25 Aug 2011

A4A : Want to know who’s near you?

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Dear Members,

Wondering who is available and near you? Well, you can now find out! Members online and other search results can now be sorted by the time of ‘Last login’ and according to who is ‘Near me’!

In order for the ‘Near me’ sort options you must share your location and you must be using an up-to-date web browser. If you do not allow your geo-location to be shared through your web browser, your profile will not be shown in the “Near Me” list and will not display in any version of RADAR.
Your browser supports geo-location tracking and you are sharing your location.
To change your location sharing preference just click My Account, your visibility preferences can be changed there.

Not all web browsers are able to share location information, only browsers such as Internet Explorer 9.0+, Firefox 3.5+, Safari 5.0+, Chrome 5.0+, Opera 10.6+ have the capacity to share geo-location. If you are not using one of these browsers your location cannot be shared, we recommend that you update your browser to the latest version available.



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  • Enjoy,enjoy……..enjoy

  • Enjoyyyy…..

  • These are great tools! Makes visiting A4a much more enjoyable – and hopefully “profitable” to all Adams.

    Kudos and thanks to the designers and crew!

  • yes but how do you set you browser to show you location?

  • Doesn’t seem to “work for Southern California”. Or, perhaps I don’t know the meaning of ‘guys NEAR me’…..When I put in a 10 mile radius of guys, I get guys over 500 miles from me. I guess “near me” is 500 miles these days? WOW, what a distance for a piece of ass ;((

  • is this just a feature for phone browsers or can a desktop unit share this as well? firefox 6 doesnt have geolocation or so it seems.

  • Doesn’t work for me. i get tons of guys 1 mile away all the way from LA to OC. That’s about a 100 mile spread with the 10 mile setting.

  • Yeah, Atlanta guys are showing as 0 miles from me? Guys a few blocks down are 53 miles away? Something’s broken.

  • You have to have at least Windows 7 to upgrade to internet Explorer 9. anything less will not allow the upgrade

  • As much as I love to meet new people, having them know anything beyond that I am in the same state or in a nearby city is too much information. People should be opted out of this service by default and opted in only if the make the choice. Too many privacy concerns!

  • Okay kudos on stepping into the future of Iphone Gps locations. COOL! However the distance is not accurate. My friend in Downtown like N and 18th is at home and it shows him as being 1 Mile away from me……unless he has ascended to astrophysical form he isnt a mile away! SO whats that about?

  • 5 miles in NYC is FAR away. And, it can include over 1000 guys.

    We need distance measured in feet or yards, like Grindr does. Even a mile is far when walking or taking a cab ($10+ tip)

  • nycManCock : There is the app for that ! Get Iphone and our app RADAR on Itunes ( http://itunes.apple.com/app/adam4adam-radar-gay-dating/id440185993?mt=8) and u’ll be able to get distance more accurately.

  • There is blue “?” icon next to near me that explains all these questions, including this:
    “Many factors affect the accuracy ‘Near Me’ results as reported. For example; a member may have their profile set to one location, but be logging in from another. It is also important to know that “Near Me” accuracy varies greatly from location to location. In some places, service providers may be able to provide very accurate location information while in other areas the information provided by providers many not be as accurate and the ‘Near Me’ location as reported may be way off.

    Remember, all locations provided are estimates, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of any ‘Near Me’ location as reported.”

  • Perhaps some tweaking needs to be done to the geo-locations. Madison guys are listed as next door….didn’t know 15 miles+ qualified as next door….

  • Maybe that ‘Madison’ guy was next door fucking your neighbor. Some people don’t mind traveling a few miles for good fuck 🙂

  • Worked well when I was in New York. I moved to Florida and now it keeps showing my location in New York! I emailed A4A a few times, but never receive a response.

  • Bluehawk, happened to me when I visited Chicago. The entire time I was up there it says I was in Virginia and about a week after I got home, it said I was in Chicago and i started to get all sorts of messages from men who were now 500+ miles away from me. I did find a refresh button, though, on your account screen. I just clicked it and it went from saying a guy was 2000 ft away to 14 miles which is a lot more accurate. Try that.

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