13 Apr 2011

Fantasy : Sexy Karateka

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Each Tuesdays, I’m meeting a friend in a building where people play different sports. At 8 o’clock, it’s the end of a karate lesson and I get to see amazing guys dressed in their sexy white karate outfits. I always get a bit hard when I see them all coming out of the Karate gym all sweaty. I like all sport outfits, but the Karate outfit has something very sexy… Don’t you think?

Check out the short video and let me know what you think!

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4 comments for Fantasy : Sexy Karateka

  • Completely agree. I think its a mixture of the aggression and masculinity that karate represents plus the fact that with the gi they wear. Sure its not skin tight Lycra but its just that one thing thats leaves the rest to the imagination.


  • AGREE!!… It’s hot. I remember taking classes when I was younger and I loved to spar with my instructor. He was a light skinned Latino with a fade. I love to get on top of him and pretend to fight. Those were hot times, but yeah, good point.

  • I agree 100%!!! This is a major turn on and fantasy. the guy with the shaved head in this video is a hunk and the other is just sexy. I remember taking classes when I was a teen: I loved to pretend to fight with my instructor and be on top, he had no body hair, a shaved head and was Latino

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