8 Aug 2011

Fantasy : Double ended dildos

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Lucas is snooping around his brother’s room when he finds a double-ended dildo!

As he is checking it out his brother’s friend, Brice, walks in and notices Lucas hiding something behind his back. Brice grabs the dildo and asks Lucas if he has ever used one.

Lucas says he hasn’t and agrees to watch Brice try it out. But they finally ended up using it together !

Check out the amazing images of Brice and Lucas after the jump!

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31 comments for Fantasy : Double ended dildos

  • Not!
    Doesn’t look very enticing. I would rather have the real thing in my ass, dude.

  • no way

  • That thing is sooooo small. My girlfriend wants to do a double dildo but she can’t take the bigger ones. But she likes the size these 2 are using.

  • The idea is very hot. I do own a huge double-headed dildo and have often imagined the luck of finding another like man to share it with at the same time. But, one must truly be able to take big ones. This one is 15″ long, 7.5 thick on one end and 6.5 on the other. Yes, I can take them both.

  • I’d buy one now if there was a promotion on it. $28 plus shipping and tax. Forget it.

  • Danny, there is other cheaper one… But you’ll never find one at 3.99, that’s for sure !

  • I’ve never met a Dildo that felt like the real deal! As good as warm a blooded, Rock Hard Woody with the right ass pumping it home; Well there’s just nothing like it! Not even a strap on! But, they can be big fun for warm up, and certainly are a conversation PIECE if you leave them around! And I really don’t understand why they cost so much!? Not much more to make than a Dollar Store door stop, but 100 times the price!? Go figure!

  • I can honestly admit that I never tried one. But I believe it would be hot to see two guys ass bouncing off each other and the slapping noise it would make.

  • never tried one but would love to do it with a hot sexy latino dude….them papi’s are damn hott…….(^_>)

  • I think its hot and would do it with another!

  • I’ve never used a double ended dildo…though I must say other bttms turn me on and I wouldn’t mind usin one if the situation permitted it.

  • Oh i’ve seen this scene. Nice.

  • I actually love double headed dongs .
    I have a gel one .
    Its 15 inches in length and thick .
    When I get really hot while using it on my ass and Im loose and gaped open wide I then get both ends in my hole at the same time !!! Double penetration !! No better feeling ..

  • I’m 23 and once shared a fatty 24” one with a more mature gentleman, but when he saw how much I was squirming and loving it in me, he let me take the rest of it in. It was the second best feeling in me ever, second to an older black man’d huge 12” dick cumming in my ass!

  • I am a sub slave 24/ 7 on of my master most receint games is he and fellow dom get together with his salve they place a large double head dildo in both our asses and put us on all fours and and usullay shock us to get us moving then bet on how laong we can do it. he also tied us tat way overnight and had us deep throath it as far as we could

  • I would prefer a real cock that can actually cum in my ass

  • We have one of these and last week while a “friend” joined us for a hot 3 some. We just finished taking turns on fucking his sweet married hole when we took out our double headed dildo. I was so horned up from fucking him that him and I got on our backs, legs in the air and proceeded to use each end on our holes. We bumped and grinded together to give the dildo some moving action as my partner jerked us both off at the same time. We came so hard and loud, I am sure our neighbors heard us. WOOOOF

  • NO I would not use one… I don’t like dildo .. or maybe it I have never play with toy with sex

  • I have a buddy who has one, and has let me play in his hole with it. Tried it myself, but it really wasn’t my cup of tea. I enjoy Topping way too much, but it’s great for someone who enjoys toy play.

  • sign me up for a try!

  • bruce ill play. if u can get 2 north east pa.

  • my first guy, older, was more bottom than top, but I got to liking bottoming too. he had one and after fucking me, threw it in me while on my back, and then took the other end. I wasn’t very impressed, and tired of it quickly. I’d rather have someone work a toy, or work their cock in me.

  • Hell,yes I would use one!! Anybody have one they are willing to share? lol

  • Yes… never with a guy, though. An ex-GF and I used to share an 18″ double-headed dildo. It was almost too-thick for me at the time, so I could only get 6″ of it in me, and she could get about 10″ in her, so we’d have a good time j/o & fucking ourselves until we came. Would love to do that again. And would love to try it with a guy, too.

  • Made a video of me and another guy locked up on my double headed 20 inch dildo.What fun we had. I ended up taking the thing and having him put both cockheads in my ass at the same time while i sucked his cock. What a wonderful turn on for me. Never had two men in my ass at the same time, but would love to find some willing souls that could fullfil my wishes soon.

  • Any MM guys want to fullfill my fantasy? I am waiting……

  • I have 2 and have found a bunch of guys that would try it and like it. Its great to jack and have it in your ass

  • hot! too watch then give them the real thing

  • Hott to watch but i dont like anything but a tongue near my ass

  • so much fun!!!

  • have fucked many a boicunt with cock n a ‘doe but not in my sweet hole…pass on that…

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