23 Jan 2012

Hot or Not : 50 Cent

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Curtis James Jackson III (born July 6, 1975), better known by his stage name 50 Cent, is an American rapper, record producer, and actor that we all know. He has an amazing sculpted body, great abs, nice strong pecs, big biceps… but the face ? Nahhhh not for me. I don’t think he looks hot!

I love black guys a lot, but I love a nice face too. Not crazy about the teeth gap and his skin doesn’t look nice. But eh, I’m sure some of you will find him very sexy…Tyson Beckford is more my type of black men. More sophisticated look and prettier face!

Let me know what you think about 50Cent, do you find him Hot or Not ?


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90 comments for Hot or Not : 50 Cent

  • He’s HOT!

  • 50 is sexy

  • I don’t care what 50cent’s body looks like. He’s a vile homophobe that has spread his hate through his music, his interviews and even his twitter account. It’s actually disgusting to see him even being mentioned in any positive light on a gay website/blog. Google, 50 cent homophobia or 50 cent gay and read. Even in Playboy a couple of years ago he stated how he wanted to kill gay men and other extremely hateful things against our community. He could look like a black Taylor Lautner and I’d still be less than interested with his attitude and hate filled soul.

  • What wrecks him in terms of sexiness are all the tattoos.

  • I have no use for the whole “thug” thing.

  • NOT

  • I love that brutal look would love to have him use me

  • I think 50 is hot and sexy, put me in a jail cell with him so he can have is way with me, or would it be my way? I’ll just let him think that, lol

  • Tyson Beckford is part Asian. That’s why he is so hot.

  • NOT HOT!! you got any pics of “two bits” his younger brother?

  • Eric, Tyson Beckford is a delicate man who i’m sure can out pose, out-catwalk and out-sashay 50 cent. 50 however, is a real man.

  • he’s a homophobic skank!

  • NOT the least bit hot!

  • Body yes, face and personality….not at all.

  • Without close is not bad looking. He looks like a pile of dirty laundry with clothes on. The thug drug look is not appealing.

  • This man has made it perfectly clear, if you follow any publicity on him, if you even looked at him with any sort of interest indicating sexual or even admiring his body, he would just as soon kill you. I know that determining whether someone is hot just looking at their pictures is different than real life but it still makes me look at even his pictures in disgust, not lust.

  • He is so NOT HOT, he looks dirty and all those gawd awful tatoo’s are a turnoff. If we were in a cell, I would have to build a wall between us, I would never touch him or allow him to place a finger on me, now if he were Tye Diggs, that’s a different story, cum do me Ty, tie me up, have way with me sit that big beautiful muscle butt on my face yum yum

  • I find him physically revolting. I also find it insulting that he is posted in such a positive view on this site. He is a bigot. It is because of people like him that there will always be homophobes.

  • Grew up in the same neighborhood with 50. And he was always a homophobic person, even before his fame. I used to always hear him use the word “faggot”, when he would see fem gay dudes walk past him.The most he would have been was a hit and quit. But in all honesty, his dick aint worth shit. My sister had it and said its not even that big. Lol. I knew 50 when he was fat with stretch marks and unattractive while selling mix tapes out his grandmas basement. I say he is ugly and would only fuck cause he is famous. Thats about it.

  • its always the non blacks who have a streotype view of black men,,you have white men who feel we have more o offer in bed, and that what this whole topic is about. But you wont take him home to your parents.

  • No…love men of color but not this one

  • Not into homophobic rappers sorry

  • Seriously I wonder how he handles all the GAYS he comes in contact with now that he is an actor…. I mean trust and believe that there are plenty of producers, directors,actors etc.. in his new line of work. Remember Isa Washington!!! As sexy as his body maybe “Butaface” is everyone not seeing the obvious.

  • NOBODY with that many tatoos is hot NOBODY 1 it takes more than muscles to make a guy sexy. so NO ! he is not hot.

  • Sexy ass body, but face is another thang….lol He look like a rotweiller, pitbull, pug, or something. Don’t get me wrong he has a sexy ass body…..Not the face though! lol

  • HELL NO! DAmn! That nasty fucker.

  • HOTT!! no question…I like his rugged looks, definitely not a pretty boy, but UBER masculine!!

  • He def has an amazing body. He takes care of himself and it shows. However, not into him. I’ll have to say, “NOT!!..”

  • He’s gross to look at to begin with but to make matters even worse, he is a major homophobe and openly speaks his disgust towards the gay community. You would think someone with his business sense and what not wouldnt be so narrow and close minded. I don’t even know why the topic is debatable, even if he was super model hot his open hatred towards gays puts him lower than a pile of shit on my list. I wouldn’t care if it was against gays or another race or against aliens from mars his public display of hatred is disgusting.

  • I dont think he is hot either….I too am a face man and his face isnt that attractive.

  • Not hot Eric, Tyson is my kind of man…Thats a real man


  • Scott I agree with you 100%

  • Really…N O T…

  • HELL NO!

  • NOT!!

  • HE’s homophomic because he might have had some of that prision sex

  • Hell yeah! The brother is hot. Even if he is a little ugly the body makes up for it. A masculine ugly man is sexy the ugly ads to the masculinity. However some of the others are right. He’s a homophobe. And what makes it even more fucked up is that he’s getting alot of bank and pub from gays. We giving it to him now. LOL

  • homophobic skank. agreed, and so NOT hot. he is triflin.

  • He doesn’t really look like that anymore. Now hes a lot leaner, and he has fake teeth. Still not cute tho

  • NOT

  • Homophobic or not, I dig black men and ACTUAL thugs. (cant stand the fakes)
    Something about a VERY straight thug black guy fucking the hell outta you, just…fucking hott. LOL.
    He’s not the best looking black guy but he’s pretty sexy.

  • OK, except for the tattoos, which have not been particularly cutting-edge or “dangerous” for the last ten years, when everyone and his dog started getting them. Now, a startlingly good-looking body is one devoid of body graffiti.

  • Is hot big muscles no brain small dick I don,t think is good lover but a man who hate gay men is because is part of it I’m sure in jail he look like is the one who pick up the soap
    He look simple no class period.

  • 50 cents not hot now Forest Whitaker is hot

  • Chelsea Handler had him, then chewed him up and spit him up. LOL. But yeah he ugly.

  • Not hot totally disappointed to see him mentioned here attitude and his hate he should never have been even listed here

  • Agree with Scott and others. He’s homophobic mess. Absolutely NOT hot!

  • Are you serious? Your telling me that if you had the oppportunity you wouldnt have sex with Fifty ?Your lieing -and btw -definatley HOT !! THAT ASS -and I know for a fact he down -he fucked with Diddy -and I heard Diddy gave up his chocolate ass thats wassup

  • NOT!

  • Total homophobe and he looks like a gorilla.

  • DEAR DAVE.I wish you would reword your statement of “My type of black guy.” It sounds just as ignorant as any other racist or homophobic remark. Sorry for you if you only have one type of Black guy. That statement is equal to any Homophobic statement 50 cent could make. When you have white guys on this blog I’ve never read you say this porn star or model is my kind of white guy. You see them as just regular human beings. When it comes to black men why does it have to be so segmented? Why does there have to be a “type of black man”? Why isn’t he just not be your type? This just furthers the ignorance and separation that already plagues the gay community. To that I shake my head but want to say as a writer I would hope you realize the power in your words.

  • TrulyMasculine: I also have “my type” of white men , yes…
    I’m sooooo not racist dude, I don’t understand why some of you guys always see racism when there is none.
    Assume who you are and stop looking for bugs where there is none !

  • I apologize for my mistake in grammar in the previous post. I accidentally mistyped.


  • not

  • YUCK!! NOT!!

  • Not really into thug black guys at all so 50 cent is a total no go for me. I’m going to google the claims that are posted here though

  • Not. Very not. I think I’d rather have sex with a highly contagious leper. I can say that about all these ‘thug’ rapper rejects, but this one in particular has a special place in my swamp. That is to say, in pieces, fed to the native wildlife.

  • He could face fuck me anytime.

  • Not! He is a hateful homophobic person.

  • 50 could do me anyday of the week! Would drink the bath water…..

  • NOT!!!

  • Not hot at all. That face doesn’t do anything for me at all.

  • he sucks

  • He is just getting old, on a meat diet….

  • he is disgusting and gross..a homophobe and disgrace to all black people…PANTS ON THE GROUND,LOOKING LIKE A FOOL WITH HIS PANTS ON THE GROUND

  • Shocking that he would even be mentioned in a gay sight…. Too bad he survived the shooting incident… He is one of the most despicable people on the planet… he also supported George Bush… Anyone who would come out and make anti gay comments right after a gay man committed suicide is just repulsive… He thinks you cant be tough and be gay… I know at least a dozen gay men that I would love to see him in a cage fight with:) He would find out gays are amongst the toughest of the human breed… we have fought against all odds and won… just when we begin to win some freedoms along came AIDS and so not only have we been tough enough to to fight for HUMAN RIGHTS at that same time we have fought AIDS and are winning both battles at once… He is a cowardly man that, a felon, a vile mouthed idiot, and hopefully he will finish going broke. All that aside, he is not my cup of tea in the looks department…

  • Nice body, I’m just not into really dark black guys. And it’s 50 Cent not Cents haha.

  • The whole “thug” look with the weird tattoos turns me off — and the homophobic rants don’t help either….YUCK !

  • not only is he ugly on the inside, but on the outside as well, what a waste of space.

  • Who the fuck on here cares about 50? (he can’t even rap or ACT) and whats the eff is a real man?..aren’t we all real men? His body maybe nice but his face is surely jacked up. Therefore he is not a THE total package that we all want. This person should not be included in the hot or not category. He is obviously NOT.

  • he is so fucking hot

  • Not even remotely hot or sexy. I hate the whole gangsta thing. Isn’t it over yet?

  • Hell no, he is ugly as fucked!!!!!…

  • NOT. AT. ALL. UGLY face and, while I love muscle, the “beefcakey” endomorphic body type has never done it for me.

    Now some of the guys on the site you linked to on the other hand…

  • I would say “not” face wise……..”hot” with the body tho lol

  • There are so many black men that are so much better looking than him..way better looking.

  • NOT ONE LITTLE BIT HOT TO ME ! I too have no use for the whole “thug” thing. Grosses me out completely ! I’d rather be stranded on an island all alone than with the likes of him, just saying!

  • Dave I never said you were racist. I compared your comment to that of racist or ignorant. I did not say you were racist (FACT). I read this blog regularly. I’m just saying it’s comments like that which further segment the gay community. I have never been one to pull the race card or anything like that. So you have the wrong guy in that department.

  • I want to add a huge NOT to him being hot. I don’t find him the least bit attractive. Rockin’ body…Yes but a mug only a mother could love LOL. Kind of weird you chose to post about him seeing as he’s not really relevant on any level (rapper or actor) and from what I’ve been reading a homophobe. For that he gets two thumbs down…I don’t endorse ignorance of any kind.

  • I think he Hot, until I read the other comments about his homophobe it was a completely turn off,

  • Can I say DISGUSTING?

  • 50 cent has a nice body true but the face? He’s not sexy or hot at all.

  • Not.

  • Not, not into the face or the tats. Personality sucks too.

  • I’d rather get raped, then get wit 50 cent.

  • I’ll gladly pass. BTW, can he take FlUSHER, “Smelly” NELLY, & “Crisco” CISCO with him?

  • Eh… he doesn’t have what I’m looking for. A nice body, over-all, esp if you can get rid of the lousy inkwork, but I don’t see what I like to see in the rest of him. The package deal (not just his package) appeal is lacking.

  • Nope.

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