!!!!!!!!!!!

  • thats incest. ewww *just threw up

  • Yeah, they’re hot. Just look at that action!

  • You are very finely built! I’d kill to be built as well.

  • Incest is normal, gay or straight is totally normal,,,but nobody talks about it,,,,,,and these guys for me are not hot,,,i don´t like them,,,,i prefer hairy natural bodies,,and more masculine look

  • I am gonna have to say not. Incest, I think is gross, espesically with a sibling. Maybe incest, like between a cousin or someone you didn’t growup with is normal, but your twin… i guess if you always wanted to have sex with yourselve it could be cool… but its still gross.

  • I have always wanted to have sex with identical twins. I get really hot when i see any twin brothers pics. I thin these guys are really hot.
    If you find a set of twins of any age, send them my way and help me fulfill my fantasy

  • I dont know as this seems strange…screwing your own brother?

  • Hot! I have always wished I had a twin to go at it with.

  • in response to Gregs coment, I have had a few sexual encounters with my cousin(well we grew up as cousins, his mom was adopted by my great aunt) so we are like 3rd cousins but it was one of my hottest sexual experiences maybe the exccitement of hiding to do it, or maybe because we used to do it at his house with his father, the Pastor of our church in the next room. That was about 10yrs ago and he is married and expecting his first son with that said, we do still suck eachother and sometimes he wants to farther but I have kinda cut things back for the sake of his wife and soon to be son. I dont want to be the reason for his family to break up, I don’t know if I could live with myself for that.


  • fucking amazingly hot

  • HOT as hell!!!!!

  • They are cute but the thought of brothers going at it pretty much turns my stomach.

  • I am a twin and this is not hot to me….but my bf likes it 😉

  • EWWWW! ICK! No! Pass me the bleach for my eyes please.

  • INCEST/Shimcest…
    These two brothers and probably many other twins started having sex with each other many years before we (The public) we let in on the secret. They probably didn’t even know it was considered wrong when they started, they just let nature take it’s course.

    Apparently no one is forcing them to have sex with each other…they are not hurting anyone. It is mostly society and fear based religion that keeps us all from being more sexual and sensual.

    Carry on brothers!

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