19 Apr 2011

Pornstar : Scott Woodman

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Scott Woodman looks like your everyday horny college jock. He’s 19, loves to play football and is very athletic. He’s been wanting to try gay porn for a while and you can tell by the way he runs his hands all over his smooth chest, letting them linger a bit on the nipples, and just enjoying the erotic sensation of it all that he’s not camera shy one bit. His fingers lightly trace his well manicured treasure trail and slowly peel off his white briefs. His beautiful cock juts out from a nest of short tight pubes giving him a natural yet well maintained look and his hairy legs and arms nicely offset the smoothness of his chest. He flips over and shows you his hole, lingering a while to touch and tease with his fingers. And what about some hard cocks invading his virgin hole and hungry mouth? Soon, we’re sure of it.


(amazing pictures of Scott Woodman after the jump)

32 comments for Pornstar : Scott Woodman

  • flat ass…

  • he’s good looking I would fuck him .

  • Too twinky Looking!

  • good looking guy, nice body, nice dick but he’s a kid give me a real man anytime. at leat he didn’t shave his pubes big + for that. show me some mature hairy chested MEN

  • Wow they must be really hurting for porn stars…this guy is nothing special at all! I give him a 5 lol

  • Small dick…

  • Would love to play with him anytime…..

  • please give us some real men. this guy looks like he’s barely past puberty!

  • @notatwinkfan : Dude, I cannot post big beefy guys all the time… check the previous ones in the “pornstar. tab, you might like those better !

  • Scott is one SERIOUSLY hot, HOT young man! Whewww, such incredible eyes that project an air of innocence, that give way to an awesome smile, and of course a genuinely gorgeous, handsome and silky body- that appears to be adorned with a sexy tattoo!
    Man, oh man, Scott is the stuff of fantasy come to life-

  • I second that! he needs to work on his lower body

  • Yea…not sexy at all…

  • his cock is small, his balls are deformed, and his ass is, as noted above, flat as a board…..sorry, this ain’t porn star material 🙁

  • Wow. what a beautiful looking Boi. more pics please

  • @Electricmike: click on the picture it will lead you to the site on which he is…

  • he is ugly. ewww not that hot of a body either.

  • MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM – I;d do him or he could do me!!!

  • baby face…..he’s hot!

  • Not all that impressive. He’s very cute. But the penis is not note worthy. And the ass is on the flat side. Sry

  • He looks like all looks and a lousy lay.

  • Oh god!!! You’re telling me he wants to try gay porn?? Thats the funniest thing I’ve ever heard,you can see by his pics that he’s a pure power bottom who likes big dicks up in him. Little twinks like him do not fool me..

  • Flat ass? all the better to eat him out! I say that he’d be a delight to orally service to climax, anytime.

  • it would be hot to see him broken in by the guys over at Machofucker! thats the only way watching him would be interesting.

  • Although I agree with Anonymous, watching him get fucked by those guys at Machofucker would be hot, he’s not that bad looking. For all you guys that nit pick about what he looks like or how flat his ass is or how small his dick is, etc. I’d like to see you each post a picture of yourself, THEN you can judge him. Why is it that the internet turns everyone into an asshole?

    For the record, I have nothing to do with the guy and am not him, I just hate hypocrisy and pricks that feel the need to bash people based on their looks.

  • @Ace, I agree !

  • damhe is a little fat an a porn store

  • HE IS SEXY. I would do him or at least blow him. great chest, nice cock, a hot ass, I love that the most hair is in/on his armpits. on a scale of 1 to 10; I rate him an eight. I love the fact that he didn’t shave/trime his pubes completely

  • You men are cruel with your honesty…. I must admit though, I think that this type of porn star is passe!!! I wonder if he’s a straight porn reject who turned to gay porn…He has a cute face and nice chest… Abocrombie and Fitch may be hiring…… As far as the dick… its pretty clear to all who see…

  • none of are perfect but i would LOVE a night with him

  • That’s my last name, hope he didnt “make it up” and he’s really a long distant cousin 😉

  • He’s definately a Hot young man. Wouldn’t mind playin with him for hrs

  • So many power bottoms posting comments about his dick size.

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