26 Mar 2011

ADAM4ADAM is looking for blog collaborators !

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Hey guys, our blog is getting very popular, with thousands and thousands of visitors everyday…. Therefore we need to have more content and more collaborators to entertain our amazing readers/followers ! If you think you have good writing skills, are passionate about gay community, want to share your opinions on different topics and want to write on our blog and become a regular collaborator, please email us at blog@adam4adam.com !

If you want to submit only one article/post,  a “sexy story” or an opinion, feel free to email it to us at the same email address with your name or nickname, and you might get the chance to read it on our blog !

Enjoy your week-end !


6 comments for ADAM4ADAM is looking for blog collaborators !

  • Dave-Would love to help A4A out being a blog collaborator….I write very well and have a lost of ideas, opinions and viewpoints to offer…..Not sure to which email address to send a post for consideration….I hope to hear from you……

  • CHARLES- give it up, man. grammatically speaking, your whole comment was wrong. poor spelling, poor punctuation, and you clearly didn’t proofread, yet you claim to write very well. And it says right up there ^^^ to email them at blog@adam4adam.com, so i’m gonna go ahead and question your ability to read as well.

  • I would like to be a collaborator as well. Please respond as to the specifics for submission.

  • @Charles: If you read the article again, it says quite clearly to please send your posting to blog@adam4adam.com and they will review. :)

  • You didn’t list an email address where people could contact you about this opportunity.

  • Jasher are u serious ? Did you read the post ? It’s written…

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