7 Mar 2012

Music : Madonna reveals 2 more tracks

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Madonna revealed 2 new songs few hours ago and I wanted to share them with you!

I keep on listening to them but….I dont totally love them yet.

Let’s see tomorrow…lol

Love Spent is kinda noisy and a bit blah for me… nothing special!

I’m Addicted is good, the beat is strong, it will be a hit in clubs for sure!

Check the 2 new songs after the jump !

(now i’m going to bed!)



17 comments for Music : Madonna reveals 2 more tracks

  • I really like the sound of Addicted, I could see myself dancing really dirty all up in tha club to it. I am thinking with all the hype and the fact that there is 17 or so songs on it, that there will be something for everyone who loves her on the new album to enjoy. Cheers, Madonna!!! still bringing it home in your 50’s bitch!

  • my diva not gaga

  • I love Madonna but this doesn’t impress me much ,so far very weak

  • Uhm, yeah… looking forward to Gaga.

  • Canceling my pre order

  • Part of Addicted sounds like a vintage Breeders song; the melody does, anyway. These snippets both sound much more promising than GMAYL.

  • auto-tune at its best.. lol.. actually its horrible auto-tuning

  • i just heard ”ganbang” and is awesome ..madna rocks…

  • who is madonna?

  • It’s fucking awsome.. Madonna is back baby.. Nothing special about Gaga’s music and her sounds. Madonna is Queen of the dance floor.

  • sounds ok and maybe new hits for Madonna yet again….

  • Just a question since I not interested in type of music,but is this what typically every gay guy listens to? Nothing different then the normal Maddonna Cher or whatever tailer made diva out there?

  • I’ve heard few tracks from the album. I have to say this album is gonna be THE ALBUM for Madonna. Lots of fantastic producers from William Orbit, Martin Solveigh, Benny Benassi, Joe Henry & Co. Check out Girl Gone Wild, Gang Bang, Masterpiece, Superstar and Turn Up The Radio.I’m sure the tour is gonna be extravagant as well. Looking forward to March 26, MDNA will be out. Enjoy the music….

  • I’m not liking any of the singles she’s come out with so far. I’m not buying this album.

  • yeah. she needs to follow whitney’s lead.

  • Gone are all the great melodies you find in Madonna’s earlier albums. None of this stuff is innovative or distinctly Madonna.

  • She needs to follow Whitney’s lead..lol she hadn’t made good music in yrs.. where u been.. and this is the ultimate.. I have bene out the clubs and they have played Girls Gone Wild and its awsome.. get with it.. its great club/ dance music. It’s what Madonna is now. She can’t be bubble gum fun forever. This isn’t the 80’s and 90’s anymore.

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