3 Feb 2011

Stories: Army Boy

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Here is a sexy story from one of our members ArmyDad65 . Feel free to submit yours at blog@adam4adam.com

It was Memorial Day Weekend 1987, I was invited by some friends to a weekend of camping in Syracuse. I was 22 years old and living with my sister in Binghamton NY, during a brief break from my career in the US Army. I was working for a roofing company and was out the door at 3:30pm that Friday.

 I headed home, showered, changed and packed my bags. I jumped in my pickup and got on I81 North and realized that I had forgotten to piss. So I pulled into the highway rest area in Binghamton, A.K.A. Lollipop Heaven, around 4:30pm. The CB Club was set up serving refreshments to weary travelers and there were 3 NY State Trooper cars in the parking area.

 Thinking nothing of it, since I was there to piss and nothing else, I went into the restroom. Along the wall were 2 sinks, 3 open urinals and 3 stalls. You could see under the stalls and nobody else was in there. I proceeded to the urinal closest to the stalls and started to piss. Then I heard the door open, I turned my head and saw one of the Troopers enter and I froze mid stream.

 This HOT Daddy Trooper took a stance at the urinal right next to me. He was hot, built like a Colt porn star, dark graying hair, nice rounded ass and his muscles seemed to bulge in all the right places.

Out of the corner of my eye I caught the monster man meat he pulled out of his pants and he began to piss, as did I. When he was done, we were both standing there and he started to play with himself. When I looked over, his uncut 8 inches was raging hard. He said, “Like what you see?” “ I do.” “Follow me.” He motioned me into the first stall.

 “Drop your pants and get up on the toilet.” I did. He turned around, closed the door, dropped his pants, handed me a condom and said, “Fuck me boy.”

 Who was I to argue? I rolled the condom onto my own straining cock, he spit in his hand and lubed up his ass and backed against the head of my cock. With one swift thrust he took all seven inches with a growl. “Feels good boy, now fuck me hard.” “Yes sir!” I said and started methodically fucking his hairy manhole, pulling out, letting the tip of my head fully come out and then plunge back in. Judging by his moans, he was enjoying every deep stroke.

 After a few minutes the door to the restroom opened. We froze with my throbbing cock up his ass. From the doorway, it must have looked like the trooper was taking a shit. We heard to sets of footsteps and the squelch of police radios. It was the other troopers.

 “Hey Sarge!” one of them called out, “Don’t be stinking this place up with your shit.” There were a couple of laughs. All the while they were pissing, I was rocking back and forth. The trooper kept squeezing his ass tighter and tighter to get me to stop.

 The other 2 troopers flushed and left. No sooner than the door closed I attacked his ass fast and furious, then I heard a small “Oh Fuck” and heard splat, Splat, SPLAT on the tile floor beneath his feet. He came without touching himself. When he came, his ass milked my cock for all that it was worth and I began to fill up his ass with my own cum. My last thrust was so hard, his head hit the stall door and it popped open.

 When he stood up the condom pulled off my cock and it was hanging out of his ass. I pulled on it and he groaned louder as it came out with a “Pop”. My cum filled condom was the size of a golf ball.

He pulled up his pants, said “Thanks man” and left me still standing on top of the toilet holding the condom in my hand.

 That was a Memorial Day to remember. It also was the beginning of my summer filled with cruising Lollipop Heaven, searching for my Hot Daddy Cop. We never met up again and that following winter I reenlisted back into the Army. Lollipop Heaven has sinced closed and was replaced by a new Welcome Center with Trooper Office. The end of an era filled with my fond memories.

(Story by ArmyDad65)

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  • Fucking Hott…

  • just like watching a movie, very nice story!

  • Great story keep em cummin

  • wow hot sex with a hot trooper, id love to been that trooper getting fucked by the young Army stud.

  • that was hot. I to was an ex-mil. guy. had most of my hot fun in ansbach, germany, I would travel on the train durning the week end and would go to the rest rooms there. I would just go in the place an with in mins. guys would walk in, and we would catch each other eyes and he would just turn his head to let me know to follow him. We would walk back to his apartmen, did’t know much german but we did not speak, He would just walk into his place, walk into his bedroom and we start to take off our clothes. With in mins. we would be in bed, his hard uncut cock thick and with that nice manly smell going deep down my thorat. He was all top, after a few mins. of me sucking on that hot cock, he would guide me to turn around. He would grad a tube of lube from the floor, lube up his cock and slowing at fast, one inch at a time, going in and speading my hot ass apart going in deeper and faster. Man they grow them nice and thick there. We would go at it for a while and in every position there was. Then the best feel ever was when he would ram it all the way in, and I could feel every hot creamy shot spaying me deep and hard. After a few mims. I would feel his thick cock slowing sliding out of me. Just like that. I would get up, put on my clothes, say thank you. And he would open the door, and I would go back to the train station, to go back to the army base. Dammm I miss those days, and now that the don’t ask, don’t tell. WOW

  • Hot!!!

  • What made the story hot is that I lived in Syracuse and would travel thru Binghamton to PA to visit family. Also had friends at SUNY Bingmamton, so know the rest stop… I think. Moved to LA in 88, but probably felt that energy there and always had those fantasies.

  • This story has nothing to do with the army and no relation to the photos. So WTF??

  • i would have been speechless

  • How could the sex act be performed if the young guy was standing on the toilet when the trooper bent over and pushed his ass onto a 7″ cock?

    This has much info and too little description.

  • I remember lolipop heaven… very much so. I was from Syracuse and took a trip to Binghamton often..I had some simular situations but the trooper would usually end of topping me.. which was hot..

  • Brought back many memories of my first rest stop sex

  • Wow,very descriptive. great story.

  • hey man that was so fuckin hot ,im jealous

  • Too bad this story wasn’t 3D.

  • Peter:let me guess, you didn’t get good grades for comprehension, back in grade school…….

  • I agree with Roger, was stationed in Ansbach also. Had some hot meat there also.

  • fuck me! many times!!!!!!!

  • Truly amazing.

  • very hot wish i was there

  • That rest stop did exist! I remember it will as a native NY’er who used it. There was also a path down into the woods behind it – I never saw a rest stop with so much action. I lived over an hour away and would still find excuses to get down there.

  • I love that story, made me hard,i tought this guy was going to get fucked for tthat huge guy!

  • jeez, what a jip but it always happens. some hunky looking masuculing guy always turns out to be a bottom. its happened to me way too many times. i live in indianapolis and twice on line i hooked up with local fireman who online were big and sexy and talked a good top game , but when they got here it was all ass in the air, flip the script and i have to do a total mind flip in order to fuck them.

  • Damn i need to go to Rest stops.

  • Sounds like every gay man’s wet dream. But be careful if it ever seems about to happen. Cops have been known to arrest you after they shoot their wads, not even waiting for you to get off. Fucked without even a kiss!

  • Hott!!!

  • Very hot, leaves a lot to the imagination to think about all different ways to fuck while standing on a toilet, I have meet a lot of fellow kinky military guys over the years and dated a few as well and the hot sex we all had and different positions we could get into was amazing.

  • pushing down his stained , stretched-out briefs & letting loose that obscene and enormous prick , fourteenn inches at least and kinking toward the left, swolllen, lopsided nuts hanging low, hanging heavy, bouncing against my chin and his thick tangle of blue-black pubes kinky, damp, and skunky . he wasted no time telling me to get to work, faggot, and so I started right in chewing and chowing and working his big prick from to bottom and back again, making that big fat head leak mad funk ,making him crazy, making him spit and sweari and drool, makin his eyes roll back in his dumb little teenage head and it wasn’t too long before i had him groaning and leaking and warning me like i even fukin cared that he’s about t’ bust his funky nut in my faggot mouth…

    inna minute.. get ready, bitch… i hope you like the taste o’ my big o’ tadpoles!

    oh jesus fuck, yeah, i will, i know i will, but the words didn’t come out, just the affirming grunts and when i felt his cock twitching and heard him start to yell i was right there, teeth clamping down hard around the ridge of the drooling bulbous knob and tongue wiggling and digging into his peehole as the boy’s thick, oily baby batter fountained out,shooting hard, coating my tonsils & tongue, the spermy taste so freakin strong that I almost puked, making him laugh again, cruel and mocking, as I gulped and gagged and lapped and moaned, naked on my knees in that back alley where julio had me just maybe an hour before.

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