19 Oct 2011

Music : “Criminal”, Latest Britney Spears Music Video

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Hey Guys, Britney just released her latest music video and I LOVE it !

I was not crazy about the song but now I’m sure It will become my favorite song and will listen to it on repeat when I workout at the gym!

I like this kind of music video where the song is like a small movie. And Brit looks amazing in the video, wow! Her “Criminal” boyfriend looks hot as well!!!

Check it out and let me know your thoughts!


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  • The song is OK, not exceptional and the criminal boyfriend is hot but I can see where mothers might be justifiably concerned that it romanticizes young girls falling for criminals and turning to crime themselves – it makes it look like one does escape the consequences of illegal actions with a lover. We all can see through that but teenage girls are impressionable – I remember my sister when she turned 14 – this would have fit perfectly with the guy she started sleeping with at that time,my 19 year old bvest friend who was using her and she was to young to see it – and the defieance to the rest of the family for the sake of “love”. I’d want to run off with this bad boy, why wouldn’t an impressionable teenage girl!

  • Absolutely Love it!

  • Like omg. Fag

  • I loved the song and the video it was amasing

  • That’s actually her real bf

  • I like the song n the video but I’m not impressed by the guy that’s supposedly the criminal he’s not hot enough to share the screen with britney ,they should’ve had someone hotter n younger play the criminal ,thats just my opinion

  • Amazing video!

  • Yikes, her voice is at its worse when she sings in the higher registers. Sadly, even a video can’t save this tune.

  • I understand why you didn’t like the song- and I don’t think the music video makes it better! REALLY a poor move for her- the song isn’t creative, she doesn’t’ come across as original or even a musician- and it’s a song about being in love with a criminal?!?!? Way to be out of touch with reality!

  • The song is hot, the video is hot, she looks amazing ! I just wish she didnt use her real life boyfriend as the “criminal” in the video. He’s just not attractive to me. Plus she should realize its back luck to put your real life boyfriend your music video. Kevin Ferderline anyone ?

  • I’m so glad she used her real BF for the video. Makes all those steamy scenes so much more believable!!!

  • I freaking LOVE the video, she’s amazing in it! Its a good concept. Love it.

  • i think her video and song was so hot and her and her boy friend both llok so hot there…

  • Yeah song ok. Video cool. Boyfriend butt ugly. Britney georgeous. But i know she couldve found a way better looking leading man. Even the rescuer was ugly. Britt come on girl get e real looking man please. Im unimpresswed and disappointed. Do a better casting call.

  • Bad acting, Bad singing, mediocre song… not worth it at all

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