10 Jun 2011

Watch this : Lady Gaga’s latest TV performance !

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Lady Gaga was invited to perform at Germany’s next top model, where she sang a Medley of Scheiße, Born This Way & The Edge of Glory!
Amazing performance once again !


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  • Amazing indee

  • I don’t get the big deal about her. *shrugs*


  • Mixing Art, Fashion and Music. Fantastic.

  • FANTASTIC! A spoke person for GBLT world wide … “go girl” Dragboy

  • How the hell is this an amazing performance. Yes, she is a great singer but her act is starting to get old. She needs to study Madonna, Britney, Beyonce to figure out how to be fresh and keep ppl wanting more… bc this is definitely making me want less

  • The big deal is she’s the biggest pop star on the planet right now!!!

  • I agree with Kevin.

    I do NOT agree with Shanerockstar.

    What value is there in copying others?

    If her act is getting “old”, she is smart enough to know when to stop gracefully, (unlike the others SRS mentioned)…


  • TrioletUSA shut up hypocrite
    because gaga will do exactly what all the pop stars Kevin said do. Oh wait gaga did just that.

  • think pee pee man means shane not kevin lol

  • Idk,I think her flame is starting to flicker,such a huge pop star and she’s doing a cameo on GNTM?

  • I didn’t pay attention to Ms Lady GG in the beginning. then I i saw her bring
    her dance hit to a down tempo as she sat at a Baby Grand & started to play. Just her beautiful voice while she stroked the keys on the piano. No back up no carnival. This women has talent no matter how familiar. Only one question remains. Is she a vegetarian? (Beef dress?)

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