10 Jan 2012

Hot or Not : Army Men

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I have to say that I really enjoy seing army men! They look so rugged and manly with their camouflage attire…

A few years ago, I saw an amazing short video of 2 amateur straight army men. They were paid by some rich man to suck each other’s dick and swallow each other’s load in front of the guy’s camera. I’ve watched this movie many many many times. – If you know where I can find it, Β let me know, because I lost the link πŸ™

I was really enjoying looking at them sucking each others cock the wrong way and laughing about it while the old man was filming. And then, when they were about to cum, they were laughing even more trying to swallow the cum, even if they were obviously finding it gross…

I remember one sentence that the beefy guy was saying to the other one : ” Bro, I’m about to cum bro, I’m about to cum bro….suck that mother fucking dick bro…” and then splashhhh!

Just remembering it makes me hard lollll

So YESSS, I find army men very hot. Especially straight ones!

What about you? Do you like army guys?


(more pics after the jump)


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  • Guys in army uniforms are the hottest ! I love the pics posted here. Especially the second one from the top. Wish he was pounding my ass !

  • my Favorite is the pictures #1,#4. However, #5 just make my mouth watering and want to jizz in my pants.

  • well the very very fist one of model just give me chill. DAMN HE is HOT!

  • Omggggggg you’ve actually just killed me ha. The first pic is beyond BEAUTIFUL! And the foreskinned vainy dick has me salivating omy

  • Yeah, that whole Army/uniform thing thing definitely turns me on. I’ll take the dudes in pics #3 and #6 please.

  • sry-i meant hot.

  • army boys r always HOT!!! and love the pics too πŸ˜‰

  • smokin hot pics!!! 1,3,and 5 especially!


  • Super hot loved the veiny dick

  • I think all military men are hot and sexy. you can find videos like the one you’re talking about on ManHub.com. just where it says search type in military men and it will give you straight, bi, and gay videos

  • I don’t know what it is about military men that turns me on? maybe their gaint muscles, or them in uniform, or how they command athority, or their gaint packages. it’s everything

  • yes army guys are very hot I love men in uniform very melting steel hot

  • I would love to date and marry a military man

  • grr i so love men in uniform

  • Man I love a uncut dick with veins in it, and I love a nice ass hairy or smooth

  • I love ’em. Straight army men with the beefy natural build are the best. Something about those uniforms hiding those flat stomachs, hard dick and muscular bubble butts makes me want to service….I mean serve my country.

  • I love army men too but you have to be joking if you think the guy pictured in the photo is enlisted. Looks like a silly gay fetish model wearing a West Hollywood hairstyle and sissy underwear.

  • eh… NOT. I prefer em skinnier, not so muscled up, and ewwww with the uncut dick. gross.

  • army men are hot. having sex with them is hot and horny. love the army uniform and a hot cock sticking out the pants opening

  • I’m in the army and even still if I have a choice between a guy in the army and another guy who was slightly better looking, the army guy usually wins. More to the fact that it’s convenient and common ground than finding the army part to be hot.

  • Hot hot hot, i would let one pound me all night

  • army men r hot

  • Army men are hot!

  • fantasy for me, I can see his big cock, want to get down on my knees, sniff his big cock thru his undies, blow on his big cock as it gets bigger, then rip off his white undies with my teeth and begin to suck his big cock,, after 2 or 3 minute, get him on all fours and proceed to eat his hairy sweaty ass while he moans and moans, slowly I slide my throbbing 8.5″ thick cut cock into his nice wet hole and fuck like crazy as he begs for more yum fuck yum

  • Hot hot hot!!! I am;loving them all, especially the uncut dicks…


  • I agree 100% I would love to come home to any of those men ^_-

  • Army, Navy, Airforce, Coast Guard, Marines…….any man in a uniform is HOT!!!!!

  • Gasp!

  • Marines are infinitely more sexy on every level. I would know. πŸ˜‰

  • Super hot I would do all of them!!!!!

  • Working on an army base I have the opportunity to see these studs daily. Some are oh so HOT and some are so so. What I like best is servicing the men who serve. Gay, bi or str8, they are all great!

  • I think army men are fucking hot…..I my self am an Army National Guard Vet

  • i have many fantasies about men in uniform when i was in the services and how hot it would be for one of them to just take charge and fuck me real good and hard

  • love to b fuckd by these HOT guys

  • Army men are fucking hot! they fuck really hard and well and i have had the best time with them.

  • I LOVE military guys…..brings up fond memories of my time in the Marine Corps 25 years ago. I was lucky enough to suck off quite a few of my fellow “straight” Marines.

  • HOTT. dated an army guy. something about them make em 1 level hotter than the rest haha

  • Damn where can i see these live haha

  • They are. wish I was in a Fox hole with them. Off the agenda, Jokes. We need some on here, You think ? πŸ˜€ 4-1 Why do Marry K’ sales Women walk funny ? There Lip’s stick. Think, More Jokes ?

  • Army Men are fucking hot in their boots. I love the dominating ones that make the newbie suck on a big one.

  • As a US Army soldier, I much say… They’re amazing πŸ˜‰

  • hell yes – HOT military men!!!

  • OMG yes….my first man in man experience was in the Army. I definitely have a fondness for bois in uniform.

  • I have always fantasize about an army man that come and make my day. I have always found them so hot; I remember having a few crushes on some of my battle buddies when I was in the army…

  • very very hot!

  • Army men are hot and sexy. i love a man in uniform MMMMMM!

  • I love military guys… Camo is so f**king sexy

  • Fuckin’ A!!! Love military men, specially Army and Marines.

  • It’s doesn’t get much better than seeing warriors, cops, and fireman in a m2m bonding situation!

  • An Army man or an Air force gate guard. An uncut cock or a furry six pack. All are hot. There is no difference between uniforms it the body/man wearing them.

  • The Musk of a number of men in a Barracks is out of this world,,, wether it be Army, Navy or whatever,, and the viewing is like a kid in a candy store,,,

  • Growing up in the military and being a military brat. I love military guys. My first job was working on a air force base(for close to five years till I was 21) and saw all type of guys come through. It’s funny at the end of hard shift, going home and finding military guys you just ran into online. mmmm….. lol

  • OMG! The veins on the uncut pic,,,,Whew!

  • I love army men. Very HOTTTTTTTTTT

  • Military men PERIOD!!! Not just Army.

  • hot? yes….if i had me a str8 army man…id go ballistic and pic 5 is just my fantasy….a huge uncut dick attached to a str8 army man!!!!!! *drooling*

  • HOT-HOT-HOT!!!…. I remember I topped this Marine, OMG he had an amazing body and very-very-very hot ass that bounced when I pounded that ass.

    Also, like the fact most are masculine acting. Don’t mean to offend anyone, just prefer their demeanor.

  • hot

  • Army men ARE hot – no question about it. Basic training seems to make men out of boys. Honestly, I consider all folks in the armed forces to be exemplary Americans. Seeing a hot photo or movie featuring a military man typically gets me going in no time. When I hear from one online, it’s even better! πŸ™‚

  • I will take them all. One on one or all at once, boy i sure do miss being a whore.

  • Army men are very sexy. I live near an army base, some of the guys are married and they luv sex with guys. Guess the women can’t give them what really want. There are also lots of out gay guys there too. They are all fuckin hot!!

  • I love the uncut one… YUM

  • I totally agree with you. I find army men hot as f*ck! And by luck I had an experience with one and it will be a moment I don’t think I will ever forget πŸ˜‰

  • Yes I think Army and all military men in their uniforms are very hot! I especially love straight ones too! The muscles and the uniform just say so much on a man! Yummy!!

  • hell yes!

  • yes i do find army men hot indeed, just looking at them in uniform makes me hot

  • Hell Yes So Hot

  • I came in here ready to answer ur question, now I reallu just want to see the video you were just describing

  • All I can say about military men is HOT! Love ’em. Can’t get enough movies and pics of them. Would like to see that video you mentioned.
    I’ll take a military man anytime!

  • Being a former Army man myself, yes, I find a man in uniform hot. I had the opportunity to see a lot of hunks in uniform (although to be fair, there were also a lot of “average joes” that didn’t get my juices flowing).

    Let’s be honest though, the BDU (every day uniform) is kind of baggy. It is great when they have their shirt off and down to t-shirt and pants, but otherwise covers up a hot soldiers assets the way a car cover can hide the great lines of a fine motorcar.

    I must say of all the branches of the services, the Navy has the most eye catching uniform in its summer whites. Especially those for Petty Officers and Officers. They are very form fitting and made of light weight THIN material that shows off a Sailor’s assets very well. Especially if he goes commando. I worked in a joint command and really enjoyed the show they put on.

    Would love to see pictures of REAL soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines posted here. The porn industry fantasy shots are nice. but the real deal is better. Those of us who served can spot the real deal and which ones are the wannabes. Give us the real deal please. There are a lot of GI’s I am sure you could persuade to pose for you.

    Don’t forget the Vets either. I still have and fit into my uniforms. I know a lot of others do too.

  • Fucking HOT!!

  • Military guys are hot hot hot. Interestingly, all the military guys I’ve met have been very gentle and tender. You’d think that with their background they would be rough or course, but the ones I’ve been with have been quite the opposite.

  • I would definitely do army men. I would even have hot sex with an airplane pilot.

  • Love the army brat. He could plug my hole anytime. The hot hairy ass doing the fucking is HOT!! Wish I was under him.

  • HOT, most definitely!! I used to work on an army base–took all my self control to not walk around offering my mouth and ass to every hottie in uniform!! My ultimate fantasy is to be in a roomful of hot, hung military guys while I’m on my knees waitin for the next one to pump a hot load of cum down my throat and up my ass!!

  • I love living right near a military base and being able to go on it anytime i want. military dudes are hot. i even have some gay and bi military friends

  • nice bodys and cocks and assholes, i give anything for a nice uncut one

  • I live near an army post and yes the men r super hot and horny. I have enjoyed some of them

  • military men like those are always hot. yummmmmmmmmmmy!!!!!

  • Go Army! Enjoyed my time during don’t ask don’t tell but alas didn’t partake of some fine Army men. Might be easier now – but would definitely enjoy and Army man.

  • ALWAYS hot!

  • A man in a uniform is hot in general. I wouldn’t even think twice if I had a chance to get with an army guy…consider it service to my country πŸ˜‰

  • I have been in every branch of the military, but i have never enlisted. The only military branch i have not tagged is a coast guard guy. Very elusive, and hard to find.

  • rather have the airmen here in biloxi hot hot little bods.. the st8 ones so cute and flips out sucking them off..

  • Yeah, army men are hot, but when you come down to it, it’s the fantasy that’s hot. Any good looking guy that turns you on is gonna be hot! Put a uniform on him and fantasize!

  • ya im currently enlisted and i would have to say i much rather date another army guy rather than civilian consider we would oth have a full understanding of each as far as career wise a most military men ive met are hung and hot which suits me just fine

  • some of my hottest fantasies are being captured by hunky military guys and forced to blow them while being fucked. The uncut pic above is excellent btw!



  • Having dated them, had fun with them, and lived in a military town. Woof! Hot, hot, hot. I think I have a fetish for them. It all started when this marine picked me up on a Friday night at a bar one night. He picked me up just like he would a chick “can I buy you a drink” From there it all went downhill. We spent a whole weekend at my apartment drinking and getting into all the trouble we could. Then there was the air force guy I dated for a year. Buyers beware though, they usually come with a LOT OF BAGGAGE. So its best to keep it at fun. πŸ˜‰

  • As a 1stSgt, I love military men, been with Army Texmex guy that was packing 8″uncut would bust 2nuts every lay,also been with USAF mix race couple that like to get a 3rd in so they could DP, that was a 1st for me and I felt those 2 fuckers dicking me

  • NOTHING is hotter!

  • They serve our country….I’ll serve their cocks. I’ve been in bed with a few, and they know what to do in bed.

  • i work everyday around the hot bodies of army dudes and believe me they are hot.

  • OMG , army guys hot , when I was in the army I fucked a few.

  • I LOVE Army men. I live right near Fort Drum, NY. I’ve dated and messed around with my fair share of Army guys. I wont ever date any again (too paranoid and I cant be with closet cases) but they are deff fun to hook up with. Nice pics btw, whoever posted this blog. Kudos.

  • Military men, policemen(some) Doctors, firemen,etc r fukkn Hott to me!!

  • I currently reside on a base with men from several countries armed forces. A uniform adds to the sex a man projects. Sometimes it is hard not to ask for a sample.

  • That last picture is so hot – love the absolutely hard cock and those balls – just aching to be held/kissed/licked – dang – why couldn’t HE be driving my vehicle – he wouldn’t “have that problem”.

  • Most of those guys aren’t even real military, and only one looks to be in the Army based on uniforms. As a Marine myself, I wish people would stop fantasizing over the uniforms and actually show day-to-day respect for those of us who have EARNED them with blood, sweat, and hardship. They aren’t trinkets to use for playing dress-up, they’re symbols of sacrifice and honor which should not be reduced to idle objects of lust for pretty boys to pose in.

  • Lobosan : ? u are hilarious

  • Btw, who the fuck cares if they’re “straight”? If they were straight, you’d never see them in porn and you sure as hell wouldn’t fuck/be fucked by them. NEWS FLASH–you can be masculine, powerful, and hardcore WITHOUT having to only like pussy!!!

  • army are very hot i love me an army men i wish i could date one but thats just a dream…..

  • I love a guy in uniform even if he’s a cop but picture number 5 has me drooling and steping on my toungue. I would love to ride it until it shoots a steamy hott load deep in my ass!!!

  • I did quite a few army guys in Kuwait when I was over there driving truck. They had a gloryhole in one of the bathrooms. Everyone knew about it and damn, some of those guys were hot fuckers. I love army guys.

  • The guy in the first pic is Brock. He goes to school in Orlando and used to gogo dance at some of the clubs. He is such a hot guy and very nice too!

  • Can you do Twinks: hot or not? I would like to submit my pic for that πŸ™‚

  • send your pics dude…

  • leave my man alone he is in the army lol

  • Military men are quite the lovers, especially the ones that have either served for a long time, and/or have done tours of duty. Older military men are so hot. Plus military men are so damned horny! I LOVE it.

  • Yeah army guys are hot but marines are hotter. Hoorah marines!!!!!

  • As a kid my brothers and I played with GI Joe action figures. It was always hot seeing how tough looking they were. Not to mention all the muscles from top, to bottom. I loved that life like hair on their heads, and if you guys can remember that then you know what i’am talking about. Even now as an adult, when i see a Military Man i always check out that buzz cut, and the well trained body brought to you by the United States armed services. Thanks!

  • Love ’em, they’re the best!

  • Those cocks where HHHHOOOOOTTTTT i think you guys need to be on a cover of a magizen

  • Most of the guys gave me a good ol feelin especially the 1 st 1 mmm he is fine the 6 th pic did nothin 4 me but the others ohhh I luv my military guys.

  • first picture is like the most sexiest ever. by the way that phone that men use to capture his picture ( 4th picture) he use HTC crystal 2. if i am not mistaken =P

  • So I’ve totally sucked off the uncut guy in pic 5… i remember that pic very well from his profile. Also, former army here and it was torture at times lol

  • Yes, I like guys; No, I don’t like uniforms. In my preferences, the clothes don’t make the man, the man makes the man. Uniforms, for me, will take a guy who’s an 8, and make them a 6 or 7.

  • To me sucking a military guy in uniform is a very hot fantasy, it is the best it has happened to me.
    I sucked a couple of marines in North Carolina who where in bootcamp, One of them had a big cock like the big uncut in the pictures here and the other one had a 9 inches cut monster with big heavy balls.
    Once of them cum twice in my mouth and I swallowed both loads, the other one had me sucking his cock for more than 2 hours non stop and at the end gave me the biggest load I ever had, I was choking with all the cum he gave me.
    The best part and what it turned me on the most is that they didn’t take off their uniform, they just pulled out their big cocks and they were even wearing their hats and calling me dirty names as I was sucking them.
    That was the best time of my life sucking dick

  • Military is a big turn on, I like the older ones. Hairy high ranking men ha

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