7 Oct 2011

Music : Beyoncé’s Latest Music Video

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I love Beyoncé’s latest song “Countdown”, very modern with a 1960’s flavor! And the video reflects that as well…Directed by Adria Petty – same director as for “Sweet Dreams” video – the aesthetic of the video is very retro; From mimics of Audrey Hepburn and The Supremes to the beehive hairdo, makeup and pop colours, I think the video is just amazing and fun to watch!

Do you like it?


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  • i like the video, hate the song.

  • i liked it

  • Spending a ton of money on a video can’t save a mediocre song. And I think this video has way too much going on in it for the song content. They seem to think that she can smile and wiggle a little bit and rely on video gimmicks and that’s good enough. Let’s hope for better material next album….

  • oh my gosh!!!. i absolutely love this song, my favorite song from “4” plus the video is awesome too. very retro and colourful but still flashy and elegant. beyonce looks great too

  • Eh, but I’m sure it will be a hit.
    She did look stunning in the bob wig though.

  • It’s cute. But let’s talk about the fact that Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker choreography was completely taken verbatim with no acknowledgement. tisk tisk tisk Beyonce.

  • I absolutley live n love beyonce. I have yet to see the video. But I bet its just amazing.
    I lololoooove 1±1 video

  • The song and video are very ho hum

  • Video is cool. The song is awful.

  • LOve it

  • I love Beyonce and this video is excellent and loads of fun to watch!!!

  • I love it

  • Not really feeling this. She is one of a few modern singers who can really sing. But the stuff she puts out sounds just like everybody else. It’s a trendy, “won’t last long” sound. I heard this other song by her called “Love on Top”, this song is real. No gimmicks, just good, solid singing.

  • Visual production is pretty good but the song itself is a disappointment. Very Forgettable.

  • who cares…she copied yet another video/film from another artist…I can’t believe her fans have not seen the pattern of unoriginality that this woman (beYAWNcy) has. She’s copied every choreography, every artist, every film…who is beYAWNcy – The worlds biggest illusionist.

  • This, along with all of her video’s, remind me why im only bisexual 🙂

  • I would have like to have seen but you tube has taken it off
    from being view ?

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