29 Jul 2011

Contest : Who has the nicest pecs?

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Hi Guys! Hope you are all having a great week so far! Usually our weekly contest starts saturday, but this week, I’ll give you an extra day to send your picture as I’ll be traveling to NYC and won’t have access to my computer all the time.

This week, the contest is for all of our athletic/muscular/jock members…So today and tomorrow, I ask you to submit a photo of your pecs. Sunday, I will post those images here, on the blog and I will ask all of you to vote for your favorite. The winner will become the “Dude of the week”. Its full profile will be featured on our blog page (which is displayed on A4A), on our facebook page and on our twitter page as well! It will increase your chance of being noticed by the hot guys into hot pecs!!

Try to be original, you will have more chance to win! It can be a photo of your hot pecs after giving a sloppy BJ where your torso is covered of jizz, a photo of yourself working out your pecs, a photo of your hairy pecs, a photo of your pecs with piercing etc. You get the idea ? It just needs to be a picture of your pectoral muscles!  So don’t be shy and send your photo before sunday 10PM to blog@adam4adam.com with your A4A profile name.

Please ONLY SEND ONE PIC, your best one… or you will be disqualified.

May the nicest pecs win!


2 comments for Contest : Who has the nicest pecs?

  • I have the nicest pecs…LOL

  • Great Pecs are usually a work of art! Because they don’t seem to come natural , you have to work & build them , and then keep them up!

    Always beautiful & do wonders for nipples, especially when they durn down!

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