5 Dec 2011

Stories : Mile High Club

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I just came across this “In the Loop” article from the Washington Post about Airlines for America, Internet searches and Adam4Adam and I thought it was great, so I just had to share it with you.  (You need to read the article to understand…)

Are any readers members of the Mile High Club? If so, we would love to hear your sexy stories!

Send your stories to blog@adam4adam.com !


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  • So hot looking

  • Well, this was about 3 years ago on a flight from Orange County to Seattle. It was a late flight and very few people were on the plane. The gentlemen across the aisle from me started a conversation and we talked for a good 30-45 minutes. He finally said, the angle in which we were talking was hurting his neck and asked if he could come sit in the same row as me. No one was in my aisle so I said yes. The whole time we talked, I was fantasizing about where this could go but wasnt sure yet if he liked cock. We talked a bit more and he put his hand on my thigh. That was the green light I was waiting for! I took the blanket out between the seat in front of me and placed it over his lap. I put my hand down his pants and gave him a nice rub. It didnt take long for him to explode and I withdrew my hand and placed my fingers into my mouth and licked up every squirt of cum I could. I loved the look in his eyes when he saw me do that…I knew we were in for a fun night! It just so happen, we were staying in hotels that were nearby each other and we went straight to his room. I finally got a good look at his large cock that I had played with earlier and it certainly didnt disappoint. I immediately went to my knees in front of the hotel window and gobbled up every inch of his thick, hard cock…we went over to the bed and lubed up my tight ass with the hotel supplied lotion and I straddled him like a cowboy in heat. I must have ridden that cock of his for 45 minutes and enjoyed every second of it. We finally gave into exhaustion and laid in bed until morning where we had to take care of ourselves again. He later admitted to me that he had never been with another man but he was very attracted to me and wanted to act on his long time fantasies. He could have fooled me! Its not a full on mile high story but it is in my mind…I’ll never forget it.

  • hot!!

  • just hard in bathroom with the bumping around .could done years ago but didnt think of it at the time..

  • WOW hot, the closet encounter I ever had on an airlines is when the male flight attendant was storing my luggage in the over head compartment, he was so close to me as he reached up, I was in front of him, I could feel his cock pressing against my ass, he pretended to make it last 4 or 5 minutes and I could feel his cock getting harder. Right before landing, he gave me a note telling me the name of the airport hotel he would be staying at. I got off the plane, he smiled and said thank you for flying lalala airlines and winked. I noticed at that time he had a great bubble butt. About 10pm I went to his room. He answered the door in a robe and offered me one. I took off my clothes and put on the robe. We sat on the couch and had several cocktails and two shot of tequila. After that, he dropped his robe, got on the floor on all fours and asked me if I liked the view..well FUCK, it was hot, he had just showered, I got down on the floor spread his bubble butt cheeks and began to eat his ass, he was moaning like a wild man, he turned over and began sucking my hard cut cock, I was in heaven, then he stood before me, his big ock in my face so, I began to suck his cock, the head, to tease, the shaft then all the way down my waiting deep throat. He got down on all fours and begged me to fuck his bubble butt ass…what was I supposed to do? I slipped on protection then used the head of my cock to tease his nice wet hole (I just ate it and it was nice and wet and ready) he moaned and begged for more, I slipped in an inch, he begged for more, I slipped in another inch and finally gave him all 8.5 inches of my thick cut cock, he pushed back, I pulled it in and out until I finally had to cum ohhhhh baby, I shot a big load and so did he while I was fucking him. I departed about mid night but we promised to connect in the very near future. I can fucking hardly wait for that piece of ass again!!!

  • Hahaha that’s too funny!!! Airlines for America “The acronym, as we reported, is A4A, which keeps it from being confused with the Association of Flight Attendants union (AFA).
    So we typed A4A into Google and . . . oh dear. . . we got
    “Adam4Adam,” Great story!

  • was coming back from Africa and this cute guy was getting on the plane with me. We kept looking at each other and at one point he asked me if I wanted to come up to his row and talk and I said sure. So it was just him and I nobody around us at all and the flight attendants were way in the back and it was night so no real interuptions to worry about so we fondled each other under the blanket and then his hard cock was out of his pants. So I was pretending I was going to lay down in his lap but of course instead I sucked his cock right there. It was hot was sorry nothing ever more came out of it but it made the trip very memorable

  • Took a flight a Frankfurt, and caught the eye of several guys. Once the lights went down, I went to the bathroom and waited. The bearish dude sitting in front of me came back first and knocked on the door. He squeezed in and I sucked him down, getting a huge load down my throat.
    Word must have passed, because as soon as one guy left, another was at the door. Sucked off 13 guys, then this cute little German twink with a deep voice came to the door. I went to go down on him, but he sucked me dry.
    It was the start of a great trip.

  • I’ve had the pleasure of allowing a few guys to become members of the mile high club. I have my own plane and have posted free flights on Craigslist. Most guys that reply are looking for more than a flight….but their most asked question is….who will fly the plane while we play. Thankfully, I have an auto-pilot that takes care of that problem. Always looking for guys wanting to become members….

  • Wrote about the experience above…love to suck cock. Check out my profile, and let me know if you want to be sucked off.

  • My entrance into the mile high club was in the late 90’s. Flying non stop from Tel Aviv to New York,I was sitting in the underbooked coach section in the exit door aisle next to the window…plenty of legroom and no one sitting in the 2 seats next to me. As the plane took off I was psyched, since this meant that i could put up the armrests and stretch out. In those days the flights were not full up like they are today, even though the pre-flight grilling took place way before they started happening here in the US. About 40 minutes into the flight a extremely handsome, obviously muscular man in a nice suit, probably 6’1 or so sat down in the seat next to me. My first reaction was “oh shit I don’t have the full seats! That shoots that plan.” However, on closer look at this guy with his intense brown eyes and a smile to die for, I figured at least the eye candy would be well worth the minor inconvenience. Now it is important to understand that I too was not a slouch either. Being a blond, blue eyed ballet dancer certainly had its advantages. As we conversed he loosened his tie and undid his coat, exposing a rather ample crotch that seemed fuller than it should be at the moment. As I was looking at his total physique I suddenly saw in his far pocket that he was packing heat. My sudden fear was allayed when he saw that I saw his gun, he laughed and said he was an air marshall and not too worry. As he had been conversing with the crew in a familiar way and had suddenly appeared his story seemed plausible enough. Our conversation continued through dinner and the film and then it was lights out. I had told him of my earlier plan to lay down and he kindly offered his shoulder to sort of stretch out next too. Not being shy I said I would take him up on his offer and if i got too heavy just push me off. Needless to say I didnt sleep one instance, even though it appeared that he dozed. He adjusted his arm around me with my head up against his chest and I could smell his heat. After an hour or so, the plane had settled down and there wasnt much coming and going into the adjacent galley/lavatorys. He got up and proceeded to walk to the lav. Seeing that I was awake he smiled and indicated with my head to follow him. I didn’t need a second invitation. He went into the lavatory followed by me and the door shut. My god could that man kiss. I dont know what it was, the excitement, the thrill or the man. I was taken by this guy and made his. He dropped his pants as I undid mine, all the while just kissing. There was no time for niceties, he just turned me around and thrust his huge cock to the hilt in my ass and started pumping for all his was worth. He put one hand over my mouth and the other on my cock and jerked me off while he kissed my neck and my ear. As he jerked me off I came in his hand he shot his hot load into me. Taking my cum in his hand he then pulled out and turned me around where he took my load in his mouth and deep kissed me with it. After zipping up,I went out first and then he came back to the seat after I sat. Smiling he pulled me to him and I dozed for a bit. I remember him getting up and that was the last that I saw of him. The rest of the flight I had the other two seats to myself. I always looked for him on later flights and around the town when I was in Tel Aviv, but to no avail. It was the first and the last sex that I had on a plane but it was memorable and I will never forget it or him.

  • A few months ago I was on a half full flight, and I sat in the back row. I looked at the row across from me, and I swear the flight attendant had an erection, SO I nonchalantly rubbed my crotch till he noticed… sure enough he started rubbing his dick as well until it was obviously fully hard in his thin dress pants! The best part? When we hit 10,000 feet on the descent, he called me into the back galley where we sucked each other off quickly till we blew our loads down each other’s throats. SO hot.

  • The only times I was on a plane they were packed, I was underage, and I was with family. However, I’m going on a trip in two days and I will be flying by myself and I hope to be initiated into the mile high club. I honestly believe that its now or never so im hoping for now Lol.

  • Not a full mile-high story, but worth mentioning. Two years ago I was taking a late flight to DC out of Honolulu International, and noticed this hot guy making eye contact with me in the terminal. I knew he was a fellow servicemember but once we boarded the plane I thought nothing of those glances and got situated in my seat. About an hour into the flight, I noticed that same guy walking the aisles. Since the flight was not full, I had a row by the window all to myself. At this point, I knew his intentions so he eventually made his way down the aisle to my row, introduced ourselves and we started to chat. With my own personal blanket covering me, i slipped my jeans and boxers down to my ankles and he reached over and stroked me with his spit-lubed palm. I would not have been surprised if there were curious onlookers in the darkness, but there i was, grinding and moaning as i came all over my fellow shipmate’s hand. I returned the favor, jerked him off and cupped my hand a few inches from the head of his cock as he shot his load with some serious force behind it. I took my cum-soaked hand and licked his thick batter clean. We exchanged numbers, and upon our respective returns back to Pearl Harbor a few weeks later, we met in his barracks on the submarine side of the base, and fucked the hell out of each other. Ron and I remain great friends to this day.

  • I can’t say I’ve joined the mile high club yet, but the closest I came was in an airport bathroom. I believe it was the chicago airport, but i went to use a urinal and there was only one other guy in the bathroom. I used the urinal next to his and started peeing and then I looked over at the guy, and his cock was so big, it was hard not to notice. It was was so big, and thick and it wasn’t even hard yet. He caught me staring at it, looked down at his enormous cock and then back up at me and asked if I liked what I saw? I said yes, and that I would love to do something about it, but I had to get to my gate quickly. So I went to my gate in hopes that he would be on the same flight, but no luck. :(

  • This story was very very hottt and arouseing got my cock going.

  • The closest I came was when I met a married, older pilot in a restaurant in the Atlanta airport. I couldn’t keep me eyes off the man, and he obviously noticed me looking. When I got to my hotel later that day, who in the world do you think I run into while getting on the elevator in the lobby? We struck up a conversation, and he invited me to his room for a drink. We hadn’t gotten two sips into our drinks before we were making out and undressing each other. I remember how good he smelled, how muscular he was, and how freaked out his wife would be if she knew he had his tongue in my mouth. The guy was pretty hung, and I sucked his cock until my jaws ached. After he fucked me in every position you can imagine, he shot the biggest load I’ve ever seen on my stomach while I caressed his balls. I’ve had good sex, but there’s something about that masculine, married pilot that just did it for me.

  • @ Dwnhl-Dave your story is hot would love to link up with you

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