9 Nov 2011

Music : Madonna’s new single…

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I was very excited to hear that Madonna’s single leaked online, but after listening to eat several times, I’m not crazy about it. It sounds like her older sound, which is just fine for me…Nothing super exciting! I also heard that she will hit the stage at the Super Bowl on February 5 alongside Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. 

Listen to the song after the jump and let me know your thoughts!


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  • as she stated “every record sounds the same” and there is no better testament then this song.

  • Sounds like has come full circle like her first album .. very early 80’s.

  • “oh micky your so fine your so fine you blow my mind “

  • Yea, not too crazy about it either. Its like she ran out of lyrics and things to write about and is just putting words together and let a computer make a song… Still a great performer live, but lyric-wise shes grown weak. Cant blame her, happens to most artists…

  • Finally, Madonna is f*cking back. The old fans have been wondering where she went. Madonna is about to steal her fans back from Gaga… wait they may just share

  • OMG, its awful. Way too bubblegum. Shes a little old for this.

  • Hey, anyone that can get a song out there good or bad is tops inmy books. At least it’s danceable when so much is not.
    It’s got rythm, no shit lyrics or meaness. But hey, my cake may not be your sweets.
    Cheers all.

  • GAGA rules now…..as Madonna sings…every record sounds the same….she is stating her own status…..sorry everyone…but coming from a huge Madonna fan….she needs to mature like alot of other rock stars did to last for 3-4 decades.

  • It’s cool. Nothing to jump up and down about BUT the remixes will be crazy.


  • I think it’s sad when you sing your own name. Very egocentric. This is just bad. I expect more from her.

  • love it love madonna see her twice in concert,cant wait for the album,you are still my queen.

  • Its FuN!

  • i’m not crazy about it yet… but madonna is the queen … i’m sure this is just a leaked rough cut… come on people really , if you were ever a madonna fan then you’d really think for a min and know she’s just getn back in the scene and trying to get media and us to all pay attention and then she’s gonna pee all over … she’s always rocked and will with the new album

  • She’s written children’s books. It shows in her songwriting. Please, Madonna, it’s OK to use outside songwriters. !

  • I just hope this is a mistake n this is not a single ,she needs to come back stronger than this ,i love madonna n gaga both ,they’re both great live performers .

  • i don’t believe this is a finished product

  • They will rock it with a remix or a club version. Not to worry. Madonna will bring it.

  • Madonna digs into her old bag of tricks for a new song…GAGA imitation soon to follow…

  • The song sounded good and don’t forget its a demo not the actual song so it will sound differnt once its out. Madonna never repeats herself and change is good. Madonna’ isnt going to steal her fans back from Gaga they are always their for her and always will be. No matter what Gaga does she is still inspired through Madonna as we have seen that through her music and video’s. Gaga puts herself out their more through her exstravagent costumes then her music, after a while that becomes tired.

  • meh..i dont really care for this. definitely, not her best. poor thing

  • It’s piece of garbage. Madonna has been going downhill for years. When is she going to get back to doing ‘real’ music?

  • BORING….

  • Oops.

  • I fucking love it ,,,, dont hate ,CONGRATULATE ! anything this bitch touches turns to gold ,,, i love love love love love it I smell a TOUR

  • this isnt the final version of the song. Its only the demo. So it could change before its offically released.

  • I don’t think this is the final sound bit. I think she’s defiantly gone back to her original roots. I t’s Madonna alright – DEFIANTLY! 🙂

  • First of all this is a leaked DEMO – not the final product. While I’m not thrilled with this type of song, Madonna cleearly does it better than Britney, Rihanna, Katy, Kesha..and whats her name? Lady who? Oh yeah Gaga.

    Just like in the past, Madonna spun circles around Janet, Mariah, Whitney and even Annie Lenox. Then came the second wave of attackers … Gwen Stefani, Alanis Morisette, Kyle .. you name it.

    Bottom line – for all you gay boys being such critics. Madonna does it better. For this bubble gum type of song, she just outdid all the little tarts out there. Then again .. Madonna does this every single time. I’m sure the final product will be just fine – even though its not my type of music. Congrats Madonna – on you being you – every single time.

  • Michael: for a guy that is not a fan, you seem to be takin’ it very personally!!! loll

  • And everyone bitches about Lady Gaga being a copycat – this sounds like a oh mickey you’re so fine ripoff meets avril lavigne.

    Really Madonna? Act your age.

  • Love it she is back in full force and in yourr face fantastic.Hell yeah she rules

  • Well, it is new material for her! So what about it sounds as someone put it “bubblegum” It’s dancy! For all we know that isn’t even the final version of it. I like it! Most singers write about all the same stuff anyways not to mention the same f’in dance moves. I am sure Madonna has more up her sleeve than what you hear. It isn’t official yet! And when it is… You will probobly be the first ones in line to buy her concert tickets as well as the dance album!

  • Michael: me? nah…I have 2 of her album only and never saw her shows. I prefer vocal cords to entertainment…

  • YUCK! What a bomb. She needs to retire.

  • i like her as much as the next dude but hmmm… i think she’s harkening back to her girly days. i think it sounds a bit ridiculous at her age. and the song is just weak. if she wants to be on top of the game, she’s gonna have to try much harder than this

  • Great song to gain publicity! great song to perform at the superbowl..
    And the die-hard fans will love it.. L-U-V Madonna!

    Wouldn’t be surprised that this will not be the lead-single! But just a warm-up song.. Been online for long time.. Other Madonna leaked songs are removed within the hour!

    Think this is just like candy shop and beat goes on, a warm up song. From Perezhilton to billboard, everywhere Madonna’s name is mentioned..

    Just wait and see.. But this new album is going to be great and will state Madonna’s name as a great artist again!

  • God I hope this is just a fake leak

  • I heard it the other day, and my first thought, like Lynn, was “Mickey”. Then, I noticed that musically, it sounds like a combination of that, Leader of the Pack, and crap. Also, Mo, sweetie, you’re 53…it’s spelled L-O-V-E. Come on.

  • Madonna puts the cunt in country and her music sucks since 2000 give it up Madge.

  • They played this song at the club tonight and it KILLED!!! Love it!

  • I agree with Mike, and some of you guys are going over board on how the song sounds. First of all it is a demo that some asshole got his hands on and gave it up. “Dumbass” second of all with Live nation behind her this album will no doubt be the best yet to date because they have put a lot of money into her and they are going to promote the mother fuckin ass out of this album something tired ass Warner Brother new nothing about. She is going to have a world wide tour in 2012 which will start this weekend at Roseland where she is picking her dancers. This tour like all the rest will be great. Must we remind the Madonna haters out their that Madonna’s last tour was the highest grossing tour ever for any female artist. With all the hoopla over Gaga how come we dont hear such things about that with her. Oh I know why it’s because noone will ever match the Queen of Pop. “Kisses”

  • Michael don’t even compare Madonna to real singers like Whitney and Mariah. Madonna wish she had an ounce of their talent.

  • I dont think Mike was comparing voices to Whitney and Mariah. They do have great voices, what he believe he is saying is that they came after Madonna and even with their great voices Madonna managed held onto her success and so forth. Where is Whitney she is no longer relevant anymore what a shame how she messed herself up.

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