29 Oct 2011

Watch this : “Like a Prayer” : The most amazing male version!

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OMFG !!!!! Guys you absolutely need to watch this!!! Wow Wow Wow !! lol

I just love men harmonies, rich voices blended together! It give me chills, goosebumps and it makes me cry!

Straight No Chaser is the name of the band, and I heard they will tour Canada in 2012! Can’t wait!!!!

So pump up the volume, close your eyes and listen to the song!



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  • That was beautiful.

  • …..nice but you can’t help but upgrade vocally from the original (which was a big stretch for her at the time)

  • It was very nice. Nothing compares to the queen of pop.

  • Absolutely Fantastic! Thanks for sharing.

  • If you like this you should check out their Christmas stuff, I believe one of them is called “With a Twist”. I also made a “Straight No Chaser” channel on Pandora, they’re a great acapella group.

  • Honestly it sounded like a bunch of sparrows chirping at the same time with different frequency each. If they wanted to re-create a masterpiece from such a grand singer, they should’ve tried harder. I’d rather see Chippendale models dancing to it.

  • lostargonaut: you’re another funny character…. show me how you sing and then, you’ll have the authorization to say stupid things like this…lol

  • Awesome rendition, these guys are hot! Vocally and physically hot!

  • Have i been under a rock? I had never heard of these guys before. I love men too, and ten of them. lol. Thanks for posting this, they are wonderful.

  • Ugh. This show sucks.
    Nobody can’t compete with MADONNA ever.

  • Its great but lacking her passion.

  • You’re retarded for saying The Most Amazing Male Version. It sounds like you don’t get out much or its probably the first time U seen it. It’s been done so many times before in college acapella competitions. It was nothing new. It’s a nice version but not “the most amazing”

  • Jackson: Ok show me a better version dear !!!

  • Way to drawn out and slow!. And with respect, Dave, their voices don’t blend together nearly as well as Il Divo — and that group only has four men.

  • Matt: OK you are a voice specialist? who are you to say their voices dont blend well?? lolll If u like Il divo good for u…
    I dont !

  • It makes me want to go tell all my friends as well. And, I am going to do just that.

  • Great job. I never understood or liked this song until years after she released it.

  • what a horrible nasal sound the flying picketts knock this crap into cocked hats they were doing a far better sound with less voices years ago just another load of american tush my advice is dont give up the day job

  • Nice rendition-
    Its still difficult to see people find Madonna socially relevant or permissible. She is a fraud. Here are some facts to substantiate the comment by fact alone and DO NOT remove it based on personal opinion, thank you.
    Madonna while using Unicef as a public image stunt captivated audiences on tour, racking up millions in ticket sales, she then bought herself a 40 million dollar home (her brother is now HOMES-LESS and that will be factualized next) Madonna grosses hundreds of millions on tour buy herself a 40m spread with the money and investors with her claim to be building a girls school in Malawi- her “friends” spend the charity money some of it on cars and golf and the girls school FAILS- she dumps the project. The meaning behind such tunes as “Keep It Together” a song about family loyalty and how she will alway she there for siblings-and to date, her one brother Christopher is estranged the other Anthony was in the news last WEEK reportedly living under a goddamn bridge for over one year.
    Read the lyrics to “Keep It Together”-its about her family loyalty and how she always be there for siblings. Some sister and friend to the poor, like a what?
    Her career is also fraud in part due to its based on others work from film “Swept Away” or “Evita” to music such as “Vogue”-she lacks the skill to create original material-she is why she is the material girl- a girl who uses others material to profit from the art world while manipulating homosexuals through packaging and sweet sounding audio experiences.
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  • were they trying to mock or ape Madonna with such a poor singer?

  • sodoman1: dude, they are not Poor singer….compared to Madonna, technically they are 1000x better!
    I love Madonna, but these guys have amazing voices…they studied singing for sure…

  • their Christmas CDs are awesome, love these guys


  • Yeah it’s ok.

  • They are amazing. They have a couple of albums out that are great, you should check them out!

  • One of their best cover songs! Absolutely amazing, perfect pitch, great timing, and the lead singer’s voice? a-MA-zing!

  • Hmmmm….vocally, how was this song such a “big stretch” from any other Madonna song?

    This group did an outstanding job with this song.

  • Thanks for introducing me to this group!

  • Hey Jennings…. do some FACT checking before you pass judgements. As far as her brother goes, FACT he was fired by his own father because he has a drug problem, the family simply grew tired of it. FACT Madonna’s involvement with raising Malawi was minimal and she’s working on fixing the situation and it’s under new management. FACT she doesn’t like hydrangas, now, this shows she’s not perfect and I’m sure you’ve made some dumbass remark when it wasn’t meant to be heard by others. Let’s not forget, those who live in glass whorehouses shouldn’t throw stones. It’s apparent you don’t like her, that’s fine…. get your facts before you start spilling utter garbage. Your jealousy is beyond transparent. I feel sad for you. Tell ya what… show me what you’ve accomplished. I don’t like Mariah Carey but you don’t see me putting her down. I just don’t listen to her music. Your welcome to do the same with Madonna. I promise you that none of us will care. God Bless.

  • Unlike those guys, I don’t pretend to do something that I can’t well, especially on the scene in front of the people. Way to go for those guys to hit Madonna’s stone, despite all her frauds and faults. But if you think they’re “talented” than her, why do they recreate Madonna’s song instead of performing their own original?

    And what’s the point if you put the post and expect an honest opinion and comparison, yet can’t accept any criticism and snap at guys who criticize them (not you!!)

  • lostargonaut: I understand, but you obviously dont have good points…. They are very talented, and it,s a fact, not an opinion…
    And if they want to sing a song, let them do so !

  • Hey Dave, I am actually, so I feel pretty safe in making that critique of their voices. kthxbai ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Matt : Send me your demo at blog@adam4adam.com I will listen to it and decide if you sound better then them. I’m an ex singing teacher ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hey. I went to college with these guys. They were amazing then–and they are amazing now!

  • far better than that show girl tramp Mo…

  • Absolutely amazing!

  • OMG Cold Chills, absolute amazeballz

  • Wow guys, why all the hate… so much for being “inclusive”… they weren’t trying to recreate the song, just their version/interpetation. Honestly, I don’t like the song at all, no matter who sings it, but come on no need to put them down.

  • So much for supporting the gay community. All these negative comments from bitchy uneducated, no manners, queens. These negative comments make me ashamed to be gay. Try enjoying something for a change rather than knock it all the time. These gays aren’t rejecting you like half the tricks you’ve had. No wonder why the general population hates us so much and think we’re just a bunch of sicko perverts.

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