26 Aug 2011

A4A : ‘Near Me’ Option, more info

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Thank you for the feedback on the different location based features available through the apps and now, through the Near Me feature on the websites!

It is important to remember that geo-locations are estimates, and that the technology used to pinpoint your location is not 100% accurate. Accuracy with the Near Me feature varies according to who your Internet Service Provider is and how they track locations and share the information with browsers.

As our help pages says; “Many factors affect the accuracy ‘Near Me’ results as reported. For example; a member may have their profile set to one location, but be logging in from another. It is also important to know that “Near Me” accuracy varies greatly from location to location. In some places, service providers may be able to provide very accurate location information while in other areas the information provided by providers many not be as accurate and the ‘Near Me’ location as reported may be way off.

Not all web browsers are able to share location information, only browsers such as Internet Explorer 9.0+, Firefox 3.5+, Safari 5.0+, Chrome 5.0+, Opera 10.6+ have the capacity to share geo-location. If you are not using one of these browsers your location cannot be shared, we recommend that you update your browser to the latest version available”.

We are using this technology to help you have more fun by adding more options to help you find new guys. We are also using this technology so that we can be as cutting edge as possible, so Adam4Adam can be a part of new technologies as they come out and can be used to make the site better.

Location-based technology is still evolving in all its forms with everyone, cell service providers, smart phones, ISPs, browsers, and now its evolving on Adam4Adam!

As the technology improves we expect that the accuracy of the Near Me feature on the site, and the location-based features in apps will continue to increase in accuracy.

We hope you enjoy playing with the new Near Me feature! If you do, feel free to help us to continue to get smarter by making a donation!

A4A team

15 comments for A4A : ‘Near Me’ Option, more info

  • I think the improvements you guys are making are great. Did you consider defaulting everyone to share their location? Or sending out a message to all of your users alerting them to the new features?

  • Would have been easier to just add a zip code search than this thing. Says I live in Pasadena when I live about 60 miles south. Now all i get are guys getting pissed off after they realize I’m not in LA.

  • this “near me” thing is way off for me, i live in central illinois and my geo location is in penn state. little off there.

  • This is a great addition, and I came into it knowing that it wasn’t magic technology that would pinpoint my (and everyone else’s) location to within two yards. Yes, it may be a little annoying that it shows some guys being very close when in fact they aren’t. But in a city like L.A., where there are literally thousands of users, it’s an interesting way to see other profiles that I might not have otherwise noticed.

  • Great feature, but…

    1) If my hookup next door opts out of the NearMe feature does he not show up on my NearMe search? Seems the case, would be great to make everyone do ‘NearMe,’ or use their listed town in terms of miles.

    2) Interstate commute is a MESS. Please keep the search function for STATE with the NearMe option.

    I.e., I live in Hoboken, NJ (just out of NYC). I PREFER fcking JERSEY GUYS yet everyone in my NearMe screen is in Manhattan. I’d rather drive 20 miles into NJ to fck a guy vs driving 1 mile into Manhattan to do so (and pay tolls, parking, etc). Please fix this feature, otherwise, cool idea.

  • Jacob, I submit your comment to our team!

  • your site keeps getting better on each visit, your site design team make this site exciting, adventures, thrilling.
    thank you

  • Peter: thanks very much :))

  • I often experience a listing of near me guys as being less than 100 feet–possible–I am next to a gay bathouse–er–hotel–but their profile location doesn’t match–further–and consistently–when I attempt to contact them–they log off or block. Once or twice sure–but like every time. Seems a little too coincidental. I ask because I have been the victime of an identity theft and assault by guys met through A4A. So I’m curious how this can be.

  • I dont understand the Near Me feature yet.
    my roommate has an account on A4A too and I dont want him to see my profile. if I deactivate the Near Me Feature, will he be able to see my profile?
    what else can I do so that he doesn’t see it?
    thank you alll!!

  • The “near me” option doesn’t work. I moved 2,000 miles away and it always places in me near my previous city. I have emailed and posted dozens of times to only receive NO response.

  • I haven’t figured this out yet. Is this grown folk proof. Can anybody till me how to work this shareing?

  • Somehow my gps was turned off and i try to share my location but every time i press the near me button, adam says i’ve denied access to sharing and to please fix it on my browser. so far i can’t find the problem. let me know if i can get some help.

  • I am having the same problem as Chris. I denied sharing once and now cant get it back. I have completely reset the browser so that’s not the problem any help?

  • Same here. In the past I have always shared my location. This issue just started several months ago on both my phone and my computer. Adam4Adam, It’s your issue. Please fix it!

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