27 Jul 2011

Arts : Gay Comics

Category: Arts : Jack-off material

Yes, it’s ok to turned on by toon cocks, provided it has nothing to do with bestiality, pedophilia or other weird things like that. Personally, comics doesn’t turn me on that much but I really like the work behind it. Some people are very talented  and what is nice is the level of creativity that those gay erotic artists have… Imagination has no limit, it’s the least I can say! There is plenty of sites online but the one that got my attention today is this one here! Everyday, erotic toon stories are posted! Check it out and let your dick getting hard…




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  • I’m a big fan of bara style anime, though I do have some things I keep in mind when looking. I tend to like “SFW” pieces of art that have proportionate bodies (there are some with dicks as tall as the person and just as wide). There are a lot of tumblr accounts that feature all styles of gay animation.

  • my boyfriend has an obsession with cartoon porn like this. which i can kinda understand but not really my cup of tea.

  • I have to admit it, I’ve been turned on by some gay comics. It’s rare, but some of them are, HOT!!..

  • It’s an art form that shows extreme talent and I wish it was one I had.

  • Hmmmmm. The link has quit unless you have an invitation.

  • What do I need to do to get an Invite? That site was GREAT!

  • yes does any one know howto get an invitr to the site

  • same here. interested in an invite.

  • Aahh I love that blog how can I request an Invite.
    And how can I find other gay comics.

  • Daniel, I dont know, before it was for everyone … Now i dont know…

  • I love cartoon art by a dude named Belasco. So sexy. Google him and see for yourself.

  • Would be nice to be able to enter the blog…

  • I like Innocent Dick Girl comics and sissytrain,com comics both are pay but can be found for free if you look for them.

  • It takes a great deal of talent to draw to begin with. So turning that art form into some of the best comics Gay Men can lust after is hot. Now we can be free to enjoy how we see Super Heroes, Police, Firefighters, Coaches, Sports Players, etc. in the way we want to see them. Big Fan!

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