25 Nov 2011

Photography: Adam Parker by Joe McCormick

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What an amazing photoshoot! I loooove black and white photos. With a hot model and an amazing photographer…it’s perfection !

Check out after the jump and let me know your thoughts.



Photo credit : Joe McCormick 

22 comments for Photography: Adam Parker by Joe McCormick

  • His face and body are just so extremely beautiful! The absolute perfection makes me want to weep.

  • Freakin Hot!

    What else could I say, I have an an fettish….


  • he’s alright i guess, a little bit too pretty boy for me though

  • Dave you always find great stuff for us to look at and he is quite beautiful which I don’t mind at all.
    Of course, I am feeling a little guilty about all I ate yesterday looking at his incredible body. Lol.

  • There is nothing that you could do to make him look anything except for GOOD!! YYUUUUUMMMMM

  • He’s a great looking guy, but there is no sex appeal at all.

  • Those men are HOT. I would LOVE to spend the night with each one of them. What I would do to them yum yum…what I would let them do to me OMG, would be the hottest sex ever!!

  • I cannot concentrate seeing someone that beautiful, I would probably just sit and stare..He is just perfection…..

  • he has a awesome looking body

  • It makes me wanna weep too! I think I changed his diaper a few years back!

  • Ya know ever since i saw lukas ridgeston in the 90s, no man since has melted my heart and hardened my cock at the same time like he did/does.

  • Love his looks and have always like to look at semi-hairy pits. Don’t like the bushy ones, but the guys with just a little are sexy

  • Hate to throw ice water… If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. He’s ok. Nothing to write home about. I think the common guy is sexier than the made up model.

  • wow hot as hell

  • yes he has the perfect amount of pit hair he is truly a beautiful man I could spend a long time licking his pits

  • he is really hot but would be alot sexier if they showed some nude photos of below the waist love seeing nice ass and huge cocks

  • MMMMMMMMMMM perfect I enjoy black and white photos also. where were these nice men when I was 30

  • I like the second and the forth photos, The rest were basic in shot and pose. The model… um there’s a lot to be desired, and he has not found that yet.

  • I’m sorry my faves are the second and 5th photos.

  • Black and white photos are really nice, they have lots of emotion and expression for whats lacking in our world of perceived colors.

    B.T.W. He has a very nice body.

  • Whats up with his ears?

  • love to suck my cum out of his navel

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