23 Mar 2011

Celebrities: Elizabeth Taylor dies at age 79

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“When a young beautiful actress appeared in the film There’s One Born Every Minute in 1942, Hollywood was changed forever. Elizabeth Taylor, 79, came to represent a golden age in Hollywood with her unique beauty, glamour and romance.”

The film icon died yesterday of congestive heart failure at LA’s Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Associated Press reports that she was surrounded by her four children when she passed away. Some of her most notable films include National VelvetFather of the BrideButterfield 8Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, and Cleopatra.

“We have just lost a Hollywood giant,” Elton John, a longtime friend of Taylor, told AP. “More importantly, we have lost an incredible human being.”

In addition to being tabloid fodder (she was married 8 times) and snagging two Academy Awards, Taylor was also one of the first celebrities to speak out against AIDS during the early ’80s. She helped start the American Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR) after the death of her friend, Rock Hudson.


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  • Liz you will be greatly missed, this world lost a first class lady. Thank you, for all your hard work and care for gay and the HIV/AIDS communities. Heaven has a very special place for you waiting.

  • I love you, will be greatly missed.

  • To a living legend, on and off the screen. You will be sadly missed by those who worked with you, who loved you and for the charitable donations to Aids research, and awareness you have given. May God bless you, and my condolences to your family and friends….You are what living life to the fullest means. Au revoir Elizabeth!



  • She Was A Great Actress

    I Really Enjoy Her Films

    She Is One Of My Favorite Actress

    I Enjoy Her Movies

    She Inspired Me o Do An Essay On Her Movie


  • I am very sadden for her lost, she was a great human being, and also was Michael Jackson’s BFF, as friend to Dorothys…

  • I started writing to Liz in 1992 after by brothers death, of AIDS, in December of 1991. She loved Godiva chocolates, which I sent her every year at Christmas and somtimes on her birthday. In December of 2010 I visited LA for the first time and hand delivered a box to chocolates to her home in Beverly Hills. Believe it or not they let me in the complex. Of course , I was met by security, and gave him the gift to give to her with my best wishes for a wonderful holiday. Getting back in to the car I realized, I had only put where I was staying in LA and not my home address in HIckory, N. C. However, a week letter I had a Christmas card from her and a thank-you note written in a very shakey hand. I was surprised she had remembered me and had my address on file. Three time over the nineteen years I wrote to her she sent items to auction for AIDS benefits. I feel like I have lost a special friend and the gay community has lost one of thier greatest champions.

  • I loved her beauty, movies, style and her life. I’ll miss her dearly. We have a lot of her work to keep her memory alive and well intact. She hated the name Liz.

    R.I.P. Elizabeth Taylor.

  • What a beautiful woman…….starlet….crazy all the time…..but she gave and she gave and she gave! God rest her soul! 🙂 Will always miss you…..Miss Diamonds are Forever!

  • she was my idol an american legend and one of the world ‘s sexyiest leading lady’s

  • So sad. She was a wonderful lady with such class and talent. She will be truely missed. Rest in peace, Liz.

  • I met her twice on the set of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolfe and in 1982 at the Muana Kea Hotel and both times she was very friendly and her eyes were so alluring. Its a true loss to Hollywood as she is the last of the true Hollywood STARS>

  • She is or “was” a real movie star, she made in part, celebrity what it is and being famous alluring, unfortunately the market has turned into reruns, remakes and wanna-be’s or rip off’s, not entirely but it is inundated.
    Very few people capture that essence with intelligence, and its sad that people never made her into the drama queen again, she was years prior, at some point Hollywood’s amnesia sets in then a new batch with fresh public hair and perfect skin can attract a camera flash. It will be a tragedy when Ellen Burstyn dies as well.
    I did see a piece on how she is considered the first to speak out about Aidz in that world of secrets and ancient closets of costumes located in California, when in fact Act Up-the group responsible for confronting the American government and public, in the onset of the 80’s, while Reagan was President were the pioneers, they made life evident and possible for countless numbers of persons being swept under rug and hopefully forgotten.
    Elizabeth Taylor was a stunning Cleopatra and alcoholic.

  • God bless her, now she can be with Michael Jackson she will not be alone

  • I have heard of her but I have no idea what she has done, but I do give my condolences to her family, friends, and fans. Maybe I should look at what she has accomplished in her life so I can have an appreciation of her accomplishments.

  • she was an icon in holywood her work with aids early in the disease was unforgetable

  • I was just thinking about Elizabeth Taylor the other day. Me and some friends are taking a road trip to Miami and I said while we are down there lets check out Star Island and see Elizabeth Taylor’s house. I was saddened when I saw this blog on A4A the woman did so much for the gay community and was truly a gay icon. She will be truly remembered and missed.

    My favorite quote from Cleopatra: “There are never enough hours in the days of a queen, and her nights have too many.”

  • In a world that often over hypes…she was the real deal…a true super star…an enormously talented actress…a courageous humanitarian…and a great beauty with an inner radiance that made her simply breathtaking…

  • A touching sadness engulfed me hearing telecasts release on Liz Taylor’s passing today. The world and especially the many gays in it, have lost a true hero, humanitarian and friend. I was diagnosed with hiv early on, 1983. Today with this loss, I also feel a grand appreciation and gratitude for Ms Taylor stepping onto centerstage, opening the gates and giving AIDS face. She was not acting then yet her tongue was powerful. In a way, I must give Liz a certain “thank you”cuz today, 2011……I AM STILL HERE! We love you Liz. Forever.

  • what a great lady .

  • Elizabeth Rest in Peace

  • She was a REAL HOLLYWOOD ICON! Her likes we will NEVER see again – RIP Elizabeth! Now you are with your beloved Richard!

  • What an incredible woman Elizabeth Taylor. May you forever be remembered by the many that loved you the most.
    Whether on the screen or off…you managed to make your presence known. Hold your own through the rough and not so rough. Many thank you for the sharing and caring that amounted to a lifetime. You will be deeply missed no doubt.

  • Class, Grace and Elegance. Sad thing is there are no new celebrities that are being breed to come close to Legends such as Liz Taylor. Her Legacy has impacted more lives in such a positive way the bar seems untouchable. RIP

  • I always liked her

  • Elizabeth Taylor is a Gay Icon. She is loved and will be missed. Rest in peace.

  • the world has lost a beautiful woman……mat she rest in peace

  • the movie family lost a unique , peace to her soul . GOD receive her on his side

  • Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolff is my favorite movie of all-time.

  • A truly epic actress and person, I was, and am deeply saddened by her passing. If only Hollywood and the world in general had more people like her…

  • She was beautiful. Redefined the Golden Age of Hollywood. Also, was one of the first gay friendly celebrity’s.

  • Her movie “Cleopatra” has been always one of my top favorites, no matter what others ,may say. She and Marylin Monroe were the two movie stars icons to me. Elizabeth was an original, filled with guts when she embarked sponsoring AIDS Foundation, after her friend Richard Hudson passing away. She didn’t care about publicity; she owned it, and tabloids tried to destroy that but never succeeded, not even during her last days of mortal life. She is now one of the immortals; they were waiting for her. She will ever be remembered. A great loss of life, and for Hollywood, her friends and family, and for the world.

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