14 May 2011

Photography : Sexy Vampire !

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Seems like sexy model Dan Brett got a craving for something … bloody!

But we are craving for nothing else than his hot body… yummy!

Look at his gorgeous face and abs, just feel like licking it!

And what an amazing work by photographer Joseph McCormick!

Do you like as much as I do ? Or do you find it too edgy?


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56 comments for Photography : Sexy Vampire !

  • Ewww. This is actually more horror/macabre as opposed to a “sexy pin-up” shot. Not that there’s anything wrong with it at all, it’s artistic expression and it’s well photographed. But if you find blood dripping on a half-naked man’s body “sexy,” you need to go get checked.

  • Dude, I look at the work and the model. The fake Blood is just an element…

  • Damm nice baby

  • I’m hopping the fake blood is raspberry coulis… would be nice to lick that off him!

  • Nice body an cute guy I would lick up every single drop of blood off his body

  • Sweeeet ripped build!

  • he is so sexy i would take him homr to meet my mom(just dont bite her.lol.lol)

  • vampiers r sexy n my opinion and these photos just make them even more sexy lol

  • Nice pics, but doesn’t do much for me.

  • I agree, it’s too far “out there” for my taste. Damn good looking kid though. He’s gonna be super hot in a few years.

  • By making our only choices sexy or too edgy, you are saying that those of us who find it downright disgusting must somehow be unsophisticated. hmmm….

  • Yuck…..

  • Damn this guy is flippen hot, if I saw him in a dark alley and he was hungry he could feed of me anytime mmmmm. Then I woould do the same right back to him.

  • sexy as hell. just wonder is he a new cast member for true blood season 4? i mean he is drinking a true blood. looks like an advertisement

  • OMG he can bite my neck anytime

  • Simply awesome pics left me speechless… would love to see more work like this

  • very sexy man…got a lil of DiCaprio in him…and since I’ve had a thing about vamps from a very young age…yeah it’s great photography too..

  • ME 2!!

  • I would love to have him suck all my blood, and become part of him and for him , be part of his blood and be part of his soul.

  • The first and next to last pics are hot… the others are a little too much on the blood to me. He’s got a fine ass body though for damn sure!

  • Cute guy but with out the fangs or any kind of vampire reference it just looks like a cute gay guy that just got bashed.
    If you were a vampire dependent on blood for survival would you spill so much of it?…just saying

  • AHH in love with these photos! more!

    And after reading/watching vamp stories for many years now i find the photos beyond SEXY!!

    @OP .. lol its okay, i think you just have a weak stomach. these are SO far from horror/macabre .. =_=

  • that drink is true blood, it is a blood orange carbonated drink


  • I am sure that may be a bottle of TruBlood. But I could be wrong

  • Its not real blood. Its tru blood so if you are going off the show’s universe it is a blood substitute for vampires to drink instead of human’s and if you are going off our universe (which i assume we are) its is a yummy carbonated fruit juice beverage with blood orange juice and passion fruit.

  • the vampire , it’s just so damn sexy!

  • don’t know what all the fasination with vampires is. i think anything assocated with blood is gross as hell. i don’t care how hot or good lookig your this is a dealbreaker. grow up ppl. live in the real world.

  • gene: I just dont understand why people try to convince others that something is cool or something is not. If you don’t like it , fine. But dont tell us to grow up ! lol

  • Well, they now tell us vampires are out – thanks to the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie, mermaids are in. So you better start looking for sexy mermen to stay trendy! Can’t say I have ever seen one pictured with a penis – they must be retractable!

  • I would go with the raspberry… or maybe blackberry !

  • yeah true i model and i know hiow it is

  • He can keep drinking his blood if that what he enjoys……… while I drink his piss and swallow all he can feed me……….
    Always Thirsty here in South Florida………

  • i find this incredibly hot and sexy…he can bite my neck any day….that and vary nice work by both the model and the photographer wish i could get in to doing that stuff…..modeling that is

  • I think if there was a different model I would like it better but he is a bit too thin for me. Great abs but I feel like he is 6 feet tall and only 125lbs and thats not really my thing. Plus I can’t tell what the story is supposed to be besides the fact that he got overzealous with a bottle of true blood. lol.

  • I LOVE IT. Dan is a hunk and has great abs. I would love to lick them as well as play around with him

  • nice body, but if the bottle or description specified it was an actual “fruit” beverage, it would be hot. Blood with sex is not the slightest bit enticing. leave this for an exhibit , horror movie,or other horror type attraction marketing.

  • The blood doesn’t bother me because I know it’s fake… but damn… boy seriously needs to eat.

  • yeah, this one doesn’t work for me. the whole modern vampire genre is pretty solidly lame. just came across as a stupid juvenile photo shoot idea.

  • one more thought, how about a photo shoot of real gay and bi men, not models, doing reality based activities. laying in bed at home with their lover, working in their yard on their home depot project, working on their design school final project, you know real men in reality based candid photos.

  • It’s a little strange, IMHO. I’d rather see him clean.

  • Seeing as how the bottle of fake blood clearly indicates the photographer in charge was making a vampire reference to True Blood not Twilight. I don’t see what is so disgusting or unappealing about capitalizing on pop culture to inspire artistic expression. I think the model is hot and he could drain me any day. 😉

  • I could do without the fake blood, although the first pic was hot. Just show me the bod and bare the teeth, then i’ll get the point. It would be a test to see who would bite who lol. Nibble on his neck while fucking him into the next life.

  • Ever since I can remember I have been fasinated & drawn towards the”vampire”.There thirst for blood,there reclusiveness among society,there sexuality..So erotic to me…
    – Morgana Fae Morticia

  • what a hot body things i could do with that you might say i took one look an got horny as hell im 50 years old an he turns me hot an horny fast i feel like fucking myself

  • so to mr. hot bod keep up the good work an keep up the exercise

  • Would not run him out of my room nor out of my bed

  • I would have to say this is the most outstanding photo shoot I have seen in a long time. This is very hot and great art.

  • I think these pictures are great. The model is awesome. As the saying goes, “To each, their own.”

  • I think it’s really funny how close-minded and unaccepting gay men can be. Artistically, I think these photo’s are amazing. Kinda love the idea of vampires.

  • Cmon people he’s a fanasy just like all these pics on the net. Get over yourself if your saying ewwwww. As for the pic I think its hot and would do him or even vice versa, but to double check I have no werewolf blood in me… :p

  • hot

  • I am the model from this shoot … And if you think its sick you should try it … Very tastey and kinda sickly but all fun.. Oh and the people that said I’m hot and cute thank you 🙂 but not gay ! … X

  • Surely love to lick clean if it is a sweet tasting drink, Don’t care how straight YOU are, Just allow me to serve YOUR fantasies

  • I expected more seduction poses ,he’s hot ,I like the vampire lifestyle ,just could had been alot better ……

  • What’s wrong with a little blood? Bloodshed is hot.

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