19 Jul 2011

Contest: And the winner for nicest butt is ….

Category: Contest : Jack-off material

Once again we received many votes… Something funny this time is that there is a Tie. But since we have the option of “dislike” we had to deduct the “dislikes” to the “likes” to find out who would be the dude of the week!

So this week’s winner with for nicest butt, with 761 votes is : DNCRSBUTT. So to have the chance to see his full profile and maybe play with his bubble butt, click here!

Runner up with 761 votes also but 158 dislike is LEANBLUEEYES and number 3 with 669 votes is Kevlarturbo  !


Thanks again to everybody for participating and sending amazing ass pics! Check out the next contest Saturday and get ready to submit your best picture for the chance to win the “Dude of the week” title and get lots of new friends on A4A! You know what they say… “more clicks = more friends = more hookups!”


19 comments for Contest: And the winner for nicest butt is ….

  • Wow!… None of the winners are total bottoms… Just 1 that is a verse bottom. Stop teasing!

  • lookin: I’m a total bottom…if you are a tall muscle top, I can show u my butt 🙂 lol

  • Wish I had known about the contest!!! We needed some diversity in the contest. Lol.

  • how could anyone dislike that runner-up?

  • hey dave. thanks for putting me in the contest and WOW I got 3rd . I am getting lots of messages from horny guys with big dicks yum heheheh

  • Kevlarturbo: Dude, you were my personal favorite 🙂 I love chunky legs, ass, pecs !!

  • The winners did have some wonderful man cheeks. I was a big fan of the beach guy, Coppertone commercial in the making.

  • seriously….the top 2 are tops…whats the point?

  • Since I won, I guess I should reconsider my top/vers status..lol Thanks to everyone that voted!

  • The last butt pic looks the best.

  • Watch out Dave… U might get the D!

  • lookin: U seem to have a nice dick…but no face pic… No face , no ass man 🙂

  • How can I get to see it?

  • Nice butts, but I don’t understand how people could dislike some of the candidates from the precious post. Like the two guys that got over 500 dislikes – they had amazing bods and asses especially!

  • hey dave thanks for the butt up 😛

  • Kevlarturbo: NP 🙂

  • i have a nice butt too

  • Too ugly to show his face? Lol

  • Why aren’t any of the men “African-American”? No disrespect there are countless blsck men with nice asses as there are many white men with nicer asses than the three displayed as winners….ijs & smdh as well*

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