25 Mar 2011

Watch this ! Gay caricature… you need to see that !

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My friend/collaborator Stephan found that movie online yesterday and I wanted to share it with you. That is the most amazing and hilarious cartoon video caricaturing 2 gay guys discussing sex and HIV like we often do on hookup/dating sites! Educate yourself guys, and open your mind ! Cheers !


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  • LMAO. This is nmot only funny but very educational. Good stuff

  • LMFAO!!… Seriously? WOW…. Crazy shit man.

  • What a great video! I am sure this discussion has occurred in similar fashion. It actually made me stop and think about my actions. Nice job posting.

  • Wow that red robot needs some help. That was too funny, but also very true.

  • Great vid!!

  • Very cute : ) Good job.

  • ROFLMAO. Great piece. ( Pun intended.) I believe in having protected sex at all times. However, like the character who turns down the positive one because he’s positive, I’m just not comfortable having sex with a guy I know is pos. I understand about protections and viral load and how it is and isn’t spread but being with a positive man creeps me out. I know that sounds shallow or harsh and offensive but it’s the truth. I believe in protection, limiting my partners and getting tested regularly. I’m negative and plan to stay that way.

  • Priceless, educational and very accurate.
    Reality check. Assume everyone you are with is HIV positive and act accordingly.

    Excellent post.

  • Indeed! Great video. Ignorance, ppl need to learn to be otherwise

  • I’m in shocked after seen this cartoon,it makes so much sense and unfortunately is the Reality of meeting on web sites and hooking up randomly without even knowing the person.This shows u can’t trust anybody until u have prove of their status.

  • wow, I felt a little silly. I do act like the red robot.

  • Thanks for posting this video. Hopefully, this helps those us to make wise decisions about having SAFER SEX by, protecting ourselves and being more educated on the positive truth of HIV.

  • Good shyt. Hopfully some will take note.

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