8 Mar 2011

Usher “more” music video, what do you think?

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Usher music video was released recently for his current single “More”. To be honest, I was expecting a better vid than what he gave us for this amazing club track. I understand that Usher is in the middle of his OMG world tour, but I was expecting more than footage from live concert mixed with close-ups of his face lip syncing the words of his latest single. Let me know what you think ?


17 comments for Usher “more” music video, what do you think?

  • I’m disappointed in the video, the camera is shakey a lot and ok so we get to see snippets of his tour but the quality is poor overall.

  • to me some of the lip sync was collaborating i wanted to see more of usher

  • I honestly loved the song when I first heard it and was hoping it was a single…but I was expecting a lot more from the video…I wasn’t expecting to get remixed and I was expecting a performance video maybe him on a stage surrounded by fans just performing…but sense he was on tour I will let it slide

  • I think the video good enough considering this version of the song is a remix anyway. As a long time follower of Usher, I didn’t even expect him to come out with a video for this song.

  • I think guys will be happy to see many close up shots of his mouth open ๐Ÿ™‚

  • You want my honest opinion? Pathetic! For such a major track, this video does nothing but disappoint.

  • i like the song but agree the vid is a little on the meh side but i cant do any better so that’s all i complain about ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Not a fan and this video does nothing to change that.

  • He looks hot. That’s good enough for me. Video is okay, good song though. It’s a kind of different sound for him so i think that’s why people were expecting a more interesting video clip, but videos are just not that interesting anymore. Everyone’s sticking to what’s safe and lucrative.

    I agree, more close ups on his mouth and lips… giving LL Cool J some competition! haha

  • Does it bother no one else that he is a huge homophobe? Doesn’t it hurt the community to buy/endorse his music?

  • I sorta like it. yeah it can have more clean scenes but the shakey camera i have no problems with. he looks hotter now than before it seems. haha that may be the main reason of me liking it.

  • major labels should pay money for advice, we all know their cheap and rip people off.

  • Great song. Horrible video!!!! This video needed an amazing dance sequence.

  • Love the remix but the video is just a cheap representation of what can be done to appease us watchers. A bit disappointing and very cheaply made with no effort involved.

  • he is hotttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  • i think it a hot song and it kept my attention from start to finish and it sometimes good not to let fans see all off you ( usher ) for long time . we all will get bored much sooner lol

  • WTF? Who listens to this shit?

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