20 Dec 2011

Fantasy : Sports Gear/ Sport Outfits

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I played several sports since I was a kid : Soccer, baseball, hockey, handball, volleyball, athletics… I’ve seen all sorts of sports gear/ sport outfits and I had to wear them.
Sometimes spandex shorts, sometimes knee-high socks, sometimes a tank top, singlet, or for hockey, the full protective equipment….

I have to say that most of these outfits turned me on and I still enjoy looking at hot men wearing them.

In the hockey locker room, before a practice, I was always looking at my coach. I really liked to see him in his underwear, then putting the jockstrap/cup, the shoulder pads etc…I found it very manly and hot.

I know that some of you really like soccer socks or spandex shorts or wrestling singlet… so I want to know what is your favorite sport outfit / sports gear ?

Here are a few picture that I found for you! Let me know if you like them


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25 comments for Fantasy : Sports Gear/ Sport Outfits

  • I find those outfits really hot too. Its a big turn to see those well sculpted bodies with suggestive bulges on display…I love them all.

  • The guy with the blue spandex is making me so HARD!!!… That looks like a perfect round butt. That other guy had to take a look too, it’s very nice!!….

  • Love a sexy body regardless of ethnicity in a nice jockstrap. Love it whether he be top or bottom in sexual role, it’s always a huge turn on!!!

  • I love the jockstraps, wrestling uniform/gear, or just anything tight and athletic on a guy

  • Wrestling singlets. Gym shorts. Guy who show their shit in their gym shorts make me crazy. Joggers with their cocks swinging are a road hazard for me!

  • Where are the pics of you in your sports gear Dave?*wink*

  • Ariesk: I’m too shyyyy….
    I promise i’ll do a post of myself soon…showing off…


  • Love seeing bodybuilders in posing suits. They always get me hard and I love to jack off to videos of them flexing and posing!

  • Is there anything more sexy then a guy drenched in sweat doing something physical. Specially when he thinks no one’s watching him scratch his balls, or ass. Can you imagine what his pits smell like after he raises his arms. That pic of the guy in blue spandex excited me too. The other guy couldn’t help butt look lol. Mr. Jockstrap was hot too, love that hairy body. Hell all of them are hot in there own way.

  • Love guys in track unis, they leave nothin to the imagination!

  • I’ve shown a few peek-a-boo moments at the gym, and it’s interesting to note who sneaks a glance. I’ve also seen a few others show off their goods, whether intentional or not, and not seem to care who sees. Exciting little distractions.
    But the best views, of course, come in the locker rooms, when some guys don’t care who looks, and just want to show off, no matter how big or small they are. Count me as one of them, too.

  • No guys in Speedos – as far as I’m concern, speedos and thongs are the only proper attire on the beach or pool.

  • The Wrestling Singlets are sexy as fuck to me. I used to wrestle in grade school and thats when I first started noticing guys, cuz I realized I could see everything, back then I didnt think nothing of it, but now as an adult I realized cuz of wrestling it started my attraction to dudes. / Anyway, so yeah the singlets= sexy as fuck.

    The blue spandex pic where you see the blonde looking at the dudes ass- Very nice bubble butt.

  • all them look so nice, wish i was with them

  • I havealways loved the really shot running shorts especially the onionskin on a man with hairy legs,,,,,DAMN

  • YUMMY!

  • I love the SAC City dude….very hot

  • man, I remember those days. If I new what I know now back then, it would have been happening.

  • Wow! Sexy pictures! Love the singlets, but other gear can be pretty hot as well.

  • Those fun things about sports, and showing everything.

  • I love blond guys with blue eyes. When I was in high school, I always looked forward to shower time. Love seeing the blond dues soap up their body, their butt, their cock and bending over to wash their legs and feet. I was like in lala land lusting for them. Prior to shower time, I loved seeing them in tight spandex leaving nothing to my imagination. I could see their cock ready to fall out, I could see the sweaty spandex sliding up their ass, I just wish I could have helped the blond dude undress then get him on all fours and lick the sweat off of their butt, lick the sweat out of his bubble butt ass, turn him over, lick the sweat off of his balls and his growing cock until it was deept in my throat, my nice wet warm latino mouth…I would try to fuck his sweaty ass but I know that would never happen on campus, perhaps after school FUCK!!!

  • the guy in the yellow spandex that big assdick I love looking at it

  • yummy I bet those boys drink lots of milk

  • I enjoy seeing guys in sports wear especially Michael Phelps; he drives my pressure up. I don’t go to swimming meets; those swim trunks and nice feet gets me so horny. I want to meet and see Michael Phelps him naked.

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