7 Jun 2011

Hot or Not : Body Odor

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I was just getting to the gym the other day and walked to my normal spot and this guy was changing from finishing his workout…His body odor was so bad I almost threw up! He walked away but the smell was so bad it lingered and of course another guy walked up and probably thought it was me! Ugh!

I must admit I have never understood the attraction to “man smells”. I am blessed that I do not smell much when I sweat. For me to shower at least twice a day and apply deodorant 2-3 times a day during the summer is very normal. I find body odor a real turn-off, and I find wearing a ton of cologne nearly as bad. What’s wrong with just smelling clean? You’re not a flower, you’re not a sprig of mint, or a bag of sandalwood, YOU’RE A DUDE, and hopefully a CLEAN one. So smell like that and I’ll be happy.

I met this guy once and he smelled from the pubis. I’m sorry but I told him to leave! Come on, you are hooking up with me, clean your sack for sack’s sake ! We are not having a cup of tee, we are sucking each other’s dick!

Maybe I’m the only one thinking that way… When I tell my friends that I always shower before having sex they all look at me with weird eyes like if it was wrong. They all say: ” what about the spontaneity?”  I always reply that I bring my partner in the shower with me. I refuse to let someone slurching my ass when I’ve been working 8 hours straight wearing the same underwear!

What do you think? Are you into smells? Am I the only one who finds it gross?


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  • no your not the only one. its fun to take a shower with the right man!!!!

  • Personally, I do like a slight musky smell on a man. I agree, I wouldnt have sex after sitting around at work for 8 hours. I do like the way a man smells after a workout. Thats a total turn on. Doesnt mean I am going to eat his ass, but I do like that certain smell. Bottom line, I like the way a man smells. AND I HATE COLOGNE!

  • I do agree with you to an extent. If a man takes a shower and is clean, but gets out in the sun and mowes the yard and starts sweating alot That is a turn on for me. I don’t want to smell a custy ass or sack by any means, but I do find the smell of a working man invigorating.

  • Preach brother. I have sent guys away too because of funky pubic smells. Especially uncut guys I get them to shower with me before I suck them off cuz I have smelled a bad dick before it almost made me straight. lol

  • BO smells horrible, i hate it when i can smell it on someone. unless its extremely bad, i’ll just normally tolerate it. but now i love it when a guy wears some amazing cologne, it just adds to the hotness, but too much is just as bad as BO

  • Wow..honestly dude I thought it was just me. The ‘man smells’ are a huge turn off for me…especially in a sexual situation. C’mon fellas be considerate and keep it clean.

  • Well it all depends on the guy..they are allot of erotics smells the body gives off whether we are sweating or not…some men have heavy body odor some do not..basically like all the rules attraction depends on who is sniffing I guess..one man’s sweat could be another man’s instant to say crudely boner…

  • I agree! Bad smell = Bad Situation. I’m totally not into body odor and I can never understand why some guys like to fuck right after the gym without a shower first.

  • I hate B.O. nothing turns me off faster and i don’t care how hot you are. However, sometimes a man can smell really good without wearing anything. It’s more of a pheromone type of thing which is very hot.

  • I don’t like excessive smells either. I had a guy come to my hotel room last week. First thing he did was ask if he could shower since he’d been at work all day. He did, and the sex was awesome!

  • it’s hard for me to date or have sex because the men I have met were into body odors, I asked them if they would shower before sex but they would just take it as offensive, also guys with bad breath, yukes, I don;t like cologne very much, just the right amount is sexy, I shower everyday and on;t sweat at all, maybe a turn off for some guys.

  • I certainly agree totally with you.. had a guy once that when he pulled his pants down totally stunk.. had the nerve to ask if he took a shower could we start over.. Hell NO! ruined the mood.. then moved some one in with me that didn’t like to use deodorant.. smelled just as bad after the shower as before.. I would rather smell cologne… theres no excuse for body odor.. and i also shower before having sex!!

  • u have to distinguish between man smells and BO. Man smells are what you get when u sniff a freshly showerd man who hasnt used cologne or deodorant. BO is someoen who thinks shower falls in the optional category. i hate deodorants…, like a man to smell liek himself not something from Wlagreens that 25 other gusy smell like

  • i hate the smell of BO!!!!!!. in the gym. a trick that comes over. smells like some men dont know what a bathtub or shower looks like. its disgusting!!!!!! clean your penis and your butthole too.

  • I love a man with some lightly smelly pits! Balls and ass…clean ‘em up! There’s just something about musky pits that drives me wild. I’m not asking for an 12 hour lumberjacking kind of odor…but just enough to know I’m with a real man.

  • I like everything clean below the belt ! But ripe funky Armpits drive me Crazy !!!!!!

  • AMEN! Finally, someone who gets it. If you’re coming over to hookup CLEAN YOUR ASS, stop smellin all nasty. I HATE being the only one who seems to have JUST showered!

  • I don’t like dirty men or body odor but find a little sweat on a clean guy very …….. stimulating. A slightly musky smell on a clean man is a big turn-on for me. That doesn’t apply to the crotch area though. Don’t like cologne at all and prefer things au naturel but with good hygiene.

  • I read the article and all the responses submitted so far. I must be in the minority. But there is a difference between man smells and funk. My BF is Puertorican, has a desk job. I love smelling his body when he gets home. There is a very alluring scent to his skin and I love having sex with him before he showers. It’s all about pheromones guys. We all have them, in some of us they are more pronounced, but it doesn’t make them offensive. Think about when you’ve been rolling in the sack with a guy, you work up a sweat….did you notice the odor? Did it stop you from enjoying what you were doing? Personally, I think our society is way too hung up on perfection. People in other countries don’t think it’s a crime if you have a certain scent. I’m glad I feel this way, because my sex life has been off the hook because of it.

  • Okay, so BO, like actual BO BO, is just really damn gross.
    Like if I walk past you and you smell, there’s problems with your hygiene.
    BUT. If were in the sack and I get a little wiff of sweat…oh god…glorious.

  • I agree–shower first and if you can shower together then all the better. That way you can explore a body and go from there as the mood hits.

  • was at gay days at disney and just yesterday there was this man and his younger partner. well daddy the elder, had a really bad STANK going on. it was to the point i stayed back awhile that they would move away and onto the ride. i did notice a few queens standing near him, perhaps they were into stank men. for me, forget it baby. to me if the man smells like puke BO or the pecker smells of fish, cheese or other bacteria… i don’t have to tell y’all. at this point i’m glad i didn’t go on the rollercoaster near stank man.

  • Attraction pheremones form your body end up on the armpit hairs and pubic hairs, that way they can be more accessible to the air, thus more accessible to a potential mates olfactory sensors

    It releases pheromones and is associated with sexuality.So obviously having armpit hair attracts the a possible mate.Also it naturally wicks moisture away from the skin,keeps the skin dry to prevent colonization of odor producing bacteria.So it leads one to think that shaving the armpits is not a good idea at all,for one will have less ability to attract,and have underarm odor.

    Armpit hair serves as a carrier of a scent that attracts mates. With modern deodorants and perfumes this function is null.

    Funny fact is that something that’s 100% natural like body hair became a fetish these days. Do you know that body hair has it’s purpose during mating of human race? Body hair’s function is to spread body chemistry, yes body smell, more effectivly. And since it’s scientifically proven that people are looking for their mating partner by body chemistry body hair including women armpit hair has it’s purpose. Women who are shaving it might lose their perfect male one day because of that – or can lose him because they don’t shave :D it’s a bitch lol

    Armpit hair is perfectly natural, yet many people consider it embarrassing or unattractive.
    While armpit hair does not appear to serve any physiological purpose today, biologists theorize that its initial evolutionary advantage was to reduce friction between the upper arm and the body during vigorous labor or motion. Today the only active use for this hair is to collect pheromones, suggestive chemicals that discreetly transmit messages of sexual readiness or prowess to other members of the species.

    Theories include trapping odors and reducing friction
    Think about skin on skin chafing – ouch! If your skin rubs against skin, you can develop blisters, rashes, and various forms of discomfort. Because the armpits are generally in a skin-on-skin position, having hair acts somewhat like baby powder – it provides a smooth, rolling barrier between the skin to reduce friction.

    Another theory is that the hair is there to trap sweat and odor, including. If you think about where body hair is located and when it grows, this starts to make a lot of sense. You grow armpit and pubic hair at puberty, when the body is maturing sexually. This body hair traps sweat and odor, which can be a signal to potential mates.

    Many people will tell you that they find the smell of a hard-working person sexy, not the stinky BO sweat, but the fresh scent of someone who has been working in the sun or exercising. Couples also often recognize their partner’s scent and find it pleasing. The hair helps capture the scent, so that it stays around longer and is more prominent, possibly helping attract a mate, or keeping a mate attracted with the pleasing smell.

  • Nothing worse than suckin on a dick, rimming an ass, or licking pits that smell & taste like perfume or deodorant– Yuck!– Man scents culd be really hot!

    If a dude gets off on wantin to ‘slurch’ on your dirty ass after 8hrs or working & wearin the same underwear… then let him! — Its very hot. ;)

  • I love the natural smell of a man especially around his crotch. However i do not like uncut dicks because the majority i have been with give off a nasty smell and when aroused some moisture. If I love a guy then i can live with an uncut dick but he has got to keep it clean. But that natural musky smell is a turn on. BO on the other hand is not.

  • I agree with you mark i love a clean smelling man after work me and him always takes a shower before sex and after sex and sometimes during sex if we are in the shower

  • cummon guys! there is funk and then there is aroma. a light musk from a man’s pits, cock or ass tells you what he is – a man. if i wanted a gardenia i’d look for pussy.

    everyone has a different rate at which their body scents builds. diet is a major factor too. if you don’t like what comes over a friendly shower can fix it. a smart man will ask his guy how he feels about it before comming over. but please take it easy with the colognes, body sprays etc. and be thinking abot where you put it. i’d rather have a musky crotch or even a clean croth before smelling baby powder or lemons down there lol.

    Yeah i like a little man musk. so any guys that got rejected from the others that wrote in – cummon over!

  • B.O. and natural manscent are 2 different things. B.O. is created by not ever cleaning your body and that is rank and sick. but natural sweat produced by a clean man is hot! love a guy who wears no cologne and just smells like him

  • Well I dont condone body odor but I do LIKE a MAN smell. If you’ve had enough men and I can see you haven’t. Men have different odors some smell good, some smell bad, some are erotic. I happen to think a NATURAL body smell on a man is very sexy. I agree with you I hate a person that wears the entire bottle of cologne. But my years of HAVING MEN, I have come across a many with different odors and quite enjoy them. I dont MEAN MUSTY RACID smelling homeless odor. I mean an afterwork or an after workout odor is very attractive to me. TRY it sometime before you knock it.

  • I don not like Bad smell either..
    Nothing worse when ur going don there…and it reeks lol like..plz wash ur balls lol
    I love cologne,smelling fresh n clean,very sexi.ill be at he stores or wherevr..and can smell a mans cologne.gets my attention forsure ;)

  • I’am right in the middle guys, i do like a slight funk on a guy when he’s showered and doing something phyiscal, ie. working out, doing yard work, or having sex. I always shower before i play with a guy, but i’ve gotten funky and played with a guy who didn’t want me to shower under my arms. He was pretty horned up and we had a blast in the sack. Speaking of sack, i’ve smelled some rank sacks, and some that smelled pretty good. So having some funk is good, but when you reak that’s a different story.

  • I agree. Showering with a guy is hot. Once went to a dude’s place. Was going to top him. When he got naked I could smell his pits. He must’ve gone several days with out deoderant. Said sorry dude. Can’t do it and left.

  • I don’t like B.O. either but on the other hand, dick has a smell all its own and I LOVE that smell. I’m not talking about sweaty guy’s dick that’s been stuck in a cup and jockstrap all day long, but just regular clean dick a few hours after a shower. I, for one, can’t help but smell my own hand if i had to reach in my pants and scratch my balls lol its like a drug.

  • Body odors are offensive…I even like soap and cologne odors. If I find I smell, I apologize and shower again. I never understood the guys that like “man smells” in the personal ads either.

  • I dont wear colone , I like man to be clean fresh sweat is hot, i dont know what is B O but I ges I wouldnt like it

  • noting better than fresh clean smell of sweat

  • NO BO! a guy must smell dam good. And yeah i shower before sexy as well. alot of the guys a messed with shower before sexy, or we showered together

  • I like a little man funk. I don’t want a guy to stink, and certainly don’t want anyone who hasn’t had a shower recently, but a slight smell of sweat on a man can be such a turn on! I find it a bit disappointing if a guy just smells of soap. However, whether i like the smell of a guy depends on the guy. Some men have a smell that i love, and some don’t.

  • NO it is not just you. I like my man clean. Love starting off in the shower. After the shower, nothing better than a nice clean ass to bury my face in and enjoy

  • BO is caused by Germs. Germs cause and spread diseases. Good hygiene starts from childhood at home; taught in school; expected in work places. Furthermore, BO is a sign of bad health. It needs a serious professional help.

  • Bad B.O. is just that, BAD lol, but I can not resist a man that has a good smell, some guys can work out or do a Lil yard work and I would jump on them when they were done from the smell of there musk. A mans musk may be better then cologne if it is not too strong and smells like onions lol

  • I love the male scent especially after a workout, cutting the grass or a hot day and no air…..give me ll your crusty men guys..I love it!

  • Well, personally, I love a man to smell like a MAN. It all depends on what TURNS you on. Some men have a wonderful erotic odor some don’t. It’s like cum some guys cum smells some don’t, some taste good some don’t. I dont want a 4 days no shower guy, but I want a man that SMELLS like a man, its the reason I LIKE men, if I wanted a woman with all that perfume I would’ve married one. NOT!!!! To sum it up its NOT as bad as you’re making it sound. If the GUY is at the GYM. He may have a gland disorder anything don’t always assume you know someones issues. He woman may LIKE that smell and if he wasn’t COMING ON to you, you shouldn’t care.

  • Nooooooo Body odor is BAD. Every been in an elevator with someone who stunck? Had to take shallow breathes thru my shirt! lol I am not a fan at all of BO or smelly crotch.

  • the ripe smell of a hot sweaty man is a BIG turn on for me!
    love licking pits so i would rather not taste deodorant

  • You are right on. A good clean body is a turn-on for me, no cologne, just clean. I don’t mind getting down and dirty but I’m going to start clean and my partner had better be clean too or it’s over before it starts. If his dick has the heady smell, it’s over even if he washes up, it’s still on my mind how he smelled.

  • Since I have one hell of an intense foot fetish, body odor isn’t as big of a concern to me as it probably is for most other guys (lol)…not that i’m into really bad foot odor because i’m definitely not, but that’s part of what makes feet so erotic to me is the “normal” musky scent that’s usually lingering on a guy’s soles even right after he takes a shower. Body odor in general can be more erotic than nasty as long as the guy is in good physical condition and has a fast metabolism.

  • For me, I love a guy to smell like a guy. Being with a guy right after a work out, when he is all hot and sweaty just drives me wild.

  • Pheromones are scentless. And humans haven’t been conclusively shown to respond to them. It’s a popular myth; the component of body odor which cues sexual arousal (and it does as well in clean people as dirty ones) has to do with genetic variation from the person inhaling the scent. It’s one of the many ways we pick partners without conscious awareness – those who “smell good” tend to have a substantially different genotype, and if we were to produce offspring with them, they would be stronger for it. Neuroscience has yet to determine why homosexual men and women respond in the same way as their heterosexual counterparts (which is to say, gay men and straight women in one category, gay women and straight men in the other), but the evidence is pretty clear on the matter:

    Scientifically speaking, body odor is hot.

    Being stinky? Not so much. Fortunately, you have your body odor no matter how much you bathe or attempt to mask it. If you need to wear cologne, deodorant, or antiperspirant to feel confident about yourself socially, by all means, go ahead. But you still smell like you, just with some metal, alcohol, or botanicals heaped on top, and I’d prefer you wash all that off before we get busy. I KNOW what’s on your skin: Most of it’s gross, some of it’s downright dangerous, and I’d rather not have any of it near my face. I’ll do you the same courtesy. Sex in the shower’s hot, too.

  • I’ve had guys come out of the shower and directly to bed and you can smell the soap or body wash and still smell the dick and I think It is in credibly hot. It’s what a man’s cock smells like. However, body odor from sweat and a dirty body combined is horrible. Also, the foreskin of a clean cock has a smell and it sends me orbital! (in a good way)

  • No Dave, nasty smells are a BIG TURN OFF for me and you didn’t even get to the foot area. Eewwww!! I have a friend that never sweats and never wears deodorant–he doesn’t need to. I am always licking his pits and taste nothing but skin and hair. No nasty deodorant or sweat! He’s the only one I know like that. Maybe it’s because he’s part Native American Indian. On the other hand, I have been with a person all day in hot weather, knew he had taken a shower that day, we had gotten all sweaty, had sex with him. but it was a “clean sweat”. I know that sounds stupid, but a little sweat on a clean body is real sexy….like you get “after” having sex. If you’re doing it right. LOL!

  • I agree totally. A good smelling guy is one who knows what a shower and a bar of soap is. If there is a funk on a guy it destroys the rest of the senses, this includes cigarette smoke. I like a sweaty guy as well but god forbid it smell like he’s been laying out in the street with a dead skunk.

  • Depends on the smell and what we’re doin. I don’t like funky pits, and I won’t eat a stankin ass, but musty nuts with just a hint of ass turns me on! I got into that once havin hott foreplay with a guy. We were laying side by side jackin off. I had been playin in his crotch. I moved my hand and just happened to put it over my nose while I was jackin. I caught of whiff of his nuts and ass and it made me nut instantly. Been hooked ever scents! LOL

  • No way…if he stinks, he had better know it and ask for the shower.I will wash him until he unloads right there. He could be the perfect lover, but not if I have to fight through the stink to get to the good stuff.

  • A slight man smell is ok but it can’t be too strong. And I agree clean up the privates a little before sex!


  • Well…. I guess it depends on what part of the U.S you reside. If you’re an L.A native like me, where there’s a strong Hollywood influence, and people actually care about their looks and personal bearing and hygiene, then I suppose naturally “manly smells” and body odor would be a turn off. However, if you live up in patchouli ville like San Francisco, where everyone is all into peace and love and saving the trees, and the main attraction is bears and cubs. Then I guess you would love the fragrant odor of B.O, and scat. Trot on over to the Castro and sniff out those odors for yourself! You practically need a machete just to cut through the haze of body stench, fur and leather! Better yet head on over to the Folsom St. Fair, that’s always fun! It’s always refreshing to smell B.O and see streams of urine drizzling from the street corners.

    Bottom line hair, B.O of any kind, and natural body smells are (NOT) sexy and never will be! Irish spring, old spice pure sport cologne, and a light spray of your favorite cologne, preferably mild citrus smells are what’s attractive!

  • I like this article. And i agree with your premise. Cleanliness is important at least for me. However, i would like to mention that i read a comment from someone talking about uncut guys smelling. I am not into uncut dick smell eventhough I am uncut, but i have met many cut guys who stunk worse than anything. And also uncut guys who you thought they were rotting. It is just a matter of hygiene, being clean and considerate of others. Cleanliness has nothing to do with being cut or uncut. and yes, BO can be a turn-off. Sweat in a clean body is different, but if you sweat and haven’t showered, it is time to run. Some guys push their sweaty armpits into someone’s face. not my style. sorry. I dont ask for cologne or anything else. But nothing beats a freshly showered clean smell. it enhances the experience. to each its own though. While BO is not my style, i respect others who think it is hot. There is one for the other. But apart from all that, I think that it is healthy to be clean, regardless and we must strive for healthiness for our own sake.

  • I too shower before i let anyone suck my dick, and always clean my ass. I find body odor very offencive. And like you I love to take my partner to the shower with me….

  • I like the smell of sweat before bacteria really gets to it. The bacteria breaking down the sweat is what causes the bad odor. So a guy who just got finished working out or working up a sweat from an intense fuck session, I think it’s really hot. It’s fresh, it’s HIS smell (not the bacteria decomposing it), and it smells, tastes, and feels great!

  • Well, I find a guy that bathes in cologne just as bad as someone who seems to have no clue about hygiene! Why would you show up stinking/filthy for a date or a dick but believe me lots of guys will do just that…

    Just like lots who don’t get ready to ride/”Oh, I prefer it natural.” aka lazy/nasty/funky/uneducated. A man that smells like a good soap is great, but to me so is a clean-hot sweat from the gym too.

    Quite a difference between not bathing/B.O. than what scents a man gives off naturally/when he is sexually aroused/like musk in animals/pheromones and some men put off more than others..we don’t all smell the same either! If a stud showed up at the door clean, but as I was getting busy I caught a whiff of his musk…I doubt me or my cock would throw him out the door as it does turn me on.

  • Maybe it’s not the guy but his clothes. Maybe he doesn’t wash his clothes properly like under the arms. The sweat clings to the clothes over and over again and before you know it the stench is unbearable. There were two young guys (teens) who cycled with me and no one wanted to ride behind them until one day I got the courage to talk to them about it, change your deodorant, try washing under the arms of your cycling jersey before dropping it into the wash etc. After a few days the problem was gone.
    Pal, like you I take a shower before I go on the prowl and I thoroughly wash all the access points. My significant other must at least smell fresh or of mild cologne and I do to myself what I will expect from others.

  • I can understand being fresh, but one coat of deodorant is enough, and applying so much cologne that you smell like the counter at the department store is WAY beyond gross! Beside, a little man smell is hot, for Men. I guess boys don’t like it…

  • A slight BO isn’t bad, and I do stress “slight”. If it’s to the point where all you can think of is toxic waste then there’s a problem. I do like a slight sweaty (again slight) smell. So I guess there is a huge difference between BO and the natural smell of a man.

    I agree with many that if the smell is at an unbearable state, then it’s definitely time to shower. I’ve been with a gentlemen that had a very slight sweaty smell to is balls, this was bearable, the slight salty taste was intriguing, however beyond that point, it’s way too much.

    So in the end, a slight natural smell can be a turn on, however a bad BO is definitely a turn off.

  • Really not into body odor either – prefer a fresh clean man. However, there is something sexy about a sweaty man with a light smell. And as a guy with a huge foot fetish, there is notning like some hot sweaty feet. :)

  • Here’s the deal – it’s all about the chemicals. Nature intended us to sniff out our mates, and colognes and deodorants are designed to cover up what nature intended.

    There is a BIG difference between pheromones and plain old smelly guys. I won’t tolerate or rim an unclean ass, but a *little* natural funk in the crotch can be hot. I always thought I loved hot hairy sweaty smelly pits, but recently I have met some guys who were just over the top and more was definitely NOT better. So I will go with, I like hygienically clean guys who have worked up a natural man sweat but not so overpowering that it will knock you over.

  • Not into B.O. I’ve met guys with head cheese, piss smelling balls, ass smell, and armpit odor. It is a complete turn off. The worst is a guy with bad breath that wants to kiss you.

  • In this day and age there is no excuse to smell like a pig.

  • You are not only one! I shower like crazy before any hugging sucking fucking happen. Hate sweaty, not to mention the bad breath!

  • When it comes to men, he is only sexy and appealing to me when no part of his body smells or taste like soap. Musk-Ripeness dried sweat after being physically active or sporty is nature’s own poppers/amyl to me. This doesnt mean that sour unhealthy rancid/putrid odor from very slack hygiene or from being homeless.

    No a man doesnt have to have B.O. every time I have sex with him, but he should stink more times than not! If EVERY time to commence foreplay he needs to have just stepped out the shower,needs his deodorant,talc powder or cologne on…I will stop having sex with him!

    Yeah…I know, I admit it I’m FREAK and I love dirty guys!

  • Must be alot of new people to sex here or just very few sex partners. Let me clear it up a bit. There is stinky and there is scent/smell; there is also odorless. Odorless is boring, by the way.

    Sweat for the most part has no odor on a clean body, for the most part, you are just gonna get the man’s natural scent including phermones. Depending on how much sweat and how long ago they bathed. Sweat starts to smell rank when bacteria has had a time to work on it. Maybe 4 hours or more?

    Nasty smells only come along when people do not bath probably on a regular bases–all the time. This means they leave some of that sweat and bacteria behind everyday. (Like folks who never use wash clothes.) This can lead to truley bad BO.

    A little BO can be ok. Just don;t be rank and please use a wash cloth.

  • If a dude has a natural smell, that is okay. By natural, I mean he doesn’t smell like soap. Soap smells good too, but as the author said, “we are not a sprig of mint or a bag of sandalwood.” Well, we also are not a bar of soap. I like the way skin smells. I don’t like the way B.O. smells, or sweaty sacks, or dirty asses. All in all, the smell of soap is fine but not required. What smells “clean” is a matter of perspective.

  • I like a clean man scent, how ever I do find guys that sweat and their armpits smell like a deli is a turn off, I like guys that wears the right cologne, don’t mind the sweat as longest its a clean smell

  • While I find the level of personal care that you engage in to be boardering on excessive, I have to agree, strong odours and not only repellent, but distracting…

    However, like drinking, if you are there from the start, (i.e. both sides are clean/sober), then a natural progression to a more musky zone is OK.

    Like drinking though, if the other person started before me, there is no way I am ever going to catch up, and I find it off-putting, especially the morning after, (for the drinking I mean).

    I have one hot regular that enjoys the smell of a man, and since I don’t mind if it is “my smell”, I will arrive in clothes that I have worn for a few days, (just because it turns him on, and fuels the experience). But personally, it does little for me, one way or the other…


  • I guess this comes down to your background and experiences. I hear people talking about “sitting around at work all day.” I work on a farm. We actually work at work all day, and therefore, smell like we’ve worked all day. I personally have strong body odor. I can wear deodorant and still smell pretty rough after working. I shower daily, but still have a “working” smell. I guess from being around attractive men who sweat all day I enjoy the smells men put off. Although none of them smell like your body wash or cologne. If I can smell a man and he smells like body products he might as well be wearing high heels and lipstick; total turnoff.

  • I cannot understand how anyone can have sex , or expect to, and not shower before .. major turnoff .. and I don’t mind a little cologne . foreign countries love cologne and I think its very sexy .

  • I think most people use to much perfume and cologne…and the scents these days are horrible…ahh the good old days of Halston and Polo…or just Skin Bracer after shave…..When you get a guy over for cock….ask if he would like to shower with you and then climb in a hottub for a good boil…..that will take the funk away…then…Buffet is open “ALL YOU CAN EAT”!

  • i think theres a good body oder,like a slight musky scent,then theres the bad.it all depends.

  • sorry to say…bad odor is bad odor….ever smelled someone feet that it made you throw up…think about it…ewwwwwww

  • im not too big on body odors, they turn me off and i dont really care for them too much. now some light cologne is pretty hott, and i totally agree sex after a workout eeew, i dont wanna go down on you after you’ve been sweating for 2 hours take a shower, you get that same wet effect and smell clean! :)

  • Disgusting. This is 2011……………MANY products on many isles in all stores are available to men and women to be clean and fresh!!

  • I always shower before sex and never put on any deodorant or cologne if I know I am having sex. So often guys like to lick different places and they don’t want to taste deodorant and cologne.

  • I have to agree… to me? someone who reeks of body odor, particularly when it’s noxious and foul, I want nothing to do with them. Now, a clean man in the heat of sex DOES have a rich masculine smell that isn’t body odor or funk. That scent doesn’t bother me, and I think it’s a turn on. Someone who just smells like something rotten (especially if they take off their shoes and something smells dead!) is someone who I don’t see as healthy. A body in good condition, eating proper nourishment and living an active lifestyle will never smell like that. Dehydration, crappy food choices, excessive drinking, smoking, and drugs all increase the acidity of the body and make foul odors. A LIGHT cologne doesn’t bother me, but most guys don’t understand that cologne is an INTIMATE thing and shouldn’t be noticed unless you are close enough to kiss. (or more!)

    Just my 23.712 cents… (adjusted for inflation!)

  • You gotta make a difference between the smell of a man and body odor. If you shower, then work out, the sweat doesn’t stink yet…it needs time for the bacteria to work on things.
    After a day’s work in an office can go either way because it depends on the amount of sweat and bacteria working on things and it varies a lot from man to man. That being said, I much rather encounter a squeeky clean man than one who has ‘incubated’ too long.

  • I like the natural smell of a man when clean. I can’t understand however; why some men seem to think that sweat and body odor are exciting. I had one employee on my construction crew who would not use deodorant. By the end of the day he stunk so bad that no one would work with him. Simple solution; I fired him so no one had to put up with it. We can’t all be clean clean all the time, but you can at least make an effort.

  • I completely agree and I should clarify that you are talking about clean smells. Guys who just sat in the sun, rode a bike or took a swim can be totally hot and not smelly. I really dislike when a guy smells like raw onions, dirty ass, or bad breath. While I do not like the smell of many colognes, there is nothing wrong with a clean soap smell. I totally get what you are saying.

  • I’m assuming that the BO you’re talking about is the horrible, ‘haven’t showered in a few days’ smell. I read somewhere that is caused by bacteria growing in your pits (or pubic area, getting that ammonia like smell down there), so technically simply being sweaty doesn’t cause BO. But you’re right, BO is bad and can easily be avoided by showering daily and using an antibacterial soap then deodorant. Diet also affects one’s body odor, so that’s something to consider when you’re about to chow down on that garlic chicken (although this affects everyone differently). But overall… shower everyday and brush your teeth.

  • I can definitely say i’m not into B.O. I’m a lot less likely to eat ass if someone hasn’t JUST showered. But if it’s tolerable, I can still be turned on by the dude if I find him attractive. And I DO like the spontaneity, instead of having to shower and put everything on hold and all (it ruins it for me to some degree…). However, I haven’t met too many considerate guys like Dave who will actually INVITE a guy to shower with him. The day I do will be a good day :)

  • I agree with the majority of you. Reeky pits are the worst and musky nut sacks make me gag. Would you eat bacon if it smelled like it was rotten? Seriously?!? A hot guy is just that and spur of the moment trumps all, but if it’s premeditated, soap is your best friend. Cologne is not.

  • I love the smell of a man, (depends of course on the man) Arm pits, crotch, ass, its all good. Even a little ripe, but smell is the key word. Bad odor? dirty odor? Thats another story. Musk smells are good.

  • As a friend put it so succinctly: if you come to the party stinking it’s disgusting. If you leave the party stinking it’s sexy. Show up clean and ready to go, then work up a good sweat with me.

  • I agree about the odors! A smelly guy is a BAD thing in my book. If a guy is getting off work and comes over, I offer him the shower. I always shower before a fun time. Only fair to the one I am with. I am uncut, and I know I cannot stand myself after a hard workout let alone offering it up to someone else! I think just a whif of cologne of body spray can be sexy, but I just like CLEAN!

  • A slight manly musky smell is acceptable (and a little of a turn on if I do say so myself), but anything more than that … It crosses the line between that and B.O.M.G.

  • I wish all guys would get some arid!!!

    Was gonna go down on this guy once and felt like I was just about to suck off a yak!!!

    I hate to refuse a cock, but come on, wash that thing!

  • Men should smell like men, not the perfume counter at Macy’s. That said, there is a fine line between a natural bouquet and funk.

    If I drop to my knees before you, let the pheromones flow, but if i wrinkle my nose or avert my head, it might be time for your weekly bathing ritual. Of course, diet and medications can ooze their way right out of the pores.

    Prefer unbuttered pits and a clean, but naturally musky butt.

    Best test: if your scents turn yourself on, we’re golden!

  • showers together are fun…everythings got to be clean for me to go eaten down there…some guys have a nicley MANLY smell about them which is a turn-on, dont like them drowned in cologne either..love eaten butt and it better be fresh as a daisy

  • I have to say that I find it gross. I have a roommate and all the time I have t remind him to put deodorant and put some powder on his feet because every time that he takes his hoes off his feet stinks and man his underarm stinks too. LOL!!!

  • For me, I don’t mind blowing a guy who has a light sweat scent. Its kind of a turn on. But when it comes to guys sucking my dick, I have to shower. I am just paranoid that way.

  • I couldn’t agree more. B.O. = STINK!! I find few things more offensive than foul body odor. The sour smell makes me nauseous. I almost always shower BEFORE I work out so that when I sweat it doesn’t stink. I really wish other people would do the same, and that goes for women as well as men. Body odor and sex do not mix! Pheromones emanating from a CLEAN body can be a real turn-on, but body odor is a definite turn-OFF.

  • Not into man smells either and taking my sexual partner into the shower to clean up befroe sex is great foreplay and makes the sex even better….

  • I agree. It all depends. There’s musky and there’s ugh. Frankly, I’m turned on by my own body scent!

  • You have to know if you’ve gotten offensive, or have a bad odor. Take care of it…Use the products that help. Shower sufficiently, meaning daily. Some male odors are full of very attractive pheromones.. Even a clean rig will still emanate extremely attractive smells. One guy smelled in breath and rig like lilacs…I’m not kidding.

  • Every guy smells different…I remember once i played with a guy whose ballsack sweat smelled so good i wore it on my mustache the rest of the day lol! Then another dude’s stunk so bad i couldn’t go through with the act…Like Jason said its a pheromone thing, some you’re attracted to, some you’re not. The way a guy smells can greatly add to an experience, i’m not very squeamish, so as long as you’ve showered within the last 3 or 4 hours, its usually fine with me. And it must have some hair. Won’t go near a shaved cock and sack…trimmed, ok, but shaved? total turnoff. Who wants someone who looks like a kid down below?

  • i love the smell of SOME men! sometimes its that sweaty hairy man that lets you unleash (in several ways) your wild side but what i see here in this posing is that alot of guys confuse the smell of sweat with just plain funk! i met a guy who would sweat like every 10 mins and was hairy but didnt stink like funk it was more of a clean sweat, also it could have been just the way he smelled but i loved it and it turned me on BIGTIME

  • I happen to enjoy some ripe pits, and a ripe ass…amongst other things. I guess living in San Francisco is a great spot for me. :)

  • I like a man smell, and I like cologne. It’s all in context. Too much of ANYTHING is not a good idea. Now, what about men who get rid of ALL their body hair. That’s a turn off for me. Why would anyone want to be with an adult pre-pubescent BOY?

  • Not into BO at all, really gross and a big turn off, i enjoy my men be clean and good smelling, some nice smelly goods are ok but not to much,

  • You are what you smell like

  • i dont wanna smell a guys ass 4 feet away when he pulls his undies off.

  • I used to date a guy that wore a particular brand of cologne and when it mixed with his own body odor or lets say man smell it was unbelievable. When we first met he forgot his jacket at my house and when I picked up his jacket I could smell him on the collar and it got me aroused every time. So fucking hot!

  • Actually, for me it depends. I have been attracted to certian “man smells” before and other times a total turn off! Its all about the guy! lol.

  • I’ve had more than one guy take a shower before we fool around. :] Body Odor is NOT sexy.

  • Mansmell is hot. Especially from an athletic guy at the gym, or from playing sports. But not showering for days can be a bit rank. I love a dudes sweaty pits and musky crotch!!! ITs a complete turn on.

  • Smell is an extremely powerful thing for me; it has a tremendous effect on my mood, and my thinking, even though I don’t have an especially sensitive nose or anything. A smell can evoke a memory, get me aroused, or make my mind go into overdrive. So, if man’s pits & crotch are rank, or simply fresh, clean, and almost odorless, or even if he soaking in colognes or other artificial scents, then I absolutely love exploring all of it. And I always talk about it first with the other guy, so we can get together already ready to have a good time with no unpleasant surprises, and maybe make a new natural scent of our own. ;->

  • I like fresh body odour its like poppers to me – however like so many on here it can be overwhelming and quite repulsive. Body fresh musky groin and armpits can be a real turn on!

  • Nope, not the only one. Thats gross. But black guys have a scent, not body odor just a natural scent that I find amazing, makes me melt. But body odor is just yucky.

  • I agree with you!! I !HATE! Gross BO smell and cheese smelling crotch, if your going to want to mess around smell fresh not just smell like you were lazy and dumped a bottle of D&G all over you just makes it worse! Not to mention when I find that a guy smells like that it just makes me wonder about how the rest of their higeine is. GROSS, I all so take at least 2 showers a day and if it’s hot and muggy sometimes 3, but always always ALWAYS before sex! THAT IS A MUST! I have to other wise I will not enjoy it and I want to know my partner is clean and fresh. There is Nothing like getting close to a guy and you smell freshness on his skin like the light fresh clean sent the soap or body wash leaves behind and knowing whatever you lick, suck, taste or slobber on is clean and ready to go!

  • Interestinng article indeed. I am not into ‘natural’ odors and certainly NOT BO but my guy does ALOT! He finds my armpits a BIG turn on which i found embarassing at first. He can smell me if i had entered a room earlier while sweating.
    He especially loves sucking me off, rimming and then f*** me AFTER I get back from my early morning jogs sweating!

    I must say though my sweat doesnt have a nasty smell and even my sister liked sniffing my undervest!

  • I never understood the attraction to rank body smells either. I always shower before sex, and yes showering with a hot man is a lot of fun too!. A guy that showers a couple of times a day, especially in the summer, will have a clean smelling body, and still smell like a man (but a clean man). I don’t like cologne or deodorant during sex though, especially if you end up tasting it. But if spontaneity is what a guy wants, then let me suggest showering a few times a day so you’re always ready for sex. Is that such a radical idea??

  • I do not like the smell of bad BO. Take a shower before a workout and meet up with me I’ll make you happy. Perfume, cologne just a little goes a long way. However I am attracted to the pheromones of one’s body chemistry, male or female, for some reason I can smell it more than others.

  • hey dave, very interesting topic and one that should be brought to the light. i totally agree and know where you are cumming from. first of all, in search of playmates, i let it be known that you must be CLEAN! some people seem to think that just because you are gay that you will accept all that is presented to you. that is so not so! as i respect myself first, i WILL NOT spontaneously let a guy fuck me. i need to know that i’m clean and don’t mind suggesting us showering together to reassure us. i’ve dated men right just getting off from work and welcumed them to my shower/jacuzzi for the cleaniless. most of all, i need and want everything to be clean beacause being the freak that i am, who knows where this fuckfest shall begin or end. i am careful to put on deordant/cologne with a married man for the sake of discreetness and him transfering my scent home. all in all, body odor is major turn-off to me!!!

  • i totally agree, im always about smelling good and wanting a guy to be clean and smell good as well no sweaty nasty bo, no way, i mean if ur gonna have spontaneous sex ya sometimes u can shower but u can atleast through on some deodarant and take a clean wet towel and whip all ur areas and make em smell nice, but if u can shower i do reccomend that, so yes i agree

  • I totally agree with the OP. I can relate to everything he says. I can’t stand funky smells!! Before I have sex, I use a small douche to clean out my asshole, shower and use a srubbing cloth and then I like to put some lotion on so that I smell fresh and have nice feeling skin.

    There is just nothing exciting about funky odor whether it’s from under your arms, your crotch or your ass. I was about to have sex with this guy and he seemed clean everywhere but when I went down to start sucking his cock, my God he had a ass smell that just about knocked me out! I was done!

  • mansmell is hot. “not-showering-for-several-days” smell is not. clean dudes lifting weights, working hard is a total turn on. i will even lick the sweat off the pits if it’s clean sweat. funk is not good!

  • anyone who thinks BO is a turn on-get away from me.

  • I totally agree, if you are going to have sex then we must be clean. So if a guy thinks im gonna eat his ass or even suck his dick let alone fucking him we both have to hit the shower. Thats the bottom line

  • Agreed! BO is a big turnoff! Shower and be clean. Showering together is super hot. I’m more likely to rim a guy in the shower.

    Men’s musk scent: some I like others are a turn off.

  • I agree 100%!!!
    I had hot young boyfriend who liked threesomes. On time a guy he found on A4A came over and his cock and balls reeked of urine. I LOVE sucking cock, but couldn’t stand the smell. Amazingly, it didn’t bother my BF at all. I love the taste of a nice clean cock, but the smell and taste of stale urine is the grossest thing there is, and G_d only knows how many diseases you can catch from it…

  • There is a difference in stankin ass and man smell. I love a man who gets a little tart under the arms, makes my dick hard. I like to have sex when its hot so the sex sweat can build up and we both be hot and sweaty, the sex is so much better when you are funky. NOT STANKIN! Now on the other hand, i dont want no salty balls dangling anywhere near my mouth and if your ass smells like you forgot to wipe… you might as well go back home. I dont do windows and i dont do toilets…lol. I dont have any stories about men coming over smelling nasty, but occasionally I will have someone who knows me take a shower and “forget” to wear deoderant so there is a slight tartness to the pits…. im in love at that point, instantly naked!!

  • No, you are not solo on that one, totally agree with you. There is also the bad breath case. Guys show up for a hookup and want to shove their tongue down your throw, with a case of halitosis. WTF? I take the time to get clean for you, shouldn’t you do the same?

  • Totally Gross!! Not into smelling Swamp Ass or a Sweaty Ball Bag and smelly Feet are wicked nasty…vomit too… nothing worse then laying in bed with a hottie and having his Ice Cold, Dead Feeling Foot touch ur leg at 3am

  • I like to work up a little aroma while playing but prefer it start odorless … let us make the hormone driven aroma

  • Some people do have excessively bad body odor because of what they eat, and because they don’t shower regularly enough.

    The real problem is the horrible corpse like breath that too many people have. It’s horrifying.

    The way some of the guys at the gym smell that I go to is atrocious, but thankfully most of them had mommy and daddy teach them about how important hygiene is

  • I,too, dislike BO. I don’t want to smell BO when I go down on a guy. I keep everything clean as a whistle b/c some guys like to eat ass…drives me crazy for a guy to nibble my anal portal…even though I have never done that act myself. I keep it clean and douche, just in case he wants to have dinner.

  • well i once went to a wall street warrior’s mansion for a call. he had jugs and jugs of water by the bed. apparently he had some cancer in the glands and the chemo zapped them to the point HE DIDN’T SWEAT ANY MORE. anyway, be glad you’re able to sweat at all! he had to drink jugs of water to keep from combusting, really trippy situation poor man.

    also, i once went to a hot papi’s place. he raised his arms and BLAM it was like the air exploded with 12 day old BO. I literally asked him if i could open a window it’s too hot. nice guy but the odor is hard to forget.
    and another trick, his pits really stank, so i got into this whole thing where i brought in wet warm clothes and “worshipped” him by bathing him.

  • I LOVE man scents!!! but B.O.?? hell no!!!! who wants stank??!! I love to smell a mans pubes, crack, pits, and LOVE to smell the beard or any facial hair…even his hair or balding head…..THAT shit gets me going but heck no to stanky body odor!

  • NOT! Body odor is Repulsive and would be a NO NO for me!

  • omg i hate body odor if u are gonna wanna mess around smell fresh if not i will not have anything do to with you

  • It depends on the guy! Some guys have an awesome body smell that turns me on…even after a long hard workout. The guy I’m currently dating and I both love working out and then having post-workout sex. During the workout we get so turned on we can’t wait for the shower. He loves my body odor I love his. Although I love rimming as much as he does we won’t do it unless the other was clean before we started working out. So I’m on the fence with this one. But that’s not to say your the only one who feels like that. Then of course there’s the shower and soap each other up sex which is equally as hot. Then the bedroom sex and then another shower before bedtime and cuddling! Cheers everyone

  • I so have to agree with you on this one! Its one thing to work up a sweaty smell during hot sex but don’t arrive smelling like you’ve not bathed inseveral days.

  • No if they smell like road kill urine, ass or both no but some men smell pleasantly masculine which is kinda a turn on for me especially if they are smokin hot I like a little very light all natural man smell but there is a difference in stank and natural masculine. there is this straight friend that likes getting head from me and he is so hot hes young in the military martial arts etc but he smells not so sexy fresh not so masculine on the line of stank and I dont know if I cant go on lol

  • I like my guy to be clean I don’t care if the musk some people are so into goes away, I don’t need to smell that. A couple of hours after a shower is ok too. Once I met a guy for the first time (you would think people would put some effort and take a shower or something) anyway when we were in his car we unzipped to jack off but as soon as he pulled his out the vile stench nearly killed me! I couldn’t get a heard on, I had to tell him I was tired and jumped out of there!

  • I completely agree!!… B.O. is a major turn off!!… I also believe it’s rude and very disrespectful to even consider coming over to play with someone when they have not showered of cleaned themselves very well..

    I always shower, put on deodorant, cologne, clean mouthwash toothpaste for clean fresh breath and put great smelling hair product.

    Smelling clean and fresh DEFINITELY HELPS the experience of two men experience absolute bliss.

    Love to smell like a gentleman, NOT a boy/girl/women. But this is just my opinion.

  • I have to say, in a way, some scent is damn hot…depending on the guy. I think Asian jocks’ ass scent is so hot…really, if working 8 hours in those underwear, I would sniff on that hole. Whether I would rim it is another thing, but the scent totally gets me rocking.

  • like every thing else, if you abused your body or whatever it is…it’s always turn out to be disaster and take a way the sexy, manly thing….

  • OK here’s the thing, if you stink it’s usually for 1 of a few reasons. 1. Poor hygiene, 2. Poor diet 3. Poor health. There are other factors as well but those 3 seems to ring true the most. So keeping those things in perspective, how could any imminating “musky smell” be considered a turn on? Unless of course your just nasty too. Come on guys it’s not hard to be clean, but I will give a tip. Most body odor is caused when our pirspiration mingles with bacteria that grows on the body. While this can’t be prevented completely there is an easy trick to minimize it. Shower daily in non-cholrinated water. It makes A BIG difference to take away the cholorine from your shower. You can find shower filters in all home depots and lowes. Here’s to a fresher cleaner smelling man :)

  • Nothing wrong with the natural smell of a man but BO is a totally different thing.

  • How did they do it in the middles ages? no shower, no deodorant, no hot water, ….the BO action must have been ultra funky (and imagine the greasy hair!!) after months on end without a good wash while working the fields all day long. Forget about rimming!!!!! The rich would splash tons of perfume on top as an attempt at masking the funk. Some would put sponges moistened with fragrances under their clothes to cover up the BO. Some people carried small metal balls filled with crushed flowers or herbs; they waved these in front of their noses to mask the bad odors. I wonder if they were waving it while having sex.

  • man smells? YES! body odor? NO!
    there is a huge difference between the two. i have a fb that i get with sometimes. i love his cock, but when he smells of soap, it just isn’t as good (and he’s a hairy young man!). i have another friend, very hairy older man, executive type desk job – he smells awesome! clean, yes! but soap, no! a little sweaty? thank god, yes!
    the aromas from perspiring – regardless of the activity – make us us. deodorant? yes – of course i use it! but if you used it recently, don’t think i’ll lick those pits. same with cologne – smells great (sometimes) but tastes awful.

    have enjoyed many an uncut cock – never experienced a dirty one. but – although not really into w.s., have inhaled the aroma of piss from many a pubic region – you know, those last drops! and i have found that the faint aroma is a total turn on. again – even that is one of our aromas.
    as to the shitty ass – no way! maybe a slight sweaty aroma of an ass that is clean, just not within the last 5 minutes – not a turn off, not a turn on – just acceptable.

  • Yeah, not into nasty body odor and hate cologne even more. A nice clean freshly showered man still has plenty of natural attractive man scent.

    I’m a clean guy without even trying, just lucky, but I still do at least a quick wash to pits, package, and crack before coming over to play. And totally turned on by hosts who give me an apres sex shower option or even bring a nice warm washcloth to bed and give me a gentle sponge batch after sex (very sexy).

    So, clean before and after very important.

  • I stopped wearing antiperspirants over a decade ago, due to concerns in active ingredients. Several years ago, I also stopped wearing underarm deodorant. I do keep my underarm hair clipped short to minimize its’ odor holding capability. I have worked in an office setting, with close contact with coworkers and customers. When I first stopped, I made a point of asking friends I knew would tell me the truth if they could smell anything “off”. No one ever could tell…

  • I love the natural way that a man smells. If his pits are a bit ripe and his pubs are a bit musty it really turns me on!

  • Body odor is BAD plain and simple. If you like the smell of there dirty sweaty skin it is also like saying you don’t mind the smell of there dirty butt or the gas that comes from it. Thats how GROSS it is. Showers and soap where invented for this reason!! TAKE A DAMN SHOWER!!

  • i completly agree with you on that orders is a big turn off for me i hate orders i like good clean smelling dudes from going out to lunch or dinner or dancing to me going down there sucking a dick cleanly smell is a turn on and well a good smell turns on ma light switch big turn on for me and the trhee some thing well ma first one was when i was 19 iam 20 now and well i did and aswell dint like it it had its turn ons and its turn offs in ways felt like i was gettin taken advantage off but in a way i like it not doing anything and just lay back and get sucked here and there and well you no but as well iama dominat person so thats why i say that i liked it but as well dint

  • BODY ODOR is disgusting! I don’t know how other people find it that its OK. I always like to have sex with me that are fresh clean out of the shower.

  • I love hairy pits and even better when they smell like a man! A mix between some deoderant and man smell turns me on like you wouldn’t believe. Was helping a buddy do some work around his house and caught a whiff of him and almost attacked him. Ha ha Sweaty balls are cool too, but don’t like a funky ass!!!

  • I totally agree, I was about to hook up with this guy and his underarm smelled so bad, I could not go further… I told him that I had a headache, that he had to leave… LOL, I hate when guys smell bad…

  • Not Slurching!…………… LOL

  • I agree. When I meet someone for the first time. We make a connection. We go to my place or his. I want to take a shower. He can take a shower with me. That’s the best part. Men’s bodies when we get excited produce a male natural musk. That is very good.

  • I dont care what anybody say if some guys find that some guys body odor turns them on you can count me out…I look at it like this…if I want a guy to go down on me and me go down on him I feel its a matter of respect to you as well as to him self self to be squeakily clean….give me a fresh man and he is dessert to me all night long…mostly uncut guys if i can smell your stuff before you take it out of your pants…. we got problems

  • 2 worst smeels for me and BIG turnoffs>>>>>> bad breath and this skanky smell underneath a mans balls.

  • if the dude is hot, everything about him is gonna be hot, including his manmusk.

    so you’ve got a gorgeous, hunky stud fucking your throat with his fat 9 inch cock, leaking precum like it’s piss and about to blast his thick cumwad all over your tongue and tonsils and down your throat. your nose is buried in his pubes when he starts to shoot, and you’re inhaling his natural, animal scent, as ripe and rude and raw as the spunk he’s pumping into your belly.

    is ivory soap any match for the scent of a man? fuck, no!

  • Oh hell naw….wash your funky Gorrillas in the Mist smellin’ ass before you are to see me. If not you are going to be mad or embarrassed when I ask is your new cologne called Zackley? Because it smells Zackley like your ass.

  • NO B.O. No way. Just a simple shower is sufficient–yes that means WITH soap. Sweaty, musky just doesn’t cut it with me, because I’m VERY self-conscious about cleanliness, and can’t stand being sticky, stanky or otherwise just unclean.

  • Most Man B.O. get’s me going! I think it’s pheromones, because I can smell a boner on a squeaky clean guy. I notice it most on guys who live at the gym!

    A guy brought my roommate home from the bar, (she knows him, so do I,) and he stayed around a while thinking he was gonna get some. the whole time I could smell him, it had me so hot and bothered, that I had to leave the room. She didn’t give him any play, so i couldn’t do any spying. but catching a wiff of a guy in public, or a romantic interest who smells like he’s done a day’s work SO SEXY!

    I don’t like crotch funk, and I like the “I haven’t bathed in three days” funk.

  • Take a shower boys BO is not cool there is nothing that turns me off faster than a guy you can smell across the room!

  • I am totally with you Dave. I like to be clean and I like clean dudes. I guess to each its own but not my thing.

  • Disgusting. I get a lot of white guys though always asking to sniff my ass pits and balls after I get done working out. Sick fucks.

  • I’m gonna plead guilty on this one, with a caveat. There’s manly musk, and then there’s just filthy stench. Arm pits after a good hard workout, balls in the drawers for a work-day… good clean, pheremone laden, manly, musky scents. Didn’t wipe for a week, month old socks, haven’t showered in so long the water beads up off your greasy skin… BAD!

  • TURN OFF!!! Please take a shower every (other) day.

  • This is how I look at man smells. Is it hot? If you are working out at a gym, you will sweat; therefore men will sweat, some more than others depending on your body chemistry and some will smell more than others depending on your body chemistry. In that setting, that where it belongs; however, if you leave the gym and going to any type of business, event, party, or other places without a shower from the gym or home, that could be bad. If I am going to meet a guy or go to a bar, I want to my hygiene to be at my absolute best meaning making sure I shower from head to toe even my crotch and buttocks especially because you never know if you may hookup unexpectedly. Soap and water and deodorant with a little bit of cologne and body spray would really go a long way. You don’t have to over do the cologne. I like to be considerate of others. I won’t ask people to do something I would not do myself. When it comes down to it, good daily hygiene goes a long way. If you sweat and it is a good smell, I can live with that. If it is a bad smell in which no hygiene was evident. Then I would have problems period. If I want to get sexy intimate with a guy, I don’t want to smell BO nor musty smells. If you know you are going out with a guy in advance, please use good hygiene before and prepare accordingly especially in personal hygiene. It can make or break the date and a good night. It all depends on the guy and if you care about yourself, you will do the right thing and be at your best in good hygiene.

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