11 Oct 2011

A4A : The New Improved RADAR App!

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RADAR (our app) for iPhone has been updated and is now available in the Apple Store!

This new version, 1.1 has more search options and improved search functionality to help you find just what you are looking for.


A4A team

8 comments for A4A : The New Improved RADAR App!

  • Any update/word on the android version?

  • When is the Android app coming back?

  • Bryan and Newtmewt : I just asked our team, will be back shortly with an answer 🙂

  • Bryan: we have sumbited it to android market and now waiting for them to approve the app

  • I really hope that you can re-release the Android app…I really loved it. Just don’t know what happened. Thanks.

  • Gabe: They pulled it out without real warning. We just re-submitted it to the android market, and are waiting for second approval.
    We’ll keep u posted

  • i have an android and I’ma bit confused….downloaded the only version in the android market and it censored, hwat is all this talk about a new uncensored version?????

  • Ldaniel : radar.adam4adam.com works for all phone…this is the uncensored version.
    the downloadable versions are “censored” by android market and by apple.
    So if you want uncensored, go directly to radar.adam4adam.com

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