1 Sep 2011

Stories : Deep Breeding

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Before I moved to Kansas City, I lived on a farm. My parents bred and raised Arabian horses, they also had a few cows in the back pasture and several pigs in the pen. At the time I did not realize it, but I had a great childhood. I loved the horses and would ride every chance I could get. My mother was into Dressage, and she would try to get me to ride English, pushing me to use an English saddle and post when I rode but I hated it, and intentionally made myself look bad when I did, so that she would give up and just let me ride Western. One of my favorite things to do was to lie on my horse’s back and just look up and watch the clouds pass by.

As I got older my interests changed, all I wanted to do was party, have sex and “get the hell off that damn farm”.   My parents let me sell my horse to get my first car, after that I was never around, always going into town, cursing for guys and sneaking into the local bar with my fake ID to suck a couple of straight guys that would let me go down on them around the back once they were drunk enough.

After I moved to the city I swore I would never live on a farm again but when I was laid off from my job and unemployed for over a year, I started to look for farm work out of desperation.

Old man Jones had a farm about a half mile from my parents place. He always kept to himself and married late in life. My folks had told me that he was looking to get help because he was getting too old to keep up the chores. Mr. Jones was a horse breeder, but bread Pintos. It is a good business and lots of hard work. I called him and we set up a time for me to come check out the farm and for us to chat.

When I got to his place he was out in the back pasture breeding a mare that must have been brought from out of town. Mr. Jones was there with two other men and his son Tyson, who I had not seen in years. Because old man Jones married late, Tyson was younger than me, about 24, and as rough as they come. He is about 5 foot 11 with a very broad chest, huge arms, and stocky legs.

The stallion was just getting hard as I pulled up, by the time I got out of my truck he was on top of the mare, fucking her and biting her neck. I looked over at Tyson and I could swear he was hard, and getting harder as he watched the stud breed the mare. Once the stud was done, old man Jones came over to me and invited me into the his office. We chatted for a while about all the changes in the area and the work I would be doing. He told me to be there by 4am the next morning to get started.

I showed up and was met by Tyson. After a short conversation about the neighbors and an introduction to the work I was off on my own, cleaning stalls, staking hay, and being the stable hand, which I was not too thrilled about, but I needed the money and knew the work.

After a week or so I got to know the horses pretty good, there was one named Spot that I really liked. She was sweet and followed me around, just like a puppy. After work, to relax, I would lie on her back and watch the clouds go by to relax before heading back home, just as I did when I was younger.

Yesterday, after work, I was relaxing on Spot when Tyson came up to me and asked if I wanted to go for a ride with him. How could I refuse that offer!

I threw a bridle on Spot and Tyson saddled up the stallion, Ranger, and we met for the ride at the gate. Tyson asked me if I wanted to saddle Spot, and I told him that I preferred Bareback, hoping he would know what I was implying. He seemed to ignore the comment and we were off.

After ridding for about 30 minutes Tyson came up next to me and said; “So, you like to ride bareback hu”?. I about fell off my horse. I relied, “ya, it’s.. more natural, I feel closer to the horse when I ride Bareback, it’s a better ride.” Without even looking at me he said: “You know, I used to jerk off while watching you suck Dave, behind the bar on third street when I was a kid. My dad would drop me off at the movies so he could go to the bar, I would met him out back to go home. We met out back so no one would know he left me alone at the movies while he went to get drunk. One night, I heard noise behind the dumpster. It was you, on your knees, with Dave’s dick in your mouth.” So that was his name, Dave, I thought. Before I could close my mouth and open it to respond, he said; “Suck my dick.”  as he rubbed his clothed crotch with his hand and started to dis-mount Ranger.

I was speechless and just followed his lead, I got off Spot, tied her up, turned around, and Tyson was standing next to his horse, with a his cock sticking straight out of his unzipped jeans. I walked over, got on my knees and started to lick around the base of his cock. He grabbed my head with both hands said “Open up” and pulled my head onto his cock so hard that I almost gaged as his balls slammed into my chin. His crotch smelled all man, his pubic hair was course, and his balls hung low.

He started to fuck my face and moan, loudly. It occurred to me that he might not have ever done this before, or maybe he was even a virgin, but whatever the case, it was amazing.

As he fucked my face I let go completely, sucking and tightening my lips, but relaxing my head and throat as he pushed and pulled my head over his cock using his two huge hand. I felt like a rag doll as his cock filled my throat and the smell of his manhood filled my nose.

Without saying a word, he pushed me back and I fell on my ass. He leaned over, bent down, got on his knees, and started to pull my pants off. He was pulling at the bottom of the legs. I unbuckled my belt, and unbuttoned my pants as fast as I could. As soon as they were unbuttoned they went flying, he yanked my tighty whities down, flipped me over and shoved his cock in my ass.

There was nothing I could do but scream and try to relax. The pain was intense, but so was his pleasure. He thrust his cock in and let out a loud “umph” as he arched his back to get his cock all the way in.

Instinctually I pulled away, tried to squirm out from under him, but I could not move, I was pinned by this bull of a man.

He ground his cock in my ass, moving from side to side, round and round. The pain started to subside and I could feel his warm cock take over every inch of my hole. Just as I was starting to get comfortable he pulled back, but pulled back so far his cock fell out of my ass. Again, he thrust his cock in my ass with all his might. I lost my breath and started to pass out, I was floating in a daze as he started to pump my ass with his hard cock, using his entire body to fuck me.

As I started to clear and come back to consciousness I realized that there was cum dripping out of my ass, and that he had already cum, but had not slowed down a bit. His jizz helped a lot, as his cock slide in and out of my cum-filled hole.

The pain slowly turned to pleasure and I arched my back to welcome his cock. Evidently this was not what he wanted, he pushed my ass down and started to pound me with every bit of strength he had. As he was fucking me he grabbed me by my chin with one hand and had a fist full of my hair in the other. Again he had my head under his control, yanking my hair and pulling my head back by the chin.

As he pumped I could hear him mumble something that sounded like “fuck you” and “take that”. In response I started to plead; “stop, oh, please stop” in my most helpless voice. That seemed to be just what he was hoping for, he let go of my hair and put his hand around my mouth, stopping me from saying anything as he took my ass.

I pretended to want to get away, to struggle, and I think he believed me, I think he though I was scared and hurt. The more I struggled, the harder he fucked until with one final thrust, I felt his cock jump in my ass, spraying cum deep into me.

He laid on top of me for about 10 minutes, until he started to snore just a little. He got up, pulled up his pants, and rode off. Leaving me fucked, truly fucked.

It has been a week now and he has not acknowledged what happened nor has he asked me to go riding again, but I am hoping that he will someday take me and breed me again.





56 comments for Stories : Deep Breeding

  • hot

  • Now that was a fucking hot story.

  • That is fucking hot! Sounds like some of my bareback adventures lol.

  • Nice story I got horny just reading it ,cuz I can picture everything u wrote ,thanks for sharing this

  • Wish that I had a buddy that would do that to me. I love to be fucked deep.

  • I think if this story were true it would come under the heading of rape and it is kinda disgusting that the guy liked it, and even more so that he wanted to do it again with such an obvious sociopath

  • this is one hell of a good, hot and sexy story. it got me so fuckin hard and my balls just hung there

  • I love how Americans seem to think that bareback is totally acceptable, and not only that, but desirable and preferable. Messed. Up.

  • Wow! Your story left me excited and aroused. I wanted to keep reading!! Thanks for sharing man.

  • Sounds like Timmy’s tight judgmental ass could use Tyson and Mike Tyson to loosen his ass up! (LOL)
    Great story though!!!

  • what one hot story. got me fucking harder than hell. love being bred deep.

  • not just hot, fucking hot!

  • As a writer of gay literature, the description leaves nothing to be vague. It is pure as in wholesome, hot that it is a hidden desire of every gay man,and intense to the end to make you wish you were that guy. I give it a 10 out of a 10

  • just got off reading. ty

  • Great story. I had a similar experience, no horse back ridding. A next door neighbor that I really didn’t know came over one night and knock on my door. He told me he happen to watch me through his window, me going down on a friend of mine and it turn him on. I did not know what to say to him, tell he pulled out his BEAUTIFUL HARD COCK.Now he is fucking me more than his wife.

  • what we need now are pics of this…and an audio file of the sounds. i crave m4m sex sounds…

  • sounds like a typical man haha Very nice

  • wow, thats crazy, but sounds like it was some good sex.

  • very hot!!!! i got rocdk hard and am precumming just for reading it:)

  • I had to jerk off the story was so hot had a big load of cum

  • I thought the Stallion “Ranger” was going to fuck him up the ass too??

  • When is the gay community gonna take a stand against bareback sex? It is the number one reason that AIDS is rampant among gay men. Instead of arguing that the govt. should be doing more for AIDS research, maybe you losers should take some responsibility for your own actions. As long as barebacking is considered “hot” and “sexy”, the disease will continue to spread. Is a few minutes of hot sex worth dying for?

  • Now I want some hard cock!!!

  • Damn I’m going to go fuck my fleshlight over this story. Got my balls hanging low and twitching for relief.

  • Run along Timmy, the underside of a bridge is missing you.

  • What bottom wouldn’t love to meet a top that forceful! Where are these great tops anyways? All I ever find are the gentle ones. when I want to fuck (which is all the time) I want to know I have been fucked, really fucked. I hope there are others like me out there!

  • Omg so hot!! What’s the name of this town??

  • Wow, that was one hell of a story.. sound like the first time my cousin fucked me except that there was no horses involved..
    i was 14 he was 18 we were all playing hide n seek and he fucked me in the bushes in the garden. I was a virgin and so was he.. he had an 8″ dick man i was in pain but i loved it. He was the only one who ever fucked me bareback.

  • Mmmmm……I’m hard lol…..hott!!!

  • You can’t rape the willing.

  • Yeh, after reading this I gotta jerk off a load !

  • hot wish it would have been me gettint fucked like that

  • Very few understand the good side of RAPE! There is a good & bad side to everything and it is the same with RAPE! I have never heard women say anything good about RAPE, but a few men know different!
    A simple definition of the good side of RAPE could be: Sweep-away with so much passion-desire that no one cared about permission! When a man’s hormones rage to the point that he is driven to abandon all restrictions and does his sex act, as GOD built him to do! And if you happen to be the focus of his desire. You are in for One-hell-of-a-ride! And…You got two choices : Fight till who-ever ever wins, or kick back, let everything go! And let him take you full galloped to where he is going! And the end result is a sex experience of pure exuberance! All stops out, paddle to the metal, past all reason, caution to the wind! A rear and wonderful experience, if your head is right! Even the Rape Crisis People recommend: “to go with it!” And Survive!
    There is one problem: You may fall in love with your stallion after you are deep bread, because few lovers are able to compare after all that full tilt of a unbraided fuck! Some will never understand this concept! “Not for the faint of hart!”

  • Being a cowboy at heart myself, I can see your story in my head myself,very Hot and steamy…wished i was there too

  • That brings back old memories.. I am thinking about booking a flight home, and heading to our ranch and getting the one ranch hand I miss the most and revisit some of these scenes like I used to as a teenager

  • This story was kinda hot but became a.big turn off when it turned into a rape story. So sad and disgusting especially for victims of rape. You guys are disgusting if u think rape is hot!

  • I think this story was hot made me hard just by reading. Thanks….

  • Mike, it’s a story written by one of our member. It is pure fiction! When you watch a movie in which there is a murderer, are you gonna kill someone right after ? It is common sense that you won’t. Same thing with a sex story !!

  • @Blog-Point taken. Just the same, Mike has a point as well: Most “friction” stories make no mention of condoms and, face it, when was the last time you saw any porn where anybody actually puts a condom on; they just “magically” appear.

    There’s very, very little discussion of safe sex anymore. Do a search for Positive on A4A and you’ll find a frightening (to me, anyway) rise is the number of guys in their early twenties who are HIV+. There’s really no excuse for that save that safe sex gets little more than lip service (no pun intended) anymore; it’s just a check box on a profile, no one these days talks about what actually is and isn’t safe.

    What’s the harm in writing some wanking material where putting on a rubber is incorporated, even made sexy? More importantly, maybe there’s even a benefit …

  • Man thats really hot. Got my dick hard and my hole smoking.

  • Timmy, it’s fiction, what do you expect??
    NZer, what a stereotype.. Not ALL Americans enjoy bareback sex. Unless, it’s with their partner they’ve been with for a lengthy part of time. Calm down on thinking everyone loves it.
    Nickie K. this isn’t actually a rape story, If you read it, there’s nothing about rape in it, some people actually enjoy very aggressive sex. They enjoy being in control from beginning to end, the guy is acting a scene out. Not something that is actually happening!

    I for one, thought it too was very hott, this isn’t my type of sex, but it is very well written, and doesn’t leave much to the imagination ;)!

  • FUCKING HOT!!!!!!!

  • personally, i think the ranch/farm scenario may be one of the hottest places to have a fully unbridled, mind-blowing, and soul-shattering sexual experience….it also helps you become closer to the nature and commune with it…give back what the nature has given you….and besides, this is one hell of a story. lol

  • hey timmy, that’s how real men have sex… u don’t like it, go watch some bel ami porn when you’re done reading your cosmo magazine n watching sex in the city reruns.

  • Wow i regret reading this in public i am so hard!!! Where does tyson live imma give him some real pussy den imma flip him over and teach him how to treat a lady…lol

  • Always love such an erotic story

  • Hot and i live near Kansas city wish i knew where to find you at

  • Damn I love masculine shit like this!!!!

  • so hot, just wish something like this would happen to me.

  • Fuck, that story made my hot tight latino ass twitch for cock. I love it when guys bury their dick all the way into my ass, it feels so fucking good as it slides in and out while I moan out of control. I had a similar experience where this hot guy was watching me j/o..he came over and helped me, but I didn’t cum. He forced me down on my knees, open my mouth and slowly placed his cut cock in my mouth, an inch at a time until it was massaging my throat. He pulled out his cock, got me down on all fours, ripped off my under short with his teeth and began to eat my ass, all the time I was thinking fuck me fuck me please fuck me, he slipped on a condum, rubbed his hard cock against my hole, teased my ass while I shouted just fuck me please, he slipped it in my hot tight latino hole nice and slow until I had it all…fuck, one of the best fuckers I have ever had. Now we meet up once a week and I can’t wait until the next time, I could repeat that scene every day.

  • SUPER HOT…..Anyone need help with breeding get in toch with me!!

  • Hot story

    Cinwarrior: i’d love to get bred

  • Wow. Though we promote safer sex, this was ne of the best ‘stories of fiction’ ever/yet… that we wouldn’t mind bringing to real-life ;-)

  • Straight men don’t fuck men…

  • Rather hot story! Many guys gay and str8t
    Like the rape fantasy. Both guys in this story
    knew that they were either into gay sex or into
    watching it. That the fucking was forced was
    A yes and no. The top wanted to dominate
    and the bottom understood.
    Ahh, the games we play!

  • Loved the awesome, erotic read. I give it a rock hard harn on, sticking strait up in the air. I admired how you started sucking cock at such a young age and just went after the best sex body part of both men and women. Everybody repects and loves to play with a man’s cockm, hoping it casts a spell on us. This man seemed to fuck upi so good and used his cock so well on you that he affected you emotionally. He opened up your eyes to how wonderful a cock can be. I feel similar to you towards other men when I get fucked too.

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