7 Sep 2011

Contest : The winner for nicest lips is…

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Hey guys, we got tons of votes again, and this week’s winner got almost twice the amount of votes as the runner up. This week’s dude of the week, with 370 thumbs up is…. (drumroll) :   Ocquinnn89 !

Congratulations dude, you got very hot lips!!! And I’m pretty sure you’ll get lot’s of new friends on A4A who will want to see those lips in action!

Runner ups are TySeanAtl with 189 votes and and Hellosky with 102 votes. Hellosky, you should thank the guy that gave me a wrong name cause he was suppose to be #3, but since I cannot find him in our system, you are #3 and he got disqualified.

Thanks to everyone for sending your images, it’s always amazing to see your photos and put a face on people who follow A4A!

If you have any request or want to suggest another contest feel free to email me at blog@adam4adam.com



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