20 Aug 2011

Watch this : Military men dancing on “Barbie Girl”

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There are many videos on youtube of men in the military, dancing and singing on their favorite songs. This morning I came accross this hilarious video of 2 straight military men and really wanted to share it with you guys. The shaved head guy does Barbie and the other one does Ken, in their own version of the 1997 hit song Barbie Girl. It is very funny to see the shorter guy trying to be feminine and sexy… while the other one is over exaggerating his manliness. Oh, and I really love the lift at 1:09. Check it out !


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  • Funny, I’ve always been under the impression that guys in the service are supposed to be fit and masculine. Did you notice, when the guy on the right attempted to take the shirt off the guy on the left. It also began to lift his tank top as well. Wardrobe Malfunction? I’d say do. It also revealed that this guy has tits, and a spare tire for a stomach.

    What is our military coming to anyway?

  • this guys are hot ! love thew videos !

  • Next years Grand Marshall for Pride Iraq? they are a little too into it. LOL

  • OMG i think i actually know the bald guy. Did not expect to see him in a video like this

  • they’re sporting semis the entire time lol. and that shirtless guy has a nice ass. πŸ™‚

  • LOL!!.. I get the feeling they’re NOT NEW to this.

  • Looks like someone wants to be discharged… both ways. πŸ™‚

  • Looks like they had practised some of the moves cause the guy in the tank was sporting wood the hole time…..

  • LOVED it, the one with the shirt off is a TRUE QUEEN!

  • yes, they are straight, and my name is mother theresa

  • I agree the shirtless one was cute as hell, but what is the militarys policy on gays in the military, dont ask dont tell, lmao i wont tell if they dont

  • umm the guy playing Ken started to get a semi..you can see it like half way through the video. haha πŸ™‚

  • see… that’s why straight guys can’t loosen up and joke around. When they do, people immediately make comments like “not their first time” and automatically accuse them of REALLY being gay. I applaud these two for not giving a fuck and just having fun. bravo.

  • I am embarrassed for them!

  • Nice!!! i like them both

  • and soooooooooooo why are we thinking these guys are straight??

  • LOL yeah I like the vide very fun and Im guessing they are not so straight.

  • Somebody call Dink Flamingo. They are the next Active Duty guys!!

  • I think they do alot of this with the lights turned off. I also noticed that they were becoming turned on just like some of us… πŸ™‚

  • I have to say that it was pretty weird to see the two guys trying not to look gay, and be gay at the same time. I too saw the simi erection the tall guy had, and the bald one looked like he was starting to get one as well. Oh what straight guys do when no on is looking. I would have been shocked that they kissed afterwords lol.

  • Am I the only one who got a boner watching this? πŸ™‚

  • for 2 straight guys to do that seems highly unlikely, these 2 def have profile on a4a, where is the straight humor in that video? go find em boys!

  • fake

  • Straight my ass. Those are straight guys for you, they just look for pretenses to disguise they’re curiousity lol.

  • The other guy should’ve been the girl… he already has bitch tits.

  • I know them both and they are gay and dating lol

  • hilarious!!!!!

  • they look as though they were having alot of fun goofing around…

  • Methinks “Barbie” is not so straight!

  • Me too πŸ™‚

  • lol. As a former military guy..I understand combat zone stress…so i’ma give these fellas a free pass on this one :)plus most girls find this kind of stuff cute so……

    @the inspector_o69: being physically fit/in shape is not the same as being athletically/ muscular in shape. Our military personnel and professional athletes are judged by different fitness standards. Long as the poorly toned/average bodied guys can pass the fitness level tests for they age..they fine.

  • i dont think the shaved headed guy is str8. did you notice when he touched the others cock. and yes both had semis.

  • not sure these guys are in the military actually. they are not fit and they are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too feminine. this is an acted scene.

  • Kratz, ok u think everybody looks like Schwarzenegger in the Military? lol

  • I loved to see that straight guys can be fun like that. Keep up the the good job military men, you are valued by your country and very hot!!!

  • See what happens when Dont ask, Dont tell gets repealed?!?! LOL…The fat dude is probably a desk jockey so he doesnt need to be all that fit…he just need to know how to fire his M16

  • LMAO! that all.

  • HAHAH! Was I the only one that noticed that the one in the tank top got aroused by the end of the video, his print is sooooo more noticeable in the end of the video then the beginning lol

  • nice boner

  • I would rather see what they do when the camera is turned OFF. The shorter guy has a sexy body.

  • they were enjoying that a bit much. they were semi hard the entire time… and the lift… they did to well..

  • If a guy kisses a girl does that automatically make him straight? No. So why is it that if a guy may kiss a guy we assumed him to be gay? I don’t think he is. And for those who think the guys in the video are sporting wood, then they must have really short wood to sport. It would have been real obvious that wood was sported (which I did not notice) if their members were more ample.
    Some guys just see what they want to…The shorter guys IS CUTE, btw!

  • “straight” riiitee lol

  • Im pretty sure the bald one was gay. lol and if hes not out im sure he is now.

  • this info is coming from someone in the Army, and who has been to Iraq
    @ Kratz These guys are in the military, the Army. You can tell by the gear they have in the backround. on the floor under the A/C, thats one of two things, an ammo pouch or a medical pouch. And the room they are in, those are commin there, they are two man rooms.

    But on a side note yes the bald one does touch the other ones dick, I had watch it two time to see it.

  • Cuute! I’m just surprised they knew the lyrics!

  • I would have to agree with jd!! he may not have grabbed it full on, but he did subtly brush against the tank top guys dick. not just once, but i’m sure it was more than twice..the bigger guy also had a chubby just about the entire video!! i’m sorry sir, you’re not flopping around that much without some extra blood flowing!!

  • Now that was too funny!!!!! πŸ˜€

  • ummmm cute video.. the “Ken” guy gets a woody half way through the video though.. ummm yeah! but who was the third person filming them dancing? LOL

  • hilarious!

  • Hillarious & hot at the same time

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