9 Dec 2011

Health : Louis Vuitton Condoms Anyone ?

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Louis Vuitton has always been known for its variety of high quality products; luggage, bags, shoes, clothes, sunglasses… and now condoms! WAIT, what?! Yes you read it correctly. Louis Vuitton has now entered the contraception business. Fans of the brand can now completely “cover up”  in all Louis Vuitton, with no exceptions. A friend of mine also said that Chanel was offering a similar product with the French House famous “C’s”  written on it.

You can never put a price on protection, except when the protection will cost you $68 per condom for the LV ones. From the price tag alone it’s apparent that like the rest of the Louis Vuitton products, these condoms are to cater to the rich and wealthy, and those who live above their means. I heard that Chanel condoms are sold by pack of 12 and it would cost around $280. I say “would” because they are very hard to find. Some say you can find them in the SOHO store in NYC but it might be just a rumour … Who bought some ? Who can really find them and send me a picture of their dickie covered in the supreme elegant coat? I will feature your profile on the blog for 24 hours, I promise !!!

Xmas is comming, these condoms could be excellent gift ideas for your fuckfriends or nice hostess gifts lol ?!



37 comments for Health : Louis Vuitton Condoms Anyone ?

  • Yes I want them so bad and I would really use them! But I can tell already that Im to poor to buy them. :( lol

  • Is it reusable?

  • Kinda reminds me of the Real Housewives (NY) episode with Alex and her Louis Vuitton boots and Luann saying that even Louis Vuitton makes mistakes

  • What the French toast?!

  • these are for the MAN WHO REALLY HAS EVERYTHING!!!

  • Do they come in Magnum?

  • Clever marketing, but seriously how often do you pick up a trick that is worth a $68 condom?

  • thts funny as hell

  • Dumb shit! What’s it matter if it does say LV on it? Nobodies gonna see it where it’s going anyway. LOL At $68 a rubber or $268 a pack, these rubbers better cum with somebody to fuck! LOL

  • I would like to see the ass you would fuck with a condom of that cost. It would really have to be special.

  • It’s perfect for the pretentious South Beach and Fire Island queens.

  • Anyone who purchases these should be killed for being a brain dead plague to the world.

  • @Thegaytekeeper, why would you want to have a reusable condom? That doesn’t sound very hygienic or practical.

  • A “tool” and his money are soon parted.

  • what moron would pay 68 bucks for a rubber???

  • I wish people would stop buying into foolish trends and think independently…It’s sad. A celebrity endorsement or jacked up price and people flock to it like idiots…. Stop being mindless cattle and falling into the foolish tyranny of trends. People only want LV because Kim Kardashian (or whoever) was seen wearing it on TMZ. Think for yourself..And do you really need a 68 dollar condom? Is this to show your lover you can afford it? What a waste of money.

  • there is no fucking way I would spend that kind of money on a condom. The free ones from the health depetarment work just fine and are safe

  • anyone spending that much for a condom should be slapped

  • $68 would feed an African family of four for two months.

  • Guys.. Hello !!
    Louis Vuitton is initially a brand of leather goods that is now into fashion products but I don’t see what message they would send with this. Plus there’s NO OFFICIAL pictures but this plastic unluxury looking packaging.. fake.. But funny though.. lol I would have tried it for sure !!

  • my friend V bought an original $800 LV handbag, it broke after a few months….

  • Lol, truly a luxury f*ck.

  • las vegas condoms,no doubt in foreclosure!!

  • i quite like the LV bin bags! well — one needs to adequately dispose of the used condoms right?

  • Ridiculous!

  • I know gay men get stupid over high fashion names, but really?!?!

  • Of COURSE condom queens will love these. They already let others tell them how to have sex – it’s not that big of a jump for the little queens to try to turn it into a fashion statement.

  • When I was in France, I went to an after party for a runway show that Louis Vuitoon was one of the sponsors I believe and there were these condoms that were complimentary. I thought they were a gag and not seriously meant for retail. I still have a few, only used them once, it was a tight fit.

  • barebackbeachbro : dude, if u think people that put condoms are “queens” or lack masculinity, u are crazy and need mental help !
    “They already let others tell them how to have sex” ahahahaha hilarious…
    U think we are not smart enough to know that we need to wear condoms to avoid bad stuff ?
    Def. not smart !

  • commenter: ya i know…same things for a Marc jacobs tank top that i bought this summer at 400$ (silk jersey…)
    That’s luxury….
    It doesn’t mean that when you buy these kind of things, that you are not generous for others though…

  • Gucci Gucci, Louis Louis, Fendi Fendi, Prada. Basic bitches wear that shit so I don’t even bother!

  • ***** the real reason they are so expensive is you get to use them on some hot guy and the next morning u get to simply roll him out of bed, whatever his name is, give him the condom, bid him adue , and say breakfast does come with the service,,, sacked lunch for you. and shut the door. and when he looks at it later he knows your high class.

  • thats retarded. thats all im gonna say about that

  • Lol! $68.00 for a condom? I think that is funny. You would think these designers would send haft of these proceds to an aids foundation of some sort? But, it goes to show money is money. They only want the money for themselves. When the majority of these high end designers don’t know how much of impact they would make on other designers by splitting there proceds to aids foundation If they decide to go into the condome market?

  • I’m sorry Jonny Quander but I think that the reason why the gaytekeeper asks if it’s reusable it’s because it really sounds stupid having to pay that much just for a fucking condom while it’s only one time used,however we have to admit that it’s a luxury condom,coz of course rich ppl can afford it and for them $68 means what a dollar means to us,so not that he doesn’t know higien,but I would ask the same question because I could even get one night stand with a handsome guy for $68.00,come on.and instead,I would ask a better question,would it fuck me itself without having anyone to push it inside???that’s what I would like to know

  • Really? REALLY? like a weekend update ywith Seth Meyerss

  • Who in the hell calls them rubbers anymore?

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