24 Sep 2011

Watch this : Aqua’s back?

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Hey guys, I was browsing online and found Aqua’s latest Music Video for  “Playmate To Jesus”, the single for the band’s upcomming album which will launch very soon, October 3. Yes Aqua! The 90’s band that popularized “Barbie Girl”! No they are not dead lolll…well… not yet.

The song is a bit slow and boring to be honest! Their previous single ” How R U Doin ” was a bit better with beats that reminded me the band’s sound from the 90’s but with a 2011 vibe.

Anyways, let me know what you guys think!


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  • I have been waiting for Aqua to release a new cd and not a greatest hits!!! Back To the 80s was awesome.. I love their music. I really hope they do some kind of release in the US. I know they are big over seas.. Very excited to hear all the new stuff.

  • Look up “like a robot” by Aqua, it was supposed to be the first single off their new album “Megalomania” but I could see why they changed it because the chorus says “why do you still fuck me like a robot bot-bot-bot” SUPER catchy and fun to dance to!

  • I thought it was a cute song. Is that the house from The Munsters?

  • OMG, the Smoke Monster has escaped the Island!!
    Also, those shoes are amazing… and by amazing I mean completely impractical.

  • Definitely prefer her “non-Barbie Doll” voice in this one over Barbie Doll and How R U Doing. It’s like she grew up and became a woman. Not a bad song, and an interesting video.

  • I liked the song 🙂

  • I like it. They’ve matured as a band so the song is appropiate. It shows a different side from the bubblegum pop(which I liked) they’re known for….good for them.

  • It is a little slow but I like it glad they are back

  • I LIKE it!

  • Slow & boring? More like odd & awesome! Love it!

  • I think that if you listen to it without knowing who they used to be, or what their old sound was, it would be a good song. It has a trance like melody to it, which I like. The lyrical portion could use a little amping up, as it doesn’t match the melody consistently throughout the song. But, the one thing I look for in a good song it whether or not it gets my foot to tapping and/or has a good message…in the underlying beat did get my foot tapping. So I guess, overall, it isn’t to bad of a song. I can see it being used by DJ’s in a club.

  • Lol… They have been back since early Feb… “How R U Doin?” was the first single… I like their new style… Its like europop mixed with electropop :).

  • Much better … prefer this. Lot’s of growing up.

  • I watched the whole vid just to see if one of them dare to walk in those shoes….And they didn’t….lol

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