16 Aug 2011

Watch this : Gaga performing her latest single at The View

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I was browsing online and found this video of Gaga performing on ‘The View’ August 1st,  and I thought I would share it with you guys! I’m not crazy about this song, but she looks great and her voice is in great shape! I’m happy that she is back to being the pretty blonde chick that she really is, I was not crazy about the implants and the weird faces… it all seemed a bit juvenile. This time, I really like her outfit, it’s very posh and yet very Gaga. Total hound’s-tooth, that only she can pull off!


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  • watched and thought I heard a lot of influence, in both the piano playing and singing style, from the Great Elton John, but regaurdless I thought she did a wonderful job and she looked great, also the song was good.

  • Me and Stephan thought the same thing ! Elton !

  • Loved the outfit, the props AND the song! Goes to show a preformance worth watching doesn’t require all of the “strangeness” she is so fond of. Class act and beautifully performed.

  • I went to YouTube to view this video, since it’s not available in here. Amazing! I didn’t care for the music video but this version? Hell ya! She has an unmistakable voice. Gaga is a genuine, caring person.

  • It is a 18+ video, so you might have to login your youtube account to see it

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