19 Jan 2012

Music : Celine in Vegas

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Most of you know that I was in Vegas for New Year’s Eve until January 4, for a short Holiday Vacations. While I was in Vegas, I had the chance to see the amazing show that Celine Dion is doing at Ceasars Palace. Amazing !!

I’m a big fan of Celine since I’m very young ( In Montréal we know her since forever, as she started her career in french at a very young age…) and I try not to miss any show since then.

I always see her when she comes to Montréal but let me tell you that the Vegas show is “Wow” ! From the lighting, to the dresses, to the song choice, to the Colosseum itself, everything is amazing! I also have to say that her voice is top shape! She is only performing few days per week, so her voice stays in great shape, and powerful.

She sang many of her hits like “Where Does My Heart Beat Now”,  “Beauty And The Beast”  which remembered me my childhood and “All By Myself” with the big note! She even sang this French hit by Jacques Brel “Ne Me Quitte Pas”.  Fantastique !

Anyone else saw the show? I’d like to know how you liked it…

FYI, the diva has announced that she will be releasing 2 new albums in 2012, one french and one english. Can’t wait to hear the new songs!


(Video of “Open Arms” , the first song of the show, after the jump)


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  • O M G!!! What a talent! WONDERFUL!!!

  • I have seen her in vegas 2 years ago and saw her on the road over a year ago. I am planning a trip to see her in veas with her new show. she is a inspiration, beautiful and very talented. I love ya Celine!!

  • I, too, have been a big fan for years.

    I’ve seen her twice in Montreal and also was fortunate enough to see her premiere in Las Vegas last March.

    I love her so much that I’m going again this March!
    Thanks for the nice article!

  • i think she is so hot looking

  • I have been a fan of Celine since her first English album, Unison, was released. I own every song she has sung. I’ve seen her twice in Vegas and once in LA at Staples Center. I also have friends who know her personally. According to them, she is as beautiful a human being as her voice is, and her voice is unparalleled.

  • I have seen her always in Toronto and think she is one of the best singers I have seen ever. I am excited to hear her sing the Journey classic, Open Arms!

  • Diva = bitch. Annoying, phoney and self absorbed.

  • I saw her show back in 2006 and it was amazing then, I can only imagine what it would be like now.

  • im living in las vegas now and I love celine dion music I just hope that if I go to her concert that she will sing highway to heaven that is my all time favorite song she sings and some of her others songs she sings makes me cry so I hope that I can see her show when she is ready to come back to las vegas ill be hear wating celine

  • Celine has more class in her little finger than Angelia Jolle has in her entire life.

  • Celene has more class in her little finger nail than any other singer alive.

  • This song has a special meaning to me and my X. Thanks Celine for making me cry again ( in a loving way ).

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