12 Dec 2011

Photography : Patriota Twins

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I’m in love with these twins. They are soooooo cute ! I also like the concept of the shoot, brothers bonding in underwear…

I’m not crazy about hardcore incest scenes like the Peters twins but I like the artistic creativity in this shoot by Rick Day for Fantasticsmag!

Do you like Màrcio and Marcos as much as I do ?


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35 comments for Photography : Patriota Twins

  • these twins are welcome at my house anytime

  • these guys are so hot from head to toe

  • I want them for Christmas.

  • Great! Now I have to go change my underwear…

  • take em both on

  • These guys are cute from the waste up and seem to enjoy each other … that’s nice… but why can’t guys work their legs?…

  • love the twins

  • DAMN…fucking hot twins…would defintely love to be sandwiched between those two hot studs! Any more pics coming? Def. would love to see the entire, package in all it’s glory!

  • Twins getting down, hot, always. These boys, the Peters Twins, the Visconti triplets, for some reason if two people were split from the same egg, it doesn’t seem like incest.

  • wowow verrt hot pics i love to meet them thast date them

  • love twins! had a pair i messed with all though college! was so hot , sucking fucking, dp, yum,we did it for 4 years were still friends and they are both married with kids now

  • All I have to say , is ADORABLE

  • dig these photos AND hardcore pics like the peters twins. Any grossness of them being brothers is surpassed by the hotness of them looking almost identical. Now if I had a twin, I don’t think I’d want to fuck him, but give me two twins to play with any day of the week.

  • If i had a brother that hot id fuck him all day every day

  • These twins are beautiful!!….I think it’s great seeing the bond they’re projecting…..and MIKE…I think their legs look just fine….not too skinny and not too bulky. It’s proportioned to the rest of the body…(in my humble opinion.

  • So cute

  • Nope! There fucking sexy and I would like both of them to bang the hell outta my ass but def not together, not down with the incest thing ugh, kinda creepy :/

  • Their beauty, and perfection is mind-blowing!

  • great looking twins there.

  • DAMN hot men, I would do anything to be in between those two hot dudes, one on all fours while I e** his a** the other f*****g my hot tight latino a**. I would pay them a ton of dollars to be able to do what I would love too and let them do whatever they want too to me.

  • I sprained my tongue just looking at the pics!

  • hot hot hot is all i can say

  • Hottness 🙂 and, it’s not incest it’s masturbation hehehe.
    I always wished I had a twin for just that reason! LoL

  • I would do any and everything with these twins. So fucking sexy. I bet they have a sexy ass accent too!

  • any pix of them sukn or fukn each other ?

  • They can come to my house for the holidays lol. I find them sexy but if they start having sex with each other then I might change my mind lol…

  • OMG!!… Very-very-very handsome and hot!!… Double the pleasure-double the fun, LOL!!..

  • They are popping up all over the net…YUM!

  • Fucking hotttt I don’t judge so I’ll take da both of em

  • OMG!!!

    There in nothing sexier than these twins couple. I love all the pictures. They are the hottest, the cutest.
    I don’t like straight incest, but I LOVE gay incest.

  • extremely hot!!! @Nick would luv to hear some more about u and those Twins…

  • :OO Oh my LAWD JESUS… They are sexy lol

  • What I would give to spend a few hours with them

  • i’d love to be the meat in a patriota sandwich. i wonder how old they were the first time they had sex with each other! you KNOW they have!!!

  • me and my twin are bi, as teens we had lots of sex with maen and women young and old, lots of 3 and 4 ways from 13 yo all though high school and college, were 35 now hes married kids …im divorced 1 son……were both still bi.its amazing ho many straight men want us ! lots of fun!

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