27 Apr 2011

Hot or Not : Natural bush

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Some of us like a clean shaved crotch, some prefer manly bushy pubes, I guess it’s a matter of personal taste.

To me, it depends on the guy I’m about to blow… The bush needs to match the rest of the package (lol). If the guy is smooth all over I prefer something trimmed, but if he’s hairy, I want some bushy forest … I hate shaved pubes, big turn off !

So where do you stand ? Is a full bush interesting for you or do you prefer it trimmed or shaved?
My question: full natural bush, Hot or Not?


(follow the jump to see some natural pubes)

139 comments for Hot or Not : Natural bush

  • it really depends on the guy i like it smooth and then i do like a bush as well


  • I like it all… sort of depends on the rest of the guy as you stated. I like shaved, trimmed, or full bush, based on how hairy he is elsewhere.

  • Im with you on this one.. If a man is hairy then i like it hairy down below. If he is smooth and well kept then i like it trimmed up to go with the rest of him.. I do not like shaved all that well, Its just not natural to shave down there.. To each his own though, but for me i prefer a man to look like a man and smell like one.GRRRRRRR

  • Trimmed bush is essential…there is nothing worse than deep throating a nice cock and have the pubs tickle your nostrils!

  • I will take it any way I can get it.

  • I like it clean shaven, I hate picking pubes from my mouth.

  • in the world I play in a shaved crotch is someones boy…or looking to be someones boy…when I became a man I grew hairs…porn has created this image and why?…to make an average dick look bigger. A man cleans himself properly he doesn’t smell…if his pubes smell of urine so does the dick…


  • I think it is very HOT on a goodlooking guy!! don’t want a man to look like he is 12 years old!!

  • BUSH!!!!!!!!!!!lol i love bush i hate looking some hairless dude look like a pre-teen below the waist

  • need clean groomed if im goin down i dont want hair in my mouth ugh

  • Oh my god, Mike – where are you finding your men! Urine odor in the bush? The only way I can see that occuring is if the guys you are blowing are pissing themselves!

  • Trimmed is the best way to go

  • Lol flossing with pubes lol jk
    Like it either or. As long as it’s clean, to me it doesn’t matter

  • I personally like mine trimed but not shaven all the way and yuck pubes in the mouth ? Nasty!!!

  • Like it hairy but not to outta control.

  • Totally shaved pubes reminds me of prepubescent kids! a huge turn-off!
    besides, a man should be hairy down there as a real man does!

  • It is a matter of personal taste, but I love a hairy, but trimmed guy. Nothing says “MAN” more than a dusting of fur on the chest that leads down to a nice bush. Woof! I will admit, when it’s looking like sasquatch down below and smells or urine…game over. The 70′s were cool, but pubic floss is not. Shaving clean makes me want to ask the guy for his ID to make sure he is of age. Yeah, it makes the package look bigger, but all I can think is 9 year old boy. Either way, manscaping is a definite must.
    If you can’t be bothered to trim the shrubs, no one’s going to want to walk through your park. LOL

  • Never ever shaved,,,it looks like a little boy then! I do prefer it groomed though.

  • Natural all the way! MAYBE trimmed a bit. But LOOK like a MAN !

  • A neatly trimmed bush is always a big turn on…..Not much into to real stylish trimmed pubes…saw a guy at my gym once totally smooth of body hair but his bush was trimmed into lightning bolts! Way too styled for me!!!!!!! A totally shaved cock isn’t hot at all…..

  • I like trimmed cock but shaved balls. I don’t like the hairs in the mouth when I am servicing a guy.

  • Fully shaved pubes make me feel like I am dealing with someone who has not hit puberty yet. I want to feel like I am with a man. I love a man with nicely manicured pubes. Sooooooooooo hot!

  • I love a man who does not let a razor go south of his face…I love it natural…The man above intended for us to have hair down in our pubic area…Let it be!!!

  • Hot is a guy that’s natural, whatever that may be for him. Pubes or elsewhere on his body, natural shows confidence and an ease with himself. Granted, if his bush is unruly it should be trimmed some but for the most part, like it pretty natural. If a guys naturally smooth on the chest, hot. If he’s semi or hairy naturally on the chest, hot. If he shaves his chest, not so hot. Same with the bush. I agree with the author, shaved bush is a total turn off for me also.

  • I like a man either very bushy or very smooth. And that does not depend on how hairy the rest of him is for me. An otherwise smooth man with a really thick bush makes my juices flow. I’m especially partial to a really thick bush and bush underarms to go with it.

    Right now my own bush is growing wild, but I also enjoy being shaved clean for the summer too. Anyone in the Baltimore/Washington area want to be my barber? Click on my profile and apply.

    Re Mike the guy who thinks pubes will smell like urine, that will only happen if your man has bad hygene. I have burried my nose and tongue in many a sweet smelling bush.

  • for my liking , it’s trim:or shaved i wont throw anyone out

  • I love both; for those with a bush, combing or pulling out loose hairs is ideal when showering and trimming/shaving the base of the dick and smooth balls add to no hair abrasion on the lips/tongue or in the mouth.

  • semi-bushy is HOT

  • IDk if the guy shaves or doesn’t shave his crotch or balls for that matter. That is up to the person I trim mine down to 1/2 with a clipper but if you don’t WHO CARES.

  • I like it all natural. Maybe trim a little if you want, but natural is what I like most. Love the smell of a man down there as long as its clean. Ass hair is all good with me too

  • i want it natural, plain and simple…..

  • untrimmed and unshaved…a big turn on!!

  • Shave it smooth! It looks the best!

  • I like both shaven and unshaven .

  • i agree,smooth an clean

  • Men should leave their pubs alone. Too many men shave or trim close and it is an instant soft on. Smooth guys with hairy pubs are very sexy.

  • I love gorilla salad on a man, if his bush is trimmed up wrapped right, we are allowed to have a bit a fur.

  • hot or not? not.

  • I personally prefer it to be trimmed. If the guy wants to shave down there I say go for it but that’s his choice. I HATE WHEN THE HAIR GETS CAUGHT IN YOUR MOUTH OR WORSE YOUR TEETH.

  • Nope, all natural for me!

  • Shave the dick and trim the bush… Some guys actually have a hairy dick,,I say shave it,,,,

  • I like a full or slightly trimmed bush. Shaved looks so unnatural and is a turn off for me.

  • both are good

  • I really like all the comments above. If you shave and you have bumps, it is a big turn off for me. If trimmed, it is a plus. Like the brothers wrote above, I don’t like pubes tickle my nostrils, and I hate pulling them out of my mouth. But, I love shaved balls.

  • Tree looks much bigger in the desert than it does in the forest.

  • I like it all :)

  • I like a bushy guy as longest it doesn’t make your penis look like a chia pet I also like it trimmed not shaved, I want a man not a boy, bring it on you sexy bears and daddies

  • I’m turned on by big manbush above the Cock. Not as fond of lots of hair on balls. Although, I’d never turn away a hot Cock to suck based on hair. :P

  • Definitely feel that it’s important for EVERY guy to maintain some degree of up-keep in the front yard. Again, the amount of labor seems dependent on whatever else they’re working with. I’m personally fond of the good old “Twist-N-Snip” routine! Can’t stand a BALD cock-n-nuts though. Makes me feel like a chi-mo!!

  • I prefer a bush, especially if he has a smooth body. I’m the odd one, love getting my nose deep inside the bush, or feeling the bush against my butt cheeks. Trimmed is ok, shaved maked me feel like Im with a kid

  • I personally prefer the natural look of a guys bush especially if the rest of him is hairy. Trimming or even shaving off the pubes when the rest of the body is hairy is weird

  • Gimme bush, Bush and MORE BUSH! Especially nice is a thick dark bush that’s been well-washed and then sequestered in a pair for briefs for about a half day to ripen just a bit. Not sweaty and stinky but smelling of man smells. Heaven! 80′s porn star Jon King had a perfect bush IMHO.

  • Unless you have an ugly little dick or something, WHY would you not shave it slick ??? For the look AND the feel :)

  • I’m solidly opinionated on this one.
    I hate the completely shaved look. Period.
    I love the groomed look, so trim that mess and keep it neat. And, what the hell, shaved or trimmed or wild, wash your package if you want me to play with you. Trimmed and clean, please.

  • Porn has created this image of how we should look and fuck with our hands on our hip. Yeesh! Hair has purpose man! Trim the loose ones that create a trail down to the knee; but if you have no trail what are you trimming? All this prissy preening and manicured craziness creates too much extra work. A big charcteristic I love about men is how fast we can get ready to go out. The shaver has to re-shave and check. YUCKY!! It looks prepubescent and has the characteristics of a plucked chicken. Razor bumps are not cool. We have seen all kinds of art or for that matter men shaving the base of their dicks to allow us to believe that they are longer. It seems that everything women do we are trying to play catch up. Why? I totally agree with Jae Parker, Charles Nig, Baltobond, J.D. Verte and the others who are not falling for this fad. SO many black guys know that we are prone to getting razor bumps and they still shave(reason why most of us dont shave our faces with a razor).

  • I loooooooooooooooooooove it hairy! Nice big bush is a huge turn on! Especially if the hairs are dark! Theres just something soo masculine about it! I HATE when guys shave it! It makes me feel like a pedophile! Just saying…….

  • I prefer trimmed but not too short… shaved can be hot on the right guy but not on most… i feel like a child molester… Im cool with natural, theres something hot about a man looking the way the Man intended

  • These manscaping prepubescent shave and wax freaks I suspect are borderline pedophiles. I can handle the balls shaved, but personally I say leave it alone. I want a man with a sweet treasure trail and beefy furry pecs, a real man. There is a limit though, hair on the shoulders and back makes the guy more sasquatch than potential fuck for me. Does no one remember those magic days in 7th grade when all the upper classmen had those thick gorgeous bushes and we couldn’t wait for our bald little cocks to fill in. I can’t take a guy with bald junk seriously, like these 30 year olds that still wear their little underoos (printed undies). Time to grow up gentlemen.

  • Smoooooth silken love!

  • I prefer some pube hair, perhaps trimmed back from the cock, but I love the feel of my low-hangers, shaved and smooth. It’s the only place where I usually shave; I don’t have much body hair to start with and was 25 before I tried shaving my face!

  • kool

  • full bush DEFINITELY. for me a man’s bush is very manly and powerful looking and is intergal to his male image and sexuality; it seems part of his penis. It is a huge turn-on to be allowed to see another man’s luxuirous pubic hair along with the way it frames /accents his penis and balls so beautifully. To remove it seems like a lion with his mane removed- pitiful, powerless, and feminized. It may be what women prefer, but a clean shaved man, for me, looks like a ken doll which is pretty but with zero sexuality…. it also looks somehow mutilated, femininized and like a child, which if you like adult men, is a HUGE turnoff. The worst is a beautiful male figure perfectly accented with body hair and then a big blank ugly bald area between abs and legs. A smooth chested man with a nice bush and hairy legs is very sexy too. For me, shaving and overtrimming the bush has been a very sexually frustrating, dissapointing, and frankly a very sad thing (for me) to have to have had this shaving fad to fall upon my particular generation, since I am so personally, passionately, and deeply moved by masculine beauty and look of the natural adult male. Definitely a NO to shaving or overtrimming!

  • all natural is my favorite

  • I agree with mike, bush is fun and all but if it starts to stink or give a hair ball thats when its time to get out the trimmer

  • Im all about a smooth body, I love the feel of smooth skin, shaved or well trimmed for me,thanx for asking

  • It depends on if we are talking about a bush or the whole freakin forest. I’ve seen one or two guys that had so much bush, you could barely see their cock (and not because it was tiny). And lets not forget to mention that getting a pube pushed to the back of your throat is not only difficult to remove sometimes, but can be quite irritating. I vote for a nice trim.

  • Who is the model on the blog.a4a banner at the top of this page? I think that is the sexiest man I have ever seen!

  • prefer natural, its alot sexier and bigger turn-on to me

  • I like a clean crotch. makes it easier to suck a cock and swallow with my deep throat . Zach look neat.

  • All natural, like me.

  • I agree with the bulk of the posts… I’m not into totally shaved pubes, but a bit of a trim; IE keeping them neat is good. Shaved balls has it’s moments though, just saying.

  • My philosophy is that pubes should not be longer than a quarter of an inch (or a quarter of the length of the dick). Anything longer is just annoying. The balls should also be well groomed as well to allow tea bagging. I’m not too much of a fan of completely shaved pubes because then it feels like a cactus is fucking me. But then again, long non-groomed pubes shows a carelessness about one’s appearance that is unattractive. Groom the pubes, but make them look natural.

  • A full, natural bush is the biggest turnon for me. To me, hair, on the bush and body is the truest form of masculinity. Ever since I was pre teen, I wished I would have a hairy body. I did not care about anything else, as hair was the true meaning of manhood. Lucky for me that wish came true. I have never understood why any man would even consider shaving their body. I was once at a beach party, wearing shorts and no shirt on, and this cocky, self absorbed guy came up to me standing in a group of people, and asked me why I did not shave my legs and chest. And not skipping a beat, I told him only two types of men shave their body. Professional swimmers, and transvestites. I then asked him which type of guy HE was. He walked away in a gruff, and the crowd just started laughing. I will never be ashamed of my hair, and if anyone asked me to shave it off, that would be a dealbreaker, lol.

  • I love my bush shaved off clean but when I am on my knees sucking cock and going down all the way its really hot when my lips finally meet up with a huge full bush…yummy!

  • l love hairy, the more the better,,,nothing more sexy than a natural hairy man,,!!!!!!!!!

  • as long as he has armpit hair, the rest is up to him

  • I like all natural uncut, untrimmed

  • Lol @ tony!!! It’s all ok, I just don’t like licking hairy nutts!!!

  • I am really turned by a neatly trimmed pubic area. But the hottest is still a smooth body, completely shaved, including the armpits! Am I sick or what? :). Seriously, it depends on what turns you on (the person in front of you.).

  • I do not like waxing at all. If a guy is young and trendy, I like some of the trims these guys have. If I am dealing with a bear, I want him to be furry all over. I have sucked thousands of cocks in my life, and I have never smelled urine in a bush. A treasure trail is a big turn on for me as well as hairy pits. If I am sucking a black, I love to bury my face in his steel-wool bush. I also love furry balls and a furry asshole. If you are fem and shave your pits and crotch, you can count me out. I will not blow you even if you have the world’s biggest cock.

  • I prefer full and natural.

  • Natural is always hotter. Trimmed is acceptable, but shaved is totally out, I don’t like little boys and that is what shaved seems like. I want to know I’m sucking on a man.

  • it depends on how i feel if i shave mine or not. On the other guy it doesnt matter about hair or no hair but that they are washed in that area is more important.

  • It’s all good, hairy or clean shaven

  • Like a trimmed bush. Shave the pubes off the cock especailly if they are growing half way up – real turn off. Agreed – do not like pubes in my throat or flossing my teeth. Shaved balls are a real turn on. Try it sometime. They become so sensitive – feels great. otherwise, trim the rest so it looks neat – not like a forest I have to dive into…. LOL

  • I like trimmed and natural. Men should have a a little hair!! Hairy legs are the best!!

  • i love a trim bush if iam going dwn on him…:)very very sexy papi’s

  • on myself..i trim everything but shave the ball sack…for me i just feel cleaner…however i trim everything else. my personal preference varies..but i know trimmed is usually alot cleaner….and sexier. but to each his own

  • Afull bush is extremely hot on a smooth guy VERY SEXY

  • I prefer trimmed with shaved balls. I keep mine trimmed and balls are shaved.. Its an awesome look… and besides who likes to have hair in their mouth? Untrimmed leaves a lot to be desired….

  • nicely manscaped is the best way to go

  • Shave the dick, trim the hedges, scrub the cock and ass with some soap. Why is it guys like to meet without taking a good shower?

  • Love a bushy bush.. A man should be manly and natural in my opinion.

  • Hahahaha,

    funny subject but i like it. For me its really the hygiene because if the guy is sweaty its a turn off. still i prefer the its kind of the signature look.

    on the other hand i love a shaved man hole as well as a hairy one.

    all the models have hot pubes

  • i prefer trimmed or shaved. especially the ballsack. it feels much nicer to hold and lick a smooth one. In my book, natural is out, manicured is in

  • I think a man with a nicely trimmed bush is hot, even when he has hair on his chest is a real turn on for me atleast I think

  • My take on man pubes is depending on the guy, a nice hairy bush just breeds masculinity. A trimmed crotch is fine as long as the arm pits are left intact. You can have it anyway you want it.

  • trimmed bush is hot add to that a set of nice and smooth balls and that is really hot.

  • Check out my profile ..give me a big sweaty man bush!!!! anything else is a deal breaker….

  • I like a nice moderately hairy man. As long as he is clean, he can have some musky smell but not of urine or feces!.

  • Men are we GAY MALES HERE? Well I’m . The reason I’m gay is because I enjoy a real furry man next to my furry chest. When I’m eatting a man out I enjoy the juice from a mans pubs…so if u perfer shaven then you need a child or a FISH….PEACE…

  • I like it hairy.

  • If I wanted to go out with a woman, would do so. Why is it gay men feel a need to shave? If you take a shower with soap there is no urine smell and if there is the butt stinks too.so forgot it. Good hygiene can be manly. I find shaving a big turn off….leave things alone and be clean.


  • Personally, I keep mine pubes trimmed, but shave around the base, shaft, and balls. Don’t mind hair there but God’s sake i don’t want to have to comb my teeth or swallow hair with a nice load. Damn better be freshly showered or mister there is the door and don’t let it hit ya, where the good Lord split ya.

  • im back to being into a hairy crotch..hairy asshole..i was pretty trimmed there for awhile..and preferred that in others..but..its all about being with a man..not boy..hate shaved..looks stupid..esp if the rest of the bodys not shaved

  • I think every guy should manscape to a certain extent. But shaved, no way. I like hairy chest stomachs, asses, pits, legs, woof.


  • The more natural the better; however, keep the foreskin clean and the bush neat. A nice bush is fun to play with. Don’t shave the bush- like other comments, I am into a man. Shaved balls add to variety only. When I see guys walking around naked and shaved I only look once, regardless of the package. Just doesn’t look right to me. If the guy is naturally hairless I am very good with that and if he is naturally hairy I am good with that, but be neat.

  • I love both, but hairy pitts, legs, ass, croutch and chest are a real big turn on. I love to feel that hair all over a hot man’s body! Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t pass up a nicely shaven man, but hair in all the right places gets my cock hard as hell.

  • Slightly trimmed is fine, but would much prefer a full bush to any shaving down there… a bush that has been overly manicured tells me the guy is too concerned with his presentation — too prissy !

  • I prefer a slightly trimmed bush but not the totally shaved variety.

  • i like a guy to be trimmed but not overly and just not into shaved but as they say it is all a personal choice.

  • I like the bush it is a big turn on to me cuz it is natural.

  • I’m love smooth men (Asian). A good bush is nice though, but only the bush. And sometimes a very slight bush (I call it porn pubes) is hot looking too.

  • I like hairy chest men with bush but shaved balls are hot but I think smooth men should trim it down there it don’t look right on them

  • HATE shaved pubes. Make you dick look like a turkey neck. Trimmed it
    awesome, shaved it gross and a big turn off.

  • Would you take a beautiful painting and hang the canvas on the wall without adding a lovely – but tasteful – frame to it? Most likely you wouldn’t. The same holds true for a bush surrounding a guy’s cock. The “frame” enhances the look of his cock…as long as the frame isn’t too gaudy or big – hence, a nicely trimmed bush compliments the entire look of a guy. (I do like shaved balls, however.)

  • WTF with all the manscaping? totally unnecessary, unless you don’t bath properly. guys.. how about you focus on being men, and not obsessed with making sure your body is so perfectly shaved, or trimmed. obnoxiously obsessive, and looks nasty! this is something that has come into being only within the last 15 years.. and it needs stop. damn fools

  • I prefer shaved and sometimes I can roll with trimmed sometimes, but it is a must – shaved balls.

  • Natural body hair simply indicates a lack of self respect. Guys, you have the hair on your head trimmed regularly to look neat, why not trim your body hair for the same reason. My preference is completely smooth, simply because the skin is the largest and most sensual organ of the human body, so why allow it to be covered with material that inhibits sensuality and sensitivity. As for razor burn/bumps etc, there are several other ways of removing hair that will not leave the razor burn; epilation, waxing etc and those methods last far longer than simply shaving every day. I would give anything to be able to caress a hard, muscular and completely smooth male. The nay-sayers who feel that completely smooth men look “prepubescent” or “like a woman” obviously have not seen any professional bodybuilders or contemporary porn stars. Not a one of them look prepubescent (unless they happen to be under 20 yo). Give me completely smooth or at least neatly trimmed!

  • @batebro, dude that’s your opinion, keep in mind that other people have their tastes as well. Why trying to “convert” them ?

  • I agree with smooth Rob. If you take care of the hair on your head you should take care of the rest of your body. If you are naturally hairy then you should trim, I don’t think you should shave it off. However, you should at least give it a shape up. We as gay men obsess about our looks, wieght, our clothes etc. Why not body hair too. Not into hair balls, lol

  • keep it groomed and clean
    can’t handle a man that is not maintained
    Perfer him to have shaved balls and the bush should be clean or man scented not i have not showered or washed in a year

  • I want it natural… if it must be trimmed so be it. But trimmed is not taking it down to the bare stubble like a clearcut mountain top!

  • the hairier a man, the better I say. Now if he wants to trim a little, that’s fine. But a man should have hair there, and on his legs and his ass and his chest and tummy. Never seen a man with too much hair but have seen many with too little.

  • The bushier the better – Not shaved not trimmed just a natural hairy bush ‘”THE BEST”

  • I think trimmed is hot. My crotch is trimmed, but my balls and ass are shaved. And rimming a guy with a shaved ass is a sure-fire way to keep me digging and my cock rock-hard.

  • simple way I like to look at this “I Like to floss after i eat my sausage not before or during!” atleast trim.

  • LOVE A BUSH! Now turn around and bend over, and let me eat that hairy hole!

  • Completely shaved is hot to me on a smooth dude. But liketo see a bush on guys that are more hairy but it should be trimmed a little.

  • A thick, curly, natural bush is the ultimate turn-on, so why are all you guys trimming and shaving your pubes? It’s a moronic, depressing trend that is so over!

  • for me it depends on the guy. I HATE LONG PUBES! I personally trim mine. some guys look good with hairy bodies. if they work out and have abs I don’t want it all covered up

  • hair, hair, hair! love the latino dude with the thick black bush, the ginger with the fire-red bush, and all of the rest of you guys out there with the balls to be real and go untrimmed. men have hair- if you want to look like a little boy (or a little girl), that’s your business, but it’s not natural, and it sure as hell isn’t sexy.

  • Yes. It’s there for a reason. I want a man, not a 12 year old boy. That’s just creepy!

  • I like some pubic hair, closely cropped. For aesthetic and hygienic reasons, not too full (bushy).

    But the trend toward totally shaved pubes is just wrong. Reminds me of what I must have looked like at 9 years old. I agree with Thom–that’s creepy.

  • Totally shaved, looks like a raw turkey drumstick! Who wants to put that in their mouth???

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