27 Jan 2012

Fashion : Mario Lopez’s Underwear Line

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Few months ago, Mario Lopez launched his underwear line called Rated M. “M stands for masculine, modern… and Mario” said the actor. His new underwear line is confortable,  sexy and made with great fabrics.

Mario models in the campaign in which we can see that the man is working out his gorgeous body ! Nice legs, nice ass, nice pecs, nice abs, he’s got it all !

Check out the “behind the scenes” video taken during the photoshoot and also a short video of Mario stripping for Ellen Degeneres after the jump !

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45 comments for Fashion : Mario Lopez’s Underwear Line

  • This man is beautiful! Great face, hot body, and if his personality is as nice and bubbly as it is on TV, he is a perfect combination.

    I have followed his career for some time; he is also multi-talented.

    I probably won’t buy his underwear line, but sure like looking at the videos and ads.

  • Rather stick with my hot Aussiebum and timiento

  • I wish he would make a gay porno. Damn, would love to see him on the bottom with some big dick slamming in him.

  • Mario Lopez is sooooooo gay. I don’t think he has ever fathered any children. When he was dating Katrina Shmernov from Dancing With The Stars, their relationship only lasted for a few days because he was unable to or didn’t know how and didn’t want to have sex with a women, only MENS LOL

  • damn i have always wanted to see him naked, i loved him when him and zack was on their television show, i wanted them both so much

  • That is one beautiful man. And he is only getting better as he is gets older. Lorenzo….Mario Lopez has been married for a few years and a have a little girl….named Gia

  • woooooff

  • He is so damn cute,,, Great Personality,,,,Wish him all the luck,,,

  • Papito Mario… te Amo ! 😉

  • Nice move Mario, congratulations on the new launch! I would though like to see something more like in boxer briefs. The one on the pic suits you but its not for me. Take care

  • I saw him on broadway, when he was in A Chorus Line. He doesn’t look like this at all in person. He has really bad skin, was super short, and quite wide. If you saw him on the street, you’d look the other way! Also, he’s a terrible actor, dancer and ruined the show! A complete no talent hack.

  • I want to F*CK him, laying on his back, legs in the air and toes pointed to the ceiling.
    That is all.

  • Its amazing how he STILL looks the same and STILL has that great bod hes has since SBTB!!! Tell me your secrets Oh Wise One!!

  • Now there’s a movie I would love to see. Slater and Zack in the sack together naked and rolling around. ****sighs***

  • This man is shear perfection. Absolutely beautiful and that smile with those dimples just KILLS ME every time I see him.

  • Did you miss Mario’s reality show last year about he and his girlfriend having the baby? Sorry to say, he is a breeder….but my experience has shown that it means nothing! I would classify him as “MetroSexual” which translates to “Confused”

  • I don’t know if Mario Lopez is gay or not.
    I don’t care! He’s a major hunk and non-threatening to boot.
    Having lunch with him would be my ideal date!

  • Omg. I just zoomed in on pic 1. What is that tryin’ to poke out from Mario’s left side? Looks like part of a man-berry. Yowza! 😉

  • wow wow wow papi….(^_^) i jst love me some lopez always thought he was hot and that body of his jst perfect i do him any day time and place…i will checkout his underwear line and see how it goes….but would love to checkout him more…lol…sexy mario lopez hit me up…lets make it happen!!!!!! (IAM SOOOOOOOOO INNNNNN LOVE WITH YOU)

  • LOVE HIM !!!!!!!!

  • so GAY!!!…hott bod …do him in a sec…make a great bottom boi

  • look like granny panties

  • Obviously he’s introducing a “new underwear”. He’s about as gay as Mardi Gras!! Haha. I would still top him.

  • He’s a dick to his gay male fans. Went to a book signing of his (Mud Tacos). He said Thanks for coming and nothing more and had them rush me away. His voice wasn’t sincere and spent time talking to the women holding up the line.

  • Whoever posed in those pictures on the freshpair website has Mini Mex Meat.

  • he is sooooooooo gay…………ive seen him in a hat w scruff and sunglasses at the COCK in nyc,sucking 2 dudes off.cab let him out 2 blocks away.put hat n glasses on while walking towards the Cock

  • i do not care if he is gay or not, but he is very handsome, nice body too, good luck mario

  • Dont be shy it good to see guys that are fit showing off in their briefs..Way to go Mario

  • I agree with Todd (above) would love to see him on the bottom and yes with a big cock nailing his ass, he would have a smile from ear to ear wanting to suck that big cock as he begs for more.

  • I’d take him inside me long and rough…..love to taste his seed AND MORE!!

  • He could get a good blow job from me anytime he is ready. Would like to see naked pics of him.

  • I cannot stand him. I would imagine his best friend is the mirror. And for gods sake, come out of the closet, Mary.

  • He’s still built like a brick-shithouse! Damn! I deeply envy that build!

  • oh well, really did not like not seeing cock an balls.I mean underwear is nice but when its like 26.50 a pair, would like something else for my money. really what is underwear for? will stick to my regular priced choices.if you have a great bod should not matter what one wears. trust it !!

  • 26$ is quite cheap actually no? CKs are over 30…

  • Mario did do a shower scene on Nip/Tuck years ago. And i must say he does have a great ass. He looks great since he’s been working out, and boxing. From what i’ve read he’s either asked someone to marry him, or is married now. And there’s a baby on the way. Fact or fiction?

  • Mario Lopez is still hot as ever and I have to say that mu crush on him has not gotten away. I’m really going to enjoy his line of underwear lol…

  • I would much rather buy his dirty undies!

  • Lorenzo, you have no idea what you are talking about, obviously. You weren’t there and have no idea about their intimacy. Why would you go online and spout lies?

  • damn….Looking at those pics made me thank God for making me a Gay Man !! 🙂

  • That is one bad bitch!!!

  • yeah – he’s cute and he knows it.

    The underwear are dorky – I’d never wear them.

  • This boy has done fairly well, albeit with much help from Dick Clark’s sponsorship all these years. If you’re going to be groomed by a wealthy “backer”, Dick is the one you want.

  • Nice but don’t think I’ll be buying them. Looks hot on him though.

  • Lopez is hot period!!

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