7 Nov 2011

Music : Nick Carter Is Back?

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BackStreet Boys might look like something from the past, but Nick Carter is still trying to make it as a solo artist. His first albums didn’t make a noise in US and Canada but was a hit in japan. He is back with a new single called “Burning Up” talking about partying with a electro/dance floor/pop sound that really sounds like some other artists that we hear these days… I’m thinking Usher, Kesha…

I find it a bit weird that he is talking about booze and clubbing after having drug and alcohol abuse problems….but eh, who am I to judge ?!…lol

I was never crazy about this guy, even with the BackStreet Boys…He looks like someone not confortable with himself and shy, things that dont go well with being a performer and being famous.

Anyways, let me know what you think and listen to his track after the jump!


Burning Up (clipe) – Nick Carter from TheBackstreetBoys.com.br on Vimeo.

10 comments for Music : Nick Carter Is Back?

  • I guess he does not learn that he is not cut out to do a solo career; but maybe this time it will work out for him.

  • nice pictures, would love seeing some of Aaron Carter too

  • Funny thing is he filmed this video in a gay club in Nashville Tn.

  • Saw him in concert twice during the NKOTBSB Tour and I’ve gotta say he was looking really hot – not as hot as Joey McIntyre – but still tasty. His solo project is pretty good too but I bet it won’t get too much play in The U.S., probably more so overseas and in Canada.

  • The video didn’t impress me. It was like any other pop performer today. I kinda of thought he was the cutest one in the backstreet boys, LOL!!.. I never really got into them like some of my other friends.

  • Crap song. Used to have a crush on him till he hooked up with my tranny friend. True story.

  • Lol mother effer i could soOOo see that happening lol

  • maybe team up with his brother

  • I liked this song. The album has been out for quite a while. The album is great!

  • Mother Effer, would you be soooo bitter if he had hooked up with you or offered to do a threesome with you? the song was’nt that bad; just not for me.

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