15 Feb 2011

Would you do him: USHER

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Congratulations to Usher who won two Grammys during the pre-show telecast at the Grammys Sunday! He won Best Contemporary R&B Album (‘Raymond v Raymond’) and Best Male R&B Vocal Performance (‘There goes my baby’).

Enough about the music… Let’s talk about the man ! You now know the ritual ? You need to answer my questions; Do you find him hot ? Would you have sex with him ? Would you do him ? I personally would say mmmhhh…. ya ! He is not exxxactly what I’m looking for physically, but I think I could have fun with him ! I prefer my man more rugged though and less “fashionable” and I hate guys who wear sunglasses indoor like he does…  What about you?


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84 comments for Would you do him: USHER

  • Yes I would do him He’s hot!

  • Definitely! He’s really hot! Great package!

  • Hell yes!!!!

  • umm, no !

  • not a chance.

  • He is not my type but I would have some fun with him

  • OMG YES !!!!!!
    He is a HOT HOT HOT guy …

  • Usher… Of course! He is very handsome and clean cut… I would gently throw his legs back first and then he could do me…lol

  • I would definatly get down with him and I would not be the dominant one,

  • i would do him for sure he is a hot hot guy

  • Very hot…I would suck him so many times and let him do whatever he wanted…

  • Usher grew in2 a very fine black man!!! Trust me, I been followin his career way back since ’94, ’95; anybody who say they wouldn’t want 2 get wit usher male or fe,ale is lyin 2 themselves cuz he became a sex symbol in ’97. His wife (well ex wife) is so stupid. I would do usher in a heartbeat, he’s sexy, got money, powerful (justin beiber) got class, and from his last 2 albums, he let the whole world know he’s a big time freak so YEEEESSSSS!!! I WOULD DEFINATELY DO USHER AS WELL AS SOME OTHER OTHERS

  • And he don’t wear underwear at times. Take a close look at some his photos.

  • I would let him wear this booty OUT!

  • I dont know I mean he is kind of cute but hes totally not gay thats for sure, he has a 100% total straight mans build and he likes the pussy anyways he dont like men I mean why would he hes prolly bangeded over a hundred hot women or more in his life.

  • He’s a HOT guy and very sexy. Love to see hot, sexy and handsome black guys and he has a body to die for…..and I once heard he does gay-sex too, I guess, when the urge is high, but probably picks his guys, who he trust and don’t talk, or he pays them to stay quiet. I’m sure, Usher has a nice dick, something like a 8 – 8.5 inch.

  • Without any hesitation at all!!! However he wanted to do it!!!

  • Usher friend we can do it MY WAY, Let it burn!, Yeah! in the club. OMGosh.

  • No, he’s got a hot bod but have to bag his head.

  • definitely would! mmmmm

  • heck yes, I would do him in a nano-secopnd!

  • oh yes, he is soooo hot

  • Yes i would go to bed with him in a heart beat

  • yes, I’ll have him anytime….he’s hot as hell and I would play with that butt

  • OMG…Yes I would. He could make love to me all night and day. He is so damned hot. I woukd suck his dick like a baby sucks its pacifier.

  • Definitely. I love the fashionable just as much as the rugged, if not more.

    And, SDKID, what’s wrong with him being black?

  • he can fuck me anytime

  • Fuck yeah! Im white but black dudes turn me on… hed better bend me over tho 😉

  • i would let him do me raeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • No, he does nothing for me. I don’t like his voice, his songs, or the way he dances.


  • yes i would he is so hott and he’s a momma’s boy and for tha ones that said no because he’s black WOW we as gay people are separated by others enough than to do it with in tha gay community.

  • Ewwwwww hell no such a turn off

  • Yes, I would do Usher in a New York minute! The man is sexy as hell!

  • YES YES YES……he could just have his way with both of us!

  • OH FFUCK YEAH! I’d let him bang me like a screen door in a typhoon and not stop until he’d fucked all the black out of himself and was as white as Russell Crow – then start all over again! WOOFF!!

  • Hells yeah, Usher can get it any day, any time, and any place! 😉 Usher has always been my celeb crushe every since I’ve known I was gay as hell!! #yessss

  • I would definitely have fun with him.

  • absolutely

  • No. And not because he’s black. I need a better reason than the color of one’s skin. Can’t stand rap/hip hop/modern r&b.

  • NOPE

  • to be a black man, usher really has a flat ass, for that reason and that oblong head, I would say, yeah, he’s fuckable, but I would be lookin at other dudes with the total package. ush is avg

  • To each his own….but hell ya!

  • Man for all of u who says no he isn’t my type yall must b blind or deaf dumb I would fuck the shitout of him only thing he might not have any meat

  • Yea i would make Usher my bottom all night!!!!!

  • No. I would never want Justin Bieber’s sloppy seconds. 🙂

  • absolutely

  • OMG…Hell Yeah over and over again even if he was not a superstar. He has an awesome personality and a big heart. 😉

  • No, doesn’t get me there. Great bod but not into it.

  • uh hell yeah!!!

  • O.M.G Yes, and he can bring the very handsom Will i am with him! I could spend the rest of my life with them!

  • Yes Jesus!

  • most deffinatley hes hot as hell

  • Like some said on here, he is cute and has a hot bod, but I still wouldn’t. Not my type.

  • I would love to watch Usher fill Beiber’s ass up, but he’ll have to wait until he’s 18 lol

  • i’d od him over and over again!!!

  • Hell no. To me, he is SOOOOOO overrated in every way. I don’t think he’s talented nor do I think he’s hot. I’d go the rest of my life w/out sex if I had to get it from him.

  • no i wouldnt anyone who thinks justin beiber is talented is a no go

  • Hell to the NO.

  • not a snowball’s chance in hell. the man does nothing for me. i mean he’s got a great body don’t get me wrong but i’m just not turned on by him in the least. hey usher, michael jackson’s calling from beyond the grave and he wants his dance moves back!

  • It depends if Usher was circumsized or uncut. If he’s uncut, then no it’s a deal breaker, but if he’s circumsized, then hell yes for it’s on like popcorn I would definitely be all over him!

  • OMG YES!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yes, I would love to have sex with Usher. That way he could sing my favorite usher songs and fuck me at the same time. SO,I would hell yeah I would.

  • Well it seems as the majority says YES…Personally, I believe that Usher is what I call “Family”…the brotha gets down with other men. It will shock you as to how many persons in the entertainment industry who “get down”, but because of the industry, they pretend as if they are not what they are. So, most of the times when you see them on the red carpet, the person they are with (if it is not their spouse)are rented…for image sake! I would FUCK the hell out of Usher, and he seems to me to be a btm bitch! LoL

  • HELL NO! He’s been around the block so many times he makes the “Good Humor Ice Cream” man seem like a new enterprise.

  • Yes. Bend him over and I’ll go to town on him!

  • would swallow every drop of cum that he could feed me…….
    anyway that he would give it to me…… YUMMY

  • yes please!

  • lets see hummmm Hell yessssssssss

  • I would do him on stage in front of the world. If Kim Kardashian can do a celeb so can I.

  • would love to be his personal urinal… and swallowall he could piss………..

  • Absolutely, I would definitely want him to do me long and hard!

  • Yes I bet he is passionate with an edge to him.

  • heck no!! he is too pretty acting and that just annoys me..

  • Well i an on the fence with it myself i think that he is a top just certain ppl continuously spy till they put him on bottom but they fail to insert those parts of the clip and so he acts like a bottom to keep the number one skank of hollywood away and as far as justin breads well i think his mama shows him no respect and every aspiring child needs attention and the negligent mothers need jail time 🙂

  • Now how many people in this forum that said “no” base their statement on race?

  • Everyday all day

  • I just want him to dance on me.

  • i have my tastes in a lil more rugged guys, with that 5 o:clock shadow, tight jeans and boots, hes too hot for my taste, but i would def, love to have some fun with him,

  • call me i will do hem

  • Do him? Absolutely yes…. oh the things I wanna do to (or with) him….

  • wow i’m not surprised at all that SDKID said no….i mean Gay white men from San Diego do seem to be very vehement about their dislike for black men. and no that’s not a general bitter assumption. Ask any black person in SD and you’ll see. but about the question at hand…. hell’s yes. Usher is hot, can move and he got a big dick from what i hear.

  • I happen to know for a fact (with me living in Cali and actually meeting Usher) that he has had a few nights in the hotel room and some backstage messing around with men. I wittnessed him gettin freaky with a, lets call her a groopie(she has her own book out) and Usher said something in Hatian to another “heavy set guy” wile plowing this woman from behind and the guy comes over and starts making out with Usher. 100% TRUE.

  • And from what I have seen he is about 7.5 maybe 7 not too thick but PERFECT MAN for me, if I could I definately would. and Pharell Williams too, both at the same time PLEASE.

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