7 Jan 2012

Fashion : David Beckham for H&M

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English sporting icon and former Emporio Armani underwear model David Beckham is designing his own briefs in partnership with Swedish cheap and chic fashion retailer H&M.

The collection, will be available both online and in 1,800 H&M stores worldwide as of February 2 and is the first step in a planned long-term co-operation between H&M and the LA Galaxy midfielder.

The company said the garments include briefs, boxers, vests, T-shirts, pyjamas and long johns, focusing on fit, comfort and style.

Through the collaboration, Beckham, 36, joins a string of celebrities, including Madonna and Kylie Minogue, who have sprinkled their star dust on special H&M clothing lines.

See more images after the jump and let me know what you think of this collaboration or the man himself !



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  • He looks ok in the pics but he’s not as hot as he used to be. ๐Ÿ™

  • boring

  • Sexy legs after all soccer players in my opinion have the sexiest legs

  • I’ll buy them. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • This spring Donatella is also doing a collection H&M which I can’t wait to own. It’s called Versache for H&M ( Real creative I know lol. ) Anyhoo! For all you cheap and chic fashion lovers make sure you look into it. :3

  • Jay: it was for this fall… and it’s not Versache it’s Versace !

  • bring it on mister beckham!!!!!!! can’t wait to see you modeling them……………YUMMMMMMMM

  • what a good looking sexy guy. what a shame to completly ruin a body like that with all those tatts. gross, disgusting! i would not do him.

  • He looks gross. Skinny, bad face, bad hair, loaded with tat’s I would not do him and would not let him do me or enjoy my hot tight latino ass NEVER EVER.

  • Handsome, but I don’t understand the craze

  • God this man is so hot!

  • Nice Briefs…be even better if he didnt have them on..lol

  • He is so day before yesterday.

  • Meh. Just boxers and wifebeaters. Big whoop! That…and he’s dumb (go online and see the British comedians rip the piss out of him on THAT score) and all tatted up. Yuck.

  • Not much for name brands but he sure can get me to buy something form that line ;D

  • i prefer him with no clothes. personally…

  • in the fourth picture he looks like he kinda has a redneck gut going on

  • …photos are not very flattering.

  • looks real nice

  • Why does everyone keep INSISTING this is the new “hot”? So he can kick a ball around: BFD.

    He really isn’t even that attractive in PROFESSIONAL photos, such as these.

    Just MY opinion, but I don’t know WHY everybody is on the bandwagon with trying to promote “hot” when it’s not even “tepid”…….Go fiugre……

  • Not a big fan of tattoos, but David Beckham has to be one the best (if not, the best) looking guys on the planet. At the Royal Wedding last year, he was drop-dead gorgeous in the formal attire. This guy can promote and sell anything.

  • Yum! I’ll take two of those, please!

  • He lookis MUCH better is a crew cut! The shaggy hair needs to go

  • He’s soooo sexy!

  • DB’s underwear looks ok – but plain material, thought we would have some mini DB pictures on the pants as a logo of sorts, Equmen do just as good pants and vests and they contain body sculpture panels to make you look trimmer – apart from the DB design what else you getting for your money ?? Paul

  • He doesn’t look as hot as he used to but i’d still do him lol. i was reading and someone mentioned versace even though they misspelled it lol! and that line came out already. so if you were waiting for it you missed it. sorry!

  • Belly fat…just a sign of aging

  • he’s hot still. starting to look more like a normal man than just the athlete–I like athletes at this age. wish he were gay, if he has any dick at all he’d be a great porn star.

  • Just gross, tat,s are awful, he has a belly (big) hair looks greasy, at the point I do not know who is fuglier him or skinny ass no boobs Victoria. I wouldn’t do either of them guess I would give David my hot tight latino ass if he has a big piece to slide in and out of my hot tight latino ass..


  • “what can I say……even in BAD lighting, he’s still STUNNING!!!

    Although these pics depict him in more ‘rugged & rough,” they don’t necessarily sell him well in these underwear.

    However, he could be straddling burlap couture & STILL be hot!


  • The wife “designs” a cut down, cheap Rover and the husband goes into undies. This “couple” are toxic and I hate them. Do I want to be driving a POSH SPICE care? Do I want David ‘s undies molesting my crotch. NO!

  • I for one, LOVE his tatts…Makes him even hotter and more masculine in my eyes…Now, if only we could see him nude and smoking a marlboro…That would get me hard!

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