15 Feb 2012

Entertainment : A New Gay Series : DTLA

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My how times have changed! Thirty years ago the thought that there would be gay shows on television was almost unthinkable, and now there are not only gay shows, but gay Networks like OutTV!

A new series called DTLA (Downtown Los Angeles) is in the works. If all goes well, the new series, which depicts the relationships of seven friends with varied ethnic, cultural, and sexual orientations in LA, will premiere in April on OutTV. It is the first dramatic series with gay leads since “Queer as Folk,” “Noah’s Arc,” and “The L Word.”

Handsome Darryl Stephens (“Noah’s Arc”) and newcomer hottie Matthew Stephen Herrick will star in the series.  With “The Real World’s” Danny Roberts making his dramatic debut.

Check out the trailer! Go to: http://kck.st/wgGLw4 where you will find more information on the series and links to their Tumblr page with some steamy pics of the cast, their Facebook page where you can follow them, and their YouTube channel where you can see more.




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  • Very cool. I look forward to checking this out.

  • HOT! is this on a U.S. network??

  • Travis, yes will be…

  • which one??

  • Too bad I don’t have cable or satellite anymore..

  • have you ever heard of LOGO?? sure…it’s an MTV spinoff but 95% gay

  • this looks horrible
    why can’t we ever get a decent show with decent acting and decent writing? sigh….

  • Braxton, give them your money, maybe they’ll be able to produce something amazing… It looks pretty amazing to me this series…
    Until then maybe you should be careful with your critics and wait for the show to air before saying bad things…

  • Tremendous! Always encouraging to see us make pathways into the mainstream. I will I am sure be one to watch. I just wonder how long before we portray the average Guy/Girl in some form of these “New Era” shows. Seems we go from Drag Queen on a runway to Silk shirted Hotties Driving expensive cars and eating caviar. We are not all, nor are most of us like that. Somehow as we grow in this entertainment area, can we find out how to make reality entertaining. Just wondering. Please do not take this as a slap, just something, a market per se’ that is ready to be tapped. Thanks for the work you have and will do to better our stand as equals. — Clyde

  • Actually there is another gay series in the works and the first two episodes have already been released on dvd called BoysTown..its on amazon and TLA video..I heard its also coming to LOGO

  • I’ve been a fan of Matthew Stephen Herrick for a while now and I’m really happy to see him in this show. Seems like a great/interesting series. Looking forward to see where this all goes.

  • Braxton how do you know the how is horrible and it hasn’t even been released yet? Have you seen episodes prior to national release? If not, that’s kinda uncoool to bash a show you’ve never seen.

  • i love how anytime someone puts out anything remotely gay aimed we’re supposed to latch on and be excited. “Finally! a show for me!!!” bet you the black guys all date white guys and everyone starts spouting hypocritical bullshit about safe sex and your body is a temple… but here’s hoping it stays on air and is actually good.

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