3 May 2011

Health: B.O.B. / Big ‘ole Belly

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Most of us are overweight, but where you store those extra pounds matters. Men who gain belly fat first are at greater risk of serious health problems.

Fat cells are active cells that make and secrete hormones and molecules that affect other tissues in your body. The fat located in your abdomen (visceral fat) is particularly active and dangerous to your health. Visceral fat can contribute to heart disease, high blood pressure, strokes, diabetes and some forms of cancer. For instance, visceral fat cells release fatty acids that impair your body’s ability to break down insulin, too much insulin in your system can lead to diabetes.

To gage your belly size for health risks lie down and wrap a soft tape measure around your waistline (above your hip bone and beneath your belly button). Be sure that you do not hold your breath or suck your belly in while you are measuring. If your waistline is greater than forty inches you most likely have too much belly fat.

There are several ways to reduce your B.O.B. Most importantly, you need to get up and move around. You cannot ‘spot burn’ belly fat, but the good news is that most people that lose weight will lose it within the abdominal area first. Aerobic exercise focused on burning calories is better than exercise like sit-ups or crunches. Sit-ups and crunches will strengthening the muscles under the fat but will not reduce fat.

Restricting your calorie intake will also help you to lose the belly fat. A sustainable diet does not involve drastically reducing your intake of calories, there should be a slight reduction. I recommend that you consult a physician or nutritionist before starting a diet plan.

Any effort is better than no effort as little changes can help. Switching out refined grains for whole grains changes the glucose and insulin response in your body, which hastens the burn of visceral fat. Reducing your intake of trans fats and sticking with monounsaturated fats (found in avocados, nuts, seeds, soybeans, chocolate) can also help speed up the reduction of your belly fat.

Whatever your weight, remember to be patient and compassionate with yourself as you incorporate healthy changes into your life. Change is not easy, and it takes time.

Lastly, losing your B.O.B. should not be about a cosmetic change or an effort to conform to some marketed image of what a gay man ‘should’ look like. Losing your belly is about caring for your long term health and, my experience is, that when you care about yourself and change for yourself, you have a greater chance of reaching your goal and are ultimately more satisfied by the changes you have made. After all, self-care is about caring for, and about, yourself!


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  • I work overnite shift and it is hard to lose the Bellyfat
    Any suggestions

  • Lol, an artical that I FINALLY read & boosts my moral. But I am changing SOLEY bacause the community in my city do not respect……large may males. The skinnier I am, the more get I will get!!!lol

  • Ron, its the age old thing. Diet and exercise. Cut back on carbs and eat more lean protein and exercise to burn off the fat.

  • Yes, some of us are at the age where suddenly there’s a belly there – I’ve always been thin and able to eat anything and never gain weight or fat. Now I’m terrified to have a belly – what are the best ways to rid myself of this terror?

  • I’m with Ron — great, you told us that it’s bad, that 40″+ waistlines are bad…but how’s about when you post something like that, you also post a little more; say, “here are some ideas about what you might want to consider doing to lose the B.O.B”. Otherwise, I read this and I’m like, “well DUH!”

  • Correctomundo!

    I used to weigh 300 lbs. It took a few years, but I lost 100 lbs. There is no magic bullet. A good ‘ole, common sense, healthy diet and exercise regimen is the way to go. Although I am still a work in progress, I’ve never been healthier and happier with the way I look. No excuses, my friends. No excuses!

  • old fashioned diet and exercise, with exercise being the most important. try leg lifts (no joke). put your hands under your butt, put your feet together, lift and hold 6 inches off the ground 8 to 10 inches, spread your legs then hold, bring together and down to the ground. do 4 sets of 25 over the course of the day.

  • Well, healthier lifestyle indeed! I used to have belly (I weighed 250 lbs) but I changed my lifestyle started January 2009. I’ve been eating better food (lean meat and vegetable, oatmeal, fruits and protein shake, rarely do I eat those hamburgers, pizza, chips, and sodas, only once in a while and I drink occasionally).

    I work out (at least 3x a week). And now, I have flat abs, with athletic build. Oh FYI, I am 26 years old, and 6’1″, 190 lbs.

    So yeah,hope it helps ya!

  • The best thing is keep a record of your work outs! This helps you gather momentum, take pride in your efforts, at least it helps me. Write down EVERYTHING you do in terms of physical effort. I am presently in a losing phase (after a dreadful northeast winter and only desire I had was to shovel snow, it was too cold to do anything but watch Nurse Jackie & DH reruns). So I even wrote down 20 minutes of walking, when b.f. and me went to walmart earlier today. It adds up!

    Happened across this H.I. Training, aka HIT. Essentially sprint for 60 seconds then run in place for 60, then rest for a few minutes. Then do it again 9 more times. This shocks the metabolism, spikes it from what they say. It is prob not for everyone, but a good friend has had success with it. Problem is he often pukes after the workout.

  • With a paleo diet! Rawr! Real simple actually. Cut out grains, increase lean meat and healthy fat consumption (From meat, avocados, nuts) cut out all bad fat from vegetable and hydrogenated oils. Eat lots of veggies, fruit on occasion. Get plenty of rest, lift heavy things a couple times a week, and sprint on occasion. There you have it.

  • Wow, I can’t believe there’s an article like this on THIS site of all places. Don’t get me wrong, I like it and there should be more like this one, but lets face it, most of the guys on here would sooner die than be anything above a 36″ waist, let alone a 40″.

  • liposuction, babies

  • Agreed have lost 60 lbs and not done yet.I feel much better n look better and my dick is bigger due to not being covered up by blubber

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